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  1. Those two whores (if they are whorers idk) we saw with Theon were imo the prettiest we have seen in the entire show. Extra points for that.
  2. I give it an 8. I thorougly enjoyed it. A lot of CGI in this episode with the dragons, King's Landing shot and Yunkai. Brienne vs the bear gave me chills. My brother put his hands over his eyes. He thought she was going to die a grizzly death. :D
  3. Groney

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I give it a 7. Am I the only one who thought they were going to prematurely kill Ygritte? Glad they made their romance more palpable.
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    Official Testing Thread

  5. I give this a 10/10. Perfect television. At first I thought Podrick scene was going to be a waste of screen time, but it quickly became one of the funniest moments of the show with the Meerenese Knot joke. Mance declaring war and the excitement on Tormunds face was epic. Not the way the book Tormund would've reacted but I like this Tormund too. Unlike some I absolutely loved the end credits and the whole Jaime getting his hand chopped off. The moral ambiguity in the whole setting is why I love this GoT world. A guy who just saved a woman from being raped (but also threw a kid out of a window) is getting his hand chopped off by a guy who is supposedly on the side of the good Northerners. Excellent. They also set up some memorable events from the book and you kind of get the big picture of how the show is going to pan out this season.