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    How would you rate episode 702?

    5/10 +1 for general production value (dragon heads room etc...) In Dragonstone... Varys Marx remembering viewers he is Varys Marx = -1 keep previous episodes recap in the recap Missandei naked = +1 for most creative use of an aged for the show book character since Tommen M+GW sex scene for people needing to be shown a dick isn't required to give pleasure = -1 keep this kind of material for educative channels In King's Landing : Cersei remembering she's just queen in title and actually trying to convince some lords to follow her = +1 "Sept blaster" Cersei describing Dothrakis as "pagans" = +0.5 as it was a good laugh Qyburn inventing... the ballista and Cersei looking impressed = +0.5 another good laugh Everywhere... Tyrion praise by Daenerys, and more by Jon, Sansa and... Tyrion = -1 Jon praise by Tyrion = +0.5 Varys praise by Tyrion = +0.5 at least it's more balanced than usual In Winterfell... Jon taking the decision to meet Daenerys because Sam revealed him something he was already told = one more nobody could trust Stannis moment, -1 Jon giving Winterfell to the sister who publicly opposed him again in council, after forbidding her to publicly oppose him in council again in last episode = +1 for showing Sansa was right telling him to be harsher LF smirking reaction shot in council = already seen two times, -1 LF in the crypts again = -1 Jon noticing he has nothing to do there = +1 LF being half strangled = +0.5 At the Citadel : Making fun of people writing useless history books instead of doing what they should : +1 for the (accidental) dig at Martin Sam remembering the old bear = +1 a disgusting Sam at the Citadel scene + montage with food reference = already seen, -1 Arya ... Hot Pie = +1, unexpected + it's cool to give a speaking role to this actor Crossroads tavern (?) in the Riverlands (??) looking well provisioned and all = -0.5 Wolves and Direwolf = +1 it's so rare Wolf scene probably leading to nothing (Arya was going north alone, Nymeria was wandering in riverlands, she's still going north alone and Nymeria still wandering, was really worth the cgi budget) = -1 At sea... A sand snakes dialog = -1 When two lesbian/bisexual meet they can only start some sexual affair = -1 Wow, a sea battle = +1 Euron actually looking rather convincing as a savage fighter = +1 (finally this actor wasn't completely miscast) One more instance of erratic camera during battle, every time I see a battle in GoT and remember how they look in Vikings, I cry = -1 Some snake fu but with less twirlings than usual = -0.5 instead of -1 -1 sand snake = +1 -1 sand snake = +1 -1 sand snake = +1 (edit : just realised the third was just prisoner, anyway let's say +0.5 for her and +0.5 for Faularia) Theon reaction shot when a sister is brutalised = already seen, -1 = 6.5 let's say 7 as final note as I gave a 6 to the first episode and this one was clearly more interesting (+not forgetting to mention Sand Snakes are now dead)
  2. Lord Freypie

    How would you rate episode 701?

    6/10 It's not as bad as the really bad episodes if not a wonderful one. Some ridiculous trends like Super-Hyper Arya continue, Euron still looks more like a Daddy Bear than a pirate, Sam scenes are well done but looks useless considering the absence of a really new revelation, etc... But production value is high as ever, you get to see a few lords speaking, Sansa hasn't been completely reset and forgotten previous seasons like it was her habits, and the scene with the Lannisters soldiers is one of the best of recent era (hey finally there are some human beings in Westeros armies !).
  3. I'd say house Martell, fine politicians, able to be as harsh as a royal family need against enemies but with real concern for their people, and willing to share power with their high nobility instead of behaving as absolute monarchs. Their clear cognatic succession rule would probably have been a problem in the beginning, but once accepted would rather have increased support to the crown, each great family being allowed to have a (consort) king from its ranks once in a while and, for those having other traditions, see the dynasty as theirs.
  4. Despite the usual amount of little incoherences, I rather liked the episode, for the very good tension building of the Sept scene, and gave it a 6.
  5. I think you don't get it. GOT isn't the last "adult" fantasy show that will be put to screen. It's perhaps not even the only one Asoiaf adaptation one can expect to see in his lifetime, with the Hollywood fashion for franchise reboots etc... Some people dreams about this particular show may have been destroyed, and it's clear it won't change its route, but imo they have very good reasons to state they don't excuse bad writing because its fantasy. To resume the more people of this opinion complain the higher are the chances they may be listened too for next productions in the genre, instead of just getting special effects, tits and gore.
  6. Made me spit my coffee out of laugh. We must have very different definitions of "faithfull". Read the mereeneese knot for example, essays GRRM praised as understanding what he did in Mereen, and realise they don't apply at all to the show. They completely ignored the spirit of his writing to only keep a few largely dumbed down plot points (that said I agree that considering what they did of Mereen they'd better have made Dany leave for Westeros 2 seasons ago, creating some incident on her way to delay her arrival if needed).
  7. Lord Freypie

    [Spoilers] EP609

    If she had no control / knowledge about the timing of Vale arrival, what she did is just plainly stupid. She puts Jon whole army at risk of being killed before Vale forces arrival hiding him that those reinforcements could be expected. It's only if she was sure about the timing that hiding this information was defendable : sure that Vale forces were going to save the day but unsure Jon's would have accepted to play the bait, she may have had good reasons to hide the information.
  8. Exactly that. The battles were well filmed, and acting is decent or better out of a few exceptions, but just every point in the scenario is cringeworthy. And I can't even say it's for shocks for this episode, as what most people imagined in the "outcome of the battle" thread just happened, with Rickon being killed, Jon going berserk and being played, Petyr playing Gandalf and saving the day, Davos finding the unburnt wooden toy, etc... Not even speaking about the other battle, where they just managed to make all things look so easy for Daenerys there wasn't one instant of doubt. Gave it a 4 too.
  9. Lord Freypie

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    If like he announced to Sansa he reveals who she is at the wedding (except it's a surprise wedding with Robin) and make knights including Harry swear to help her reconquer the North it solves the problem. Robin may die then, the Vale lords who have starkist tendancies would still support his widow (and have a new respect for LF for getting her out of KL), giving no option to Harry to change Vale policy. And Sansa wouldn't be forced to remarry Harry before a moment if she is in official mourning of Robin (letting time for Harry to die in the war, then LF himself can eventually marry Sansa)
  10. Lord Freypie

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    A friend who was a big GOT fan I convinced to read the books around mid season 2 was then so disgusted by the adaptation he stopped to watch the show somewhere in season 3, and he now hides in some cavern far from the internet every year when GOT is aired (just don't understand how he can find so much willpower) while he regularly reread the books. So don't worry you're not alone.
  11. Lord Freypie

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    The true hero Petyr Baelish will come, save the day and return Sansa to her plotline, rejoyce.
  12. Lord Freypie

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    Good episode, it's like some scenes were based on a better source than the rest of the season. :) But Arya Scoobidoo moment was a bit too much (as the 2 extras in her first scene). And Mel abandonning Stannis like that !? Still 8/10 be it only for not botching the Walk of Shame and For the Watch and because I loved the candle being lighted just when Brienne turned away. (best note I had given this season I think, the season was dark and full of 3 to 5)
  13. Lord Freypie

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    They serve for 3 years and aren't allowed to marry in this time iirc. They still can inherit I think. So it would delay the wedding. ps : thinking about it LF has no reason to want that HtH becomes one, except if he lied to Sansa about his plan, or wants to wait for the spring to reveal her and act (which is likely to take long to come).
  14. Yeah let's only compare GoT with Xena Warrior Princess, so it can have a ten.
  15. - imagining so many harpies could enter the pit (nobody thought about searching if people carried masks ?) - random killings for no reason (aren't the harpies supposed to be political enemies attached to Mereen's traditions, why are they killing random spectators here to celebrate Mereeneese tradition ?) - fight choregraphy is subpar (if at least far better than sand snake scene, it's still a bit pale compared to Hardhome, or any episode of Spartacus) - enemies sometimes look like they are waiting in line for the previous one to be killed - pauses for melodramatic moments nobody exploit - one heroic moment for each protagonist, so the cast is happy - illogical defensive movement (let's go to the middle of the arena where we are sure to be surrounded, instead of staying in a more closed space) - unsullied supposed to be trained since childhood looking as useless as ever this season against slavers not supposed to have any training - harpies looking good at throwing spears at the dragon, but none thought about throwing them on say unarmored Dany before Some people also criticized the CGIs but for me they were as decent as expectable from a tv show.