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  1. Unlike these childish doubters, Elon, I would like to live on MoonWorld. Every cold hearted Moontator needs a warm ________thed MoonMaid!
  2. Nothing about me is righteous. I'm just right about this. Your enemies will kill for power. Your allies can't even get a traitor's tax returns. Won't even try to get his conviction and testimony.
  3. That just means greater value from successful cooperation. Buuuunch of red states that would look mighty fine as independent allies of the Reconstituted States of America. Not gonna get that deal from the Reds playa. Just gotta hit 'fuck it' first. And that day is nearer every hour, judging from what our friends on the fascist right are up to.
  4. 2nded for Constitutional Convention! Leaving the Union should be on the table. Let the confederates talk themselves into ruin, reassimilate them state by state through economic subversion.
  5. Well Kanye isn't homeless. Anyway, I think that if homelessness offends (it does me) then one should be willing to pay to resolve the offense. So I say take all that state money Bezos has stolen back and use it to subsidize some building contractors. Cheap, affordable, housing isn't impossible. There's so much land in this country our masters stole. Steal it back And if you're so bent outta shape that the masters stole the land from natives, well, that sounds like natural allies.
  6. Nah, you motherfuckers were discussing "what needs to be done" with the urgency and tone as though he took a Mossberg into a movie theater and started shooting. Fuck your straw Jace Guy is a fucking doucheclown and a racist. HopefulYE Ye put he MonYE in trustYE accountYEs When I make fun of a crazy motherfucking sub-villain (I mean he ain't no Trump) I don't feel the need to patronize the fuck out of him and pretend I'm concerned about his mental well-being instead of imagining some just desserts for a demonstrably asinine individual. So that's the thing I hate about liberals these days, Varys. The ass faced holier than thou act that is used to veneer every other sentence you people feel compelled to write around buzzwords and compassionate sentiment completely at odds with your broader message: Make this man go away
  7. LOSERS Matt Ryan sucks. His arm suuucks. Spread his remains at Disneyland. Don't cremate him.
  8. Oh if we have my way we'll step in the way back machine and the Pony Queen (Basilissa) will ride again.
  9. I think he's about 33 or 34 next year, but a rested 33 or 34
  10. Jim Har-Baugh! Jim Har-Baugh! Jim Har-Baugh! If there is even a .0005 percent chance you could get Luck out of retirement... just lock them in a room. See what happens
  11. Humans are amazing creatures. I mean yo momma looked nasty but somehow your daddy got back in there for the second half. Miracles happen
  12. I know. And Kanye has revealed who he really is. But it was not long ago that people in this country were diagnosed insane for their sexual orientations and expressions. Be careful calling for official powers to determine someone's fitness for freedom: those powers may not always belong to your side Lol Dark Lords don't reanimate themselves. #workethic
  13. I agree completely. But until you present evidence that he, HIMSELF, is a threat to living beings then you have no right to call for his muzzling or his incarceration. Obviously it's fucking wrong and gross that he uses his powers and his liberties to spread lies and tear down others. Being the good guys means honoring ideals even when it's hard. This is basic good guy shit. Chamber of Secrets shit.
  14. Why does it matter? Frankly to me it looks like a place for people to pretend to be concerned about someone, throwing 'mental health' buzzwords around like prescriptive garnish. I've seen grave robbings that were less cynical than you people and twice as honest about what they came for.
  15. So Ye is an insane danger to himself and others, he should be deprived his basic freedoms because of this, including the ability to say what he wants to say. But also make sure you call him Ye or ye may be a jerk. [Just trying to keep my How to Be a Properly Braindead, but still Reactive to Percieved Injustices, Liberal notes coherent] But I'm the condescening asshole, eh?
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