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  1. Do you believe it is an issue of guarding New doctrines that has caused us to commit our sister democracy and recent dependant to a cutesy version of the Russo-Japanese war or are they just unequipped, like as a state structure to say nothing of a military structure, to make use of what real 21st century war will look like whenever someone actually dares to bite a serious military economy for real? Eta: dependant is famously spelled with 2 Ds
  2. Only Headquarters would pull some dumb shit like that. Some kinda O-Too-High motherfucker thinking he's Patton. Tank hasn't actually been an infantry support vehicle since before Titanic came out. It's a mobile defense platform- also, it's about as useful as snakes on a stain So much monE lit on fire for systems that aren't worth the time it takes their disposable operators to learn how to die in them. Oh well, in 10 or 15 years we will have learned better Eta: i meant HCC, not Headquarters.
  3. You are not 'rich' What less than poor must me and those like me identify as to make you feel less lightly in your treasures? I wil take. 1 fake 400,000 digi-bucks in "debt" in return for terra firma, please! If you have a house you are rich. You'd all know that if you were as down with what "privilege" is as you think.
  4. Didn't some motherfucker say that true wealth is freedom from daily toil or something? Just don't tell me it was Stalin...
  5. Oh shit, that's real? I thought it was a joke! I feel bad for laughing at him now. What a motherfucker puts up his ass IRL is between him and the symmetries of his sphincter(s) I just thought it was all lols
  6. Never been a Specialist, myself. Though everyone always takes note of how special I am. Appropos of nothing, is there an E-3 this year? Fuckup like me, I never do seem to stay on pace but eh, that's what youths are for right? Getting lapped?
  7. That happened to me in the Space thread a couple of years ago. I think the youtube algorithm was conspiring with my audible app to put a "LIVE" launching going down like right as I logged in. (To youtube) I went to the Space thread to deliver a sweeping congratulations onto the effort and performance of all involved. No eye was dry. Men stood at attention, at attention. Women began ovulating immediately. Babies bemoaned their new siblings whole moments before they were conceived, inspired and indebted to the beautiful image I produced for all involved! And then one of you treachers pointed out the date on the video... Meanwhile, something that occurs to one such as me but has not cropped up past any of the filters I use (you people ) to keep the worst of the inernet detritus off my _clearly pristine_ intellectual beaches... Putin is supposed to be sick right? Hopefully Sleepy Joe already knows who the successor is to Putin because that's who's killing all these rivals. No proof, nothing other than the fact that what may be logical deduction from one side of the curtain is rendered moot if you don't understand the relations behind it.
  8. Jesus christ, it's only fucking January Gandalf's dance with the Balrog of Morgoth was less of a dry-fuck with a sandpaper dildo than 2023 Sorry for the dp, but somebody had to say it
  9. For the love of whatever goodness is, D, I hope you're right. I just didn't feel good tonight. This whole year has been surreal
  10. Yo the following is an earnest piece of advice. For real, I'm being good. But when in Rome maybe stop thinking you speak Roman. Especially if you think you're speaking Roman
  11. Honestly, watching that all go down. I can't help but believe that better Dem leadership could have helped McCarthy. Step up, help him. He isn't insane, don't make him capitulate to insane people. I know he is not unguilty. I don't know what kind of terms could have been struck. But I know that that's what I would have done. I wouldn't have called him as an opportunist, just a lifeline. We can't keep doing this. Tonight was not a victory for liberalism, democracy, or Democrats. No matter how giddy the talking heads get about it. Sometimes victory costs more than you want to pay for it.
  12. Yo, I'm of course suuupes jealous of Meghan. She's gorgeous and she gets a prince!?! Can't she at least have a bad nose or something? Anything!?! My jealousy combines with general loathing of nobility (it's nothin' personal, I'm just a fucking peasant dawg some prince come snap me up and that tune'll change real goddamn quick!) to produce a sort of vengeful envy against the woman. (I'm VERY fun) All in like good, impotent peasant cheer of course. I'm harmless. I can't imagine what kind of 10-on-the-richter-scale snobbish bullshit she had to endure from those fucking people. The media piece I saw about the Prince all those years ago told me almost nothing about him besides what I said already. But it is not untrue that everything I read about him having his wife's back against the Queenly crown of perfidious Albion itself absolutely did tell me quite a bit about him. I inquired after Wade for perspective. Son you're about to get interrogated for information.
  13. I recall at some point seeing a 60 minutes spot (perhaps?) about him in Afghanistan, I think. The terrain looked like it could trouble the phalanx terribly, y'know what I mean? I don't recall much else about the thing except that I was simultaneously impressed with the Prince's willingness to risk life and limb in uniform and icked because of the whole piece in general. I comprehend the argument that conspicuous service can galvanize more commonplace kind, and that that has its perks. And that even still any place that can outlast Alexander is no place a coward goes by choice. Still, I also know that there are degrees of courage and that 60 minutes(?) spot did not adequately inform me as to the Prince's. Nah-mean?
  14. I just glanced over at the TV to see MTG selfie-ing with McCarthy as I read your comment. I don't know what it means, the nihilism thread dun got me all confused, but I know it ain't gonna be fucking good
  15. What's that dude's deal? I don't follow nobles unless I'm about to eat them, general rule y'know? But I can usually read your commentaries without vomiting blood from my tear ducts, so I don't know if there's like a three sentence explanation for this I'd appreciate it. I assume anything google shows me is the opening to an Alex Jones rabbit hole these days.
  16. I'm weird so I think about it as in like the context of the grander story. Bengals, I know it would suck to have to go on the road because of a lost sumo match (that you can run a Hamlin live fundraising drive during) that made your injured comrade $20,000,000 but baby after that all you gotta do is win! Just start winning anyway and don't stop. All the greater your glory for the path forced to claim it Eta: I know Hamlin is a Bill, I meant broader NFL comade
  17. Seriously, though, Ty's wrinkle notwithstanding even THAT at least is like a _game_ of sorts. I mean I would just like t be able, if I were the Bengals or someone, to be able to say "we sent out our man/men for the agreed-on deal to see who gets the win. We lost, but Man/Men had a chance to win it for us. We'll just have to work harder for what we deserve now." Like just being able to put it all in that kinda context would, I think, be impossibly more fair than this ad hoc Goodell bullshit Who knows such things?
  18. Like a fucking miracle Yo, he's awake and has motor function to write. I'm not saying he's cured, but that's a LOT more than "as good an outcome as can be hoped..." Rhom, that young man's fight for his life and his recovery to date is nothing short of a triumph over death by a man who was not even conscious to fight it. This not a rebuke. I would like to give you permission, insomuch as I can, to view this kid's victory without qualification. He and every one of the folks who got him into that hospital and then out of surgery alive are fucking badasses and they could not have done better. He's alive! He's alive, Rhom! And awake! Sometimes that doesn't come with qualifications. Sometimes it's just enough to be alive and awake. I don't know how my team went but if it made the playoffs and I might bequeath my spot, I'd say you should have it. It's not charity. I like the way you draft. Meanwhile, are they really gonna flip a coin to decide who hosts if the Ravens and Bengals meet in post? That's dum One of you said it earlier I think- arm wrestle to host if it comes to it Yeah, it's silly and arbitrary. But it's less arbitrary than a fucking coin toss! Two-outta-three our best vs your best: MADDEN 23 would be less arbitrary than a fucking coin toss!
  19. Yo I'm with you on the anti-Avatar initiative James Cameron filled my childhood with hope and awesome. That smurf cartoon movie fucking ruined him How the fuck you can have Giovanni Ribisi, Sigourney Weaver, and Michelle Rodriguez in your movie and I can't stand the sight of it is fucking beyond me. And all of it from my once-favorite director! GiO- VAn -NI RIBISI !!!!!!!!!
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