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  1. He got later in the game a yellow card
  2. Neither did I. Jan just made the sign during the game But it is still rather weird that in both games the refs made some weird decisions. Nevertheless I don't think it is completely undeserved France won both times.
  3. During France-Belgium Jan Verthongen made actually a sign during the match that the ref had been bribed... I think the first two goals weren't really deserved but the last two goals of France were deserved.
  4. And Thibaut the Golden Glove. Thanks due our "I can believe I can fly-campaign" https://sporza.be/nl/2018/07/07/video-courtois-zweeft-bal-uit-doel-in-extra-tijd-i-believe-i/
  5. Griezman: It doens't matter how you play, only that you win.
  6. Even as a Belgian (Thibaut ) I must say Subasic is great. I think he just deserves the Golden Glove because of his willpower. What he did during the game against Russia, was kind of amazing.
  7. Hahaha It was at least the motivation of Dries Mertens during the game whose friends did really bought a tv. I actually think the English team did much very better during the second part of the game. They made almost a goal but Toby made a very good save.
  8. I think Lukaku hadn't a good match because he was a little thinking too much of the golden boot.
  9. Proud of the 's . Best place ever in history! Better than the historical fourth place in 1986 in Mexico! And they made 16 goals ... which means some Belgian people will get a free television! (Krefel did some action that if you bought a television and the devils made more than 15 goals in the tournament, Krefel would pay the television back)
  10. One of our Belgian commentators said that Martinez was afraid of Courtois. And ew, the 's play in yellow. Bad luck.
  11. Belgian A-Team: https://sporza.be/nl/2018/07/14/the-a-team-wil-engelsen-kloppen/ It is kind of sad for Mignolet and Casteels they will be the only Belgian players not have played a match in the WC. And if we lose, it is because Mertens isn't on the field
  12. Tijgy

    Catalan thread continued

    The misappropriation of public funds is still so ridiculous when even Rajoy said this isn't true Anyway, it still makes me sick to know that in the EU still people are being jailed for their political ideas. But what can you else expect from institution whose leader appears being drunk over and over again during major events ... Jucker is really a metaphor for the current state in the EU.
  13. Congrats Croatia! Rooting for you in the finale. About the little final not meaning much ... I cannot know what the Belgian players themselves think but they already said directly after the match they were going for third place. Being the first Belgian team getting the third place is better than being the second team reaching the semi's. They can only do better than history
  14. IMO he was reacting to the fact that Toby and Mertens were able to win the ball from him. The only one who showed maturity was Kompany. And I actually think he isn't tested yet in the similar way during the WC? You also need to show that maturity during you are 0-2 under. And for me, calling him immature was actually an euphemism of another word. I think Mbappe himself is not that dangerous, but rather the threat of him. Every team who goes against France, knows that France plays very defensive but they can attack very fast. So you do need first a way to neutralize him (which Belgium in the end almost did) but then you also need a way to get behind their lines (which Belgium failed to do).