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  1. Would it be arrogant to ask if I'm a palantir then???
  2. I just gotta say thanks to Scott for making this thread real quick. I talk a lot of shit about, well everything, but this thread really put the pep in my step the last few days. I thank you truly for it.
  3. Last year I was disgusted by the Colts and the truck stop gloryhole they were putting lipstick on and calling a spouse "Carson" "Wentz". But when Jonathan Taylor broke off that fifty yarder and broke the back of the old enemy, OH I cheered. So I wasn't sitting here unwilling to be won. My heart was open. Fucking LOOOSERS
  4. Don't pay your bills! Don't pay your rent! Mortgage is The Man's word for bondage. They play MDSM games in the office after they're done selling you a piece of paper. Don't go to work! Don't go to school! Homework is The Man's word for thought limiters. Teachers... shit, I don't have anything for this one... Don't obey traffic laws! Don't get your oil checked! Catalytic Converter is The Man's word for vehicular oppression. Mechanics put microchips in your alternators to make them constapators. Don't feed your kids! Don't wash your pets! Breakfast is The Man's word for diabetes! This one kind of isn't a joke. Don't feed your children solidified sugar drowned in milk at the beginning of the day. Seriously. The biggest crime perpetrated against the America people since Justin Bieber is fucking "cereal" (I ain't talking about grains). It's not good. A bit of toast and a splash of natural juice will go a long way towards lifting those heavy ass lids your middle schooler is dragging to the bus stop every day. Eta: eyelids. Heavy eyelids. Because they're in a fucking sugar coma by 7:30 am
  5. In a word: Yes Frankly I find the urge to quantify and simulate the human condition to be anti-artistic and deeply anti-natural. Good science, good medicine, and good policy making is the art of observing the recordable factors and applying the most readily available tools in the most purposeful and resultant manner possible. The amount of time, money, processing power (human and computer), and literal actual-factual energies sunken into the morass of inwardisms has, uh, well imma be nice and say that it ain't been helping to solve the crises. A complaint to be leveled at a lot of fields of study and professions, to be sure. Paralysis by analysis is a thing. And that is what causes civil wars. Eta: I just answered homegirl's question in about seven minutes and half-as-many-hundred characters.
  6. Books: Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson-1992 Aurora, Kim Stanley Robinson- 2015 The Alexiad, Anna Komnene- 1143-1153(?) The Fellowship of the Ring (being the first part of The Lord of the Rings), J.R.R. Tolkien- 1954 A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin- 1996 They Want to Kill Americans, Malcolm Nance- 2022 The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Lord Foul's Bane, 1977 Cinema Speculation, Quenton Tarantino- 2022 Dune, Frank Herbert-1965 The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli- 1532 The City of Brass, S.A. Chakraborty- 2017 Foundation, Isaac Asimov- 1942 The Meditations, Marcus Aurelius- 1558-9(?) 1453, Roger Crowley- 2005 The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss- 2007 Collision of Empires: The War in the Eastern Front in 1914, Prit Buttar-2014 Treasure Island, Louis Robert Stevenson- 1882 The Forgotten Soldier, Guy Sajer- 1965 The Storm of Steel, Ernst Ju(umlaut)nger- 1920 Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civization, Lars Brownworth- 2009 I can personally recommend the above as various levels of Satisfying, Enlightening, and Comforting for rhe present political/economic climate.
  7. Season 1 is perfect Season 2 is Perfect's pretty cousin Season 3 is Perfect's eccentric cousin Season 4 is Perfect's DILF
  8. Frankly I'm not sure why you think you're entitled to know a Masters machinations. I like you. That is why I have reported your comments to the Business Betterment and Social Security Bureau (BBSSB). I want you treated fairly and reassimilated. This is a thing of friendships I do.
  9. I'll be your white shedevil. I still have interests here, but America surrendered its unconditional sway over me when it decided treason is, like, just a thang.
  10. That's a goddamn shame. Good on you nonetheless though.
  11. 365 And who places these people? Are they (the emplaced and empowered) the same persons who dictate what is harmful and what is not? Do they establish policy regarding the use of their powers ad hoc or is the policy set by others? If so, who places these others and what empowers the others to enforce policy stricture on the tool users. Where does this authority come from? Musk? The 'market'? Trey Gowdy? Mark ZUCKERBERG!?!
  12. No amount of words in no order would bridge that ellipsecle (#SarahPalin-ing) gap I have highlighted. Humans are abusive and evil. If your solution to repair that condition means using advanced maths and programming techniques (known only to a privileged few) to control what people are exposed to then I have something to tell you about yourself. And it ain't good, if you're following.
  13. I fucking LOVE China. Pragmatism just gets me all stirred up. That being said; we should nuke Bejing tomorrow. "We are finally doing something about the Uyghurs"- or whatever. The real threat is that Xi, and his successors who have been educated to a standard of comprehension regarding complex and hardwired realities of escalation dominance because they live in a society that functions and doesn't purposely import mental invalids into their political class, will wrap world security (from nukes) into a very safe and warm authoritarian blanket swaddled by China after that world feels abandoned by feckless American/European morons who should be stroking each other off while watching some peasants tortured to death instead of impacting strategic circumstance with their imbicilic notions of moderate response to existential peril.
  14. Kanye West? The richest black man since Taharko? Like the esteemed Pharaoh I would not look to Mr. West for moral wisdom, but I'm sure he knows money. Eta: unsourced assertion. I mostly just wanted to reference the Kushite dynasties
  15. But no one would call such a thing a threat to national discourse, or the deliverance of the news of the day, if the far superior Westeros.org were facing Twitter's future.
  16. Good OK? It's VERY GOOD ok, maybe the MOst good. I don't know, I don't know, but people are saying you know they say to me they say "MR. preshehent" I admire you so much. SO MUCH. That i JUST wanna bE youh. I want it so bad, that I have to get on Twitter (we love twitter don't we precious) BeCaUsE it's where I feel close TO being YOU The most popular politician in the world should not be banned from Twitter. He should be hanged by the neck until dead for his exhaustive list of crimes, but until the moment the rope snaps taught he is entitled his free speech. And before someone points out that twittering is not actually the town square, I would then demand to know why the whole fucking town is losing its mind at transfer of ownership.
  17. It does sound like something I'd say, screech, or scree: Easy. You see that they are not the winner, and next time you would like to win so you say LOSER GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PARTY YOU USELESS FUCKING LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS You know why Republicans win races? Because they back fucking WINNERS. And if a loser tries to talk to them they spit in that useless fuckhead's face and kick them into a pile of neglected children, to feed to 'gators. Democrats see a winner and poke her so full of goddammit holes in the interest of "pushing the party blah or dragging it duh" that people literally felt unable to vote in opposition to a (semi)sentient cashew because of a bunch of high-school political sentiments that make folks feel icky for engaging with the world as it is (well, how it used to be)so they choose to live in asinine constructed realities where they can pass around entirely superfluous datas (but only theHappE datas! The sad datas isn't reliable datas) until they all feel warmish and fuzzish enough to group-ejaculate at that poll that shows Beto WITHIN THE MARGIN OF ERROR AAAAAAHHHHHHHHLLLLULULULUL FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YES! YES! OH! OH OOOOOHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH the MARGIN of erROR (which never goes in the sad direction, only the happy error exists) OH YEEEEEEEESSSSS Oh Beto. Be my president! The political clickbait industry says you're only gonna lose by a million or so... that's just... OOOOOOHHHH IT JUST DOES IT FOR ME BETO, IM VOTING AGAIN RIGHT NOW, OH BETO YOURE MAKING ME VOTE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAAAAAAAAIN .... After all those votes you gave me you still lost? Well I voted. A LOT. Like just again and again. So, uh, I don't think it's me. I never have a problem getting non-losers to the winners podium... Democracy allows you to earn your lot. I honestly, actually, wanna help. But I'd be lying if I said your sufferings were anything but deserved for existing in optimistic greenhouses managed by snake oil salesmen who discovered that you don't even have to deliver pickles in a boot when all you're selling is CGI Carrie Fisher's "Hope"
  18. I have transformed your question? into answer! And they called me a mad woman when I proposed The Culling! A ha! A hahaha! Ahhhh hahahahahahaha! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha! [This would be when I fly off on my vacuum and credits roll, perhaps as the screen shrinks into a windowed pumpkin and I disappear into the stars]
  19. Well, um. There are a few difficulties with, because I just wonder if... I mean, it could maybe work with like a sort...of... like... Okokok,IfollowIknowI'mThinking... WellLookThereAreJustRealitiesInAnySytemLetAloneOneOfTheMostComplex,interconnected,andCarelesslyManagedSystemsInHumanHistory And... I guess maybe, that's something, and it should be respected. That no matter how solid or how immutable your economic niche may seem someone can just come in and throw a brick through your front door(isThataThing?(IfeelConfidentThat'sSomething,PeopleStillThrowBricksRight?))[well one person agrees people throw bricks, I'm going to go with it] /SoOk SoOk, a little off topic, we're ok SoOk/ and when that door comes down, well, in tough language I'd say that we see where the redundancies are. Now I don't know the particulars of Twitter's employment situation but in all honesty I wrote a whole book about Bullshit Jobs and though I don't know exactly what every person who is losing their jobs did or did not contribute towards Twitter's market value <the only relevant factor to the likes of Musk |ItJustNeedsToBeSaidThatThePriorityDevotedToContinuallyTransferringMinuteOwnershipsOfCompaniesHasCompletelyMurderedProductivityToSayNothingOfLocalBusinessesAndTheMiddleClassInGeneral|> but the fact that Musk felt that half of his new workforce was utterly redundant isn't surprising to me at all. --------------------------- My best effort. Attempted out of admiration.
  20. That's fine for me. Since the game is already half over I'll do it in the morning and PM you the deets. Thanks
  21. It's nothing to me, ten million useless algorithm pushers could starve to death and I wouldn't notice them but for the decrease in carbon emissions, but does anyone else wonder what David Graeber would have made of this gutting? I absolutely don't know for sure. But a part of me suspects he'd be like GRRM when people would.bring up the Red Wedding at Q/A events.
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