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  1. I love the show, but I have to agree with this. Somehow, the showrunners don't seem very clear on what to do with him. His redemption arc has never really taken off, but nothing has replaced it. He just... exists. Perhaps his travels in Dorne will wake him up.
  2. Actually, to deal with Bran or Rickon getting to Jon, I think to recall. Bolton gives two shits about Jon.
  3. When you can't pry into the mind of your characters, they need to get more vocal. Basic stuff.
  4. Actually, Stannis' scene was from Episode 1 and got moved, so it wasn't written by GRRM. Not that I think it matters, though.
  5. I'm a big fan of what the creators have done with the show, but I think they kinda screwed up by not mentioning Oberyn's pseudonym so far. Most of my Unsullied friends think of Oberyn as a brute stabby-maniac now, and none even considered it as a posibility for Joff's killer. Mace's portrayal was also lacking, I thought. Even Dontos had more composure than him. Great episode, though. Loved the Ned visions.
  6. I am really curious about what they are going to do with Jaime and Brienne next season. It was just a hardened pirate that gave the shot more power. Casting is a big deal, no way they are casting Victarion this early only for that shot. Not every single thing is significant.
  7. No. He is Ramsay. Bad guys kill their subordinates a lot in fiction. That's how they roll. Also, he crazy.
  8. This might be a joke I did not get, but anyway... How could that work? A tom boyish-y 12 year old brunette girl disappears for a year and suddenly she becomes a (at least) 20-something year old really hot redhead. If that were not enough, Ros actually comes from Winterfell.
  9. This is really odd indeed. It's extremely weird that they would bring a relatively "big name" just to die the next episode. And I really don't see how they could expand this role. He'll probably kill Mormont, survive, and get his end later in the season somehow.
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