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  1. He won't be with the brotherhood under dondarion. He will be with Arya'd mom so it would make sense for him to be there.
  2. Quoted for truth To quote grrm "Art is not a democracy"
  3. Oh you mean an event that won't happen for two seasons? Yeah I have no idea how they can work that out with "only" 20 episodes to get there.
  4. His not existing changes nothing in the grand scheme of themes. All the payoffs will remain the same, the way that these payoffs are reached may be changed. That's fine with mez This is still one of the most faithful adaptations of all time. All the complaints I hear sound really baseless.
  5. If you want the exact same story in the show then you don't understand how adaptations work. There are too many characters for the budget to allow all of them. It isn't possible. The show is doing an amazing job of streamlining and working within it's resources. You could always wuit watching though. If you don't want any changes just read the book again.
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