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  1. I think we were meant to sympathise with Brandin- and I did, possibly more than I did with Devin. I think taking Tigana as being pro-nationalistic is missing the point- I think that it rather is an attempt to show how nationalism can and has shaped personal identity- and I think that it becomes apparent that this is not necessarily a good thing and not necessarily a bad thing, Brandin and cardboard cutout villain representing two sides of the same coin if you follow me.
  2. Nearly everyone I know has different Kay favourites. I loved The Sarantine Mosaic- its probably my second favourite fantasy work after A Song of Ice and Fire, and I reccomend that you read it. However, all of his books, with the exception of The Fionavar Tapestry (which I actually completely hated but which many others like) and A Song For Arbonne (which I found to be too melodramatic and overlong, but overall an all right book) are fantastic; read them all and form your own opinions.
  3. What a fucking asshole.

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