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  1. "So, I like asked Coach Belichick, like, what he wants to have happen in the second half. And he said that, like, he tooootally wants to win and that there's still, like, a whole second half to play which I totally didn't even know was allowed. Do you wanna buy the Erin Andrews selection on NFLshop.com? The NFL, like, loves the wmnz.
  2. Can't wait to watch a succession of sideline bimbos sugarally seek answers before every big game to the tough, tough, question "so, like, what was YOUR headspace. With, like, coming to Cleveland and stuff? And what was it about Cleveland that drew you here?"
  3. Washington, oh Washington. I thank you, but that is an even stoopider trade than the one the Colts made to get the asshole. A pair of 3s and moving up in the 2nd... Wow.
  4. You laughed at Lan's griefing scene didn't you? Didn't you!?! Make like Will Smith in Concussion and tell the truth!!!
  5. Couple of 3s. Çolts don't have a three this year though so maybe a 4th rounder this year and a 2nd next.
  6. I think Garappolo would do better in the Colts than Wentz did. He's just not gonna win a Superbowl.
  7. On a team so stacked that it won the Superbowl with Nick Foles. Maybe the 2017 Eagles The Team was what elevated the play of Wentz.
  8. Washington and 49ers swapping 1st rounders for Garappolo wouldn't be the worst thing I've ever seen. A bad idea but not outright stupid.
  9. Dawg, the fact that I'm talking about his clothes is -in itself- an assertion that there is nothing to the character. He was just a guy in a weird jacket who said such vaguely evil things that I can't even recall them. He was a terrible villain who was not set up at all and then did a thing to Moiraine that was so poorly depicted and unexplained that you people can make hundred word arguments about whether or not she was actually stilled or just shielded with the weaves inverted. That's it. That's the dude's impact on the story. And I don't want to blame the actor. It's the writing. I don't blame any of these actors, not even the little girl doing a Jack Sparrow/Bellatrix Lestrange impression of a Dark friend in episode 3. I mean at some point you're working with schlock and I appreciate the professionalism of going out there and giving it an honest try, even if your performance is silly. Look, I don't wanna be mean. It's nice to like things with a, let's say, eyes closed approach. But c'mon, that shit was terrible. It was just terrible. Some of the costumes looked cool. I liked the Aes Sedai uniforms, they looked snazzy. That's it for the things the show did well.
  10. I keep seeing folks say "Ishy was good" and whatnot and I don't get it. I'm like who is this guy!?! He's just like some generic muahaha asshole in an uninspired tunic and then he died or something. I'm not entirely sure. I was kind of doing two things at once during the finale and I gotta be honest, watching the paint dry really became my primary focus as the episode moved on.
  11. It gets worse. Laughably bad. Group shunning bad. My niece has written random jibberish in crayon that is more fit to be filmed than this travesty of a production that all involved should be ashamed to call their work.
  12. There was no port, there was no city. They tidal bombed a single little girl. If you wanna be generous in your interpretation of the scene, it is possible that the *cough* Seanchan *cough* characters were just showing off for the cameras and crew. It might save the series if the Seanchan have mockumentary crews following them around, like in The Office. "Howdy, y'all! It's ya girl Tuon! We 'bout to go on yonder for the Corenne. Hailene forever, don't forget to smash that 'like' button pardners!"
  13. Looks like this week I'll need Jonathan Taylor to come through more than any other. Good luck, Dunk. But not too much luck!
  14. Not a blowout, I won't be comfortable until it's over. I got lucky that your QBs played down to the competition, Kirk seemed dead set on killing me today.
  15. Good luck @Jaime L, it looks like it'll be close. And that means fun.
  16. What the hell are we arguing about again? I'm sure I started it, whatever. Sorry, tough week. Tough year. Been a lot of those lately, I shouldn't add to the Despiser's woes. I also wondered that Filip might reappear, but it made sense to me that his effort to emulate Naomi's achievement of breaking away from his family means he doesn't reappear. Sure, we want him to show up because we're interested in him and his fate. But really the happier ending is that he got away from it all for good. Maybe he fell off a treadmill and broke his neck, or had six kids and one of them killed him over a crooked dice game, or maybe he lived happily ever after. The ending they seemed to want to give the character was that whatever happened to him, he got the chance to start over. That blank slate ahead of him is more important, I think, for what it represents than a cheap cameo return. Just my thoughts.
  17. Yeah, dude. He's following her example of getting lost in decent, everyday, contribution to society and leaving the crimes he was manipulated into committing behind. Like his mom did. Which is why he uses her name. And then disappears... Naomi didn't intend to become a savior of the galaxy or reunite with her dysfunctional family, she just wanted to disappear. And that's what Filip did. I mean, I don't understand the confusion.
  18. How about the fact that he did not reappear in the text after emulating his mother's quest for anonymity and escape from his misdeeds? Maybe he was trying to follow her example, not her literal life path. How's that for an interpretation? 'Cause that's what was written, not what I wanted to be written.
  19. I thought the whole point of Filip's ending was that it was his own, free of his parents and their stories.
  20. Wouldn't want you to get the 1 seed too easily.
  21. There has been a trade. Kings Landing Swords receives Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback from Denver. The Duskendale Dames receive Zach Ertz, Tight End from Glendale by way of Philadelphia.
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