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  1. More of a game of chicken, really. At really high speeds and for all of the steaks steaks
  2. That version of Darth Vader showing up and Turning on his RED LIGHTSABER was pretty fucking dope
  3. I agree. I couldn't take any more Star Wars. Luke showing up at the end of the Mando season felt like a good enough place to leave it be at the time. If I wasn't such a pothead I probably would have reread a bunch of the old EU by now
  4. I have never seen Willow or Andor. I'm assuming by your recommendation that they are of high quality
  5. I got very very anxious playing video games. And particularly when playing on my PC with my headphones on. I felt like there were skips in the sound
  6. I just mean that, with Cyberpunk, I felt like there were parts... missing. Like smash-cuts that just made no sense Perhaps I will play it again
  7. I have. Cal Kestus I like Evil Sister. She was my favorite.
  8. I went into the 2nd game almost quivering with yays I felt like chunks of it were missing. I felt like that about a lot of stuff the past couple of years. I was also doing a lot of drink and weed at the time so who can really say?
  9. Fine, I will accept the job of Empress of the Universe but first I wanna go to fucking GREECE And I will need a crew
  10. I always felt guilty even with traditional zombies. 'Cause, like, I'd always wonder if there might be a cure. Even if it wasn't explored in the story. Y'know, imagination and all. But fuck mushrooms
  11. Everybody on the broadcast picked the cats
  12. Sir, Ser, or Mr. I'm inclined to think the last. If I were cooking the meal you'd get as big a cut as you wanted.
  13. (This is Honest Jace talking, not Psycho Bitch Jace)
  14. I might have advocated not going for two there. on the basis that now, as they get the ball back, the Chargers know if they punt then JAX has 4 downs every play to get 3 for a win So if you're JAX, and you're JACE in JAX you would kick the PAT. Let them have their 3 point lead It's still 4 downs to get to FG range (for OT at the least) anyways So you can lull them into being more content with a punt on 4th and short maybe
  15. I suppose if I must then I would enjoy KurtBrady2.Z (like, he's genZ right? I don't know things!) and the FTXers to win the SB. But you gotta beat Brady in the Championship first, otherwise whatt're we even doing?
  16. Sorry, sorry. I know I'm bad. I know. But it's just that I reeeally should have gone with (accents and all that)
  17. I do not follow these people. Or any people really. Not since I had my fill of Social Media influencers
  18. Yeah 13 is pretty ick if you're a grown ass man. C'mon
  19. I am not a doctor or a scientist I know something of the issue It seems to me that there is an incongruity between societal mandates: The age of adulthood, and thus legal ability to dispense with ones person as one wishes: and the 'cmon let's be real. The fucking biological drives. I don't think anyone should be afraid to say something like what I just said. In fact I have, myself, felt quite a bit of resentment that I cannot say such a thing without being afraid that I would get called a pedophile for seeking communal input on my -complicated- feelings regarding the matter. For example, if a seventeen year old and fifteen year old wanna fuck? And, like it's all cool and okay and shit? I do not understand what is wrong with that. Anything beyond that example gets more dicey than I am willing to game atm I mean 'cmon. Are we allowed to say things that are basically true, now, even if it exposes us to an opportunity to learn something we may have been wrong about in turn?
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