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  1. Yo, I'm still way behind so no spoilers till I catch up. But this show got GOOD!
  2. What was it, that the representative was reading? The Silent Art of Not Giving a Fuck ??? What bravery You silly-willies thought <through such exhibitive nonsense> you were being championed! Tell me, are the rich to be taxed yet or are we Not Giving a Fuck about that too? Long as we got the interest on some debts shifted around here in order to have lost at the midterms like slightly-less losing losers it'll all be good I'm sure.
  3. Not to DP, but this is a whole separate thought I think: Like, to me, I never considered the puzzle-part of the videogame experience (this is what I MANY YEARS LATER learned is called the "gameplay loop") to be more than incidental to the rest of the artistic product. Like, KotOR has what every nerd I've ever known derides as various versions of "the worst character-player and computer-unit interaction mechanics in the history of binaries" And I don't even understand why you'd play that game if the "gameplay loop" to you is the parts where you're fighting the goons in-between magnificent spectacles of divergent storytelling opportunities, all of which were meticulously crafted to make YOU feel like YOU could express YOUR personality -or as nearly as possible, because like somebody else did write it- in a setting that was both Star Wars and completely novel and free of the character-motivations you may have been predisposed to in your youth.
  4. "Male-supremacy" What is it with the fuckholes of my generation inventing phrases (that you then need to expend social energy explaining, instead of combating) to describe effects that not even the Shah of Iran is ignorant of, as if my fellow Hu-mans think they'd just discovered something new and need to cultivate special languages to communicate such things? He's (probably) a raper! He (probably) describes raping as a natural sociological interaction intrinsic to the well-being of males JUST FUCKING SAY THAT eta: Z, not to go particularly hard at you. You're good people. This is just something that frustrates me to no end every time I see a new little "smart" phrase that I perceive as completely superfluous and self-defeating
  5. This is an interesting highlight in the different things different people expect to receive from different media It never once, since I was like eight or something, occurred to me to have any issue with, like, the gameplay parts of Halo (or for TLoU for that matter, but for simplicity's sake let's constrict to Halo because my comment here goes for both of them). Or Mass Effect and its dreaded Mako, for that matter Like, I just never cared. I see bad. I pull trigger. I reload or reload depending on how the exchange went and try again or continue on as the situation merits. It always BOGGLED my BRAINZ whenever I'd be, like, playing co-op (especially on HIGHER DIFFICULTIES) and folks would skip the 30-60 second (very well written, animated, and vocally performed) cutscenes because they like physically couldn't wait another minute to send electrical signals through the nerves of their [R] index finger that somehow equated to fulfillment when that interaction coincided with certain expressions of digital reaction as catalogued and transmitted by their eyes
  6. ... "You completely leave out the human component. It's why you are a bad leader. It's why you were replaced... [sic]... , when wiser people than you were in control. And it's why we are here."
  7. Through some... contacts... I have accrued over the years in the Russian State Department (lol, do they even HAVE one of those!?!) I have come into possession of never-before-seen footage of the beginning-stages of the attack from the RU side of the line:
  8. You're, what? 3'6" ? While, me, I'm pushing 3'7".... 3'8"!
  9. To borrow a line from Conway Stern when it came time to be enlightened as to the concerns of Hobbits: "I'mma take your word on that."
  10. Even though we hates and loves the Twitter, as we hates and loves ourselves precious, goddamn if sometimes it ain't fucking worth it.
  11. I was just being vicious The only cost-effective way to do high-volume space (orbit) tourism is with gliders. Why are you making things out of metal? It's famously heavy. Wind is light, but pushes other light things strongly Wind is free ETA: little grammar. I was being mean, not volcanic
  12. Who the fuck puts engines on a glider? Are they bad at math but strong in vroom-vroom engineering somehow?
  13. Like aside, it is well-known and undeniable that the family uses... asymmetric efforts... to induce pain and incentivize docility I find it hard to believe that if the Prince Harold or his superior American wife had sent any kind of private message that could be effectively used against them without undue backsplash on the 'family' that it would have been used long ago
  14. Alright. Step One of operation Is Our Children Reading looks complete... get them to possess a book Now comes the real dance, folks. We gotta teach these savages what letters are and how they cooperate to perform communicative feats from across time and space. The ideas box is open.
  15. "... [sic] screamed with laughter and clapped her hands."
  16. Amistics It's actually funny Wade brought it up, I grabbed it on audible this past summer/fall because obviously nothing beats a physical book. But I sometimes enjoy revisiting stuff, especially if I don't have a copy, or taking in certain kinds of non-fiction with my ears instead of my eyes. I pay for the app, gotta put it to work! Anyways, I was gonna give it a listen now that I'm older and wiser, but it got bumped by Malcolm Nance's new book and then a succession of biographies and Anand Giridharadas... I am a compulsive multitasker... Anyway, this has been an episode of Jace's Excuses for Not Being Sharp as She Should Be: Niccolo Machiavelli edition
  17. Well that's why, when I make it to the end, I'm gonna leave explicit instructions for construction of a Kafes like the Ottomans had to house my most politically relevant descendants. The flaws of a Versailles-style distraction for the nobles are apparent in American culture today. Too much fetishization of braindead wealthiness and it's just fucking wasteful besides. A Kafes is a much better idea. The bureaucrats and generals can bicker over whomever they wanna elevate outta there to be Empress of the Americas, and if she's more or less insane than you were hoping for just do whatever with her and try again! Very stable system. A very stable, genius, system! You're welcome, America(s)!
  18. So, full Radical honesty BBB Jacelyn talking here... The first one is fucking cringe But that second post looks pretty fucking cool ETA: Ain't that just life though?
  19. Yo I even pointed out how stupid it was to give him those guarantees
  20. COUGH COUGH Smart boys give the priestess her due. August? Motherfucker I was on this shit in March. I'mma keep fucking bringing it up too until Ballard is gone (like not AT you, Ty, you're just the excuse I needed today. Tomorrow it might be Rhom, or even Maith. Live in fear. )
  21. That being said, I think I side with the one who spoke. Anderson Cooper ain't no kinda journalistic ideal, but he ain't no fucking 'unnamed source' in the tabloids, y'no'w'a'd'i mean?
  22. Alternatively, you can pound sand old man.
  23. Yeah! Withdraw from that salient in good order! That's what real leadership is!
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