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  1. blacken

    Is Euron too good to be true?

    I suppose it's more about the complexity of their journeys and the moral dilemmas and conflicts they have to deal with. Jon and Dany both have a lot of hard decisions to make and lose important people, suffer emotionally and physically for their growth and the food things they get are very much balanced by bad. I'm jumping to conclusions a bit with Euron as we've seen little of his past up close and his future is unknown, but if theories about him getting a dragon and conquering parts of westeros and generally getting everything he wants at no personal cost are true, then that is the difference between him and pretty much every other character in the story so far!
  2. It's bothered me for a while that Euron has been set up as such a powerful character. So far we know that Euron has or had: - got away with multiple kin slayings - been a successful explorer - had enough riches of some kind to buy a faceless man assassination - claims to have been to Valyria - had chests of riches to disperse at the kings moot - has a ship crewed by people he has mutilated but there is no mutiny - has a dragon binder horn - has Valyrian steel armour - has captured powerful warlocks - has successfully invaded the Shield Islands (although presumably that won't last) - has intelligence and good looks - may have some kind of greensight or the potential for it - had a dragon's egg (allegedly) - has possibly achieved some kind of occult knowledge through his imbibing of shade of the evening and by consisting with warlocks from all around - is apparently feared in ports all over Essos It just seems like too much for one man. I'm not saying that the character is written badly or implausibly, GRRM does quite a good job of explaining Euron's philosophy, just that when GRRM has worked at the downfall of our 'heroes' before as in the failure of Robb's war and the red wedding, he has had to subtly tip the odds in the favour of the Lannisters and their allies (Race for the Iron Throne is really good at highlighting this). Never before has there been a character who is consistently so successful. Can you imagine Jon or Dany or any POV character getting such an easy ride? I'm aware this kind of set up usually means a rather large downfall for a character but I know a lot of the fandom think Euron will be successful in getting a dragon/marrying Dany/ending the world or whatever particular theory you adhere to. Am I alone in being bothered by the idea that Euron could get a dragon so easily, for example, given the travails Dany has so far experienced in her arc? Is anyone else waiting for the other show to drop? Does anyone else not believe the hype? I have heard and read other people's opinions about Euron being a stage 2 villain, for example, something no-one has face before, in an escalation of enemies towards the white walkers. To me Euron just seems like a huge Mary Sue villain and I have too much faith in GRRM's writing to believe that he will succeed.
  3. blacken

    Sansa and the Savage Giant

    Though the symbolism isn't direct I agree that the stone giant Sansa will slay is LF, it's just so thematically on point. I am interested in what the spark for this will be, but I doubt it'll be Jeyne spilling her guts to Jon cus he'll be dead about the time she gets to the wall and even if he comes back immediately I don't know if I believe that he'll remember Jeyne or be concerned with the affairs of the North, remember that Beric forgot much of his former life after resurrection (although it's uncertain how long this took). I also tend to think that poison will be the weapon, as I think Sansa will learn her lessons well and give Petyr a taste of his own medicine, a death behind closed doors. Arrest and a trial and public execution give many opportunities for things to go wrong.