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  1. Several people did great work in those threads!
  2. In After The Episode they actually explain Alicent went more religious because she used her religion to feel less guilty of the fact she hurt Rhaenyra.
  3. She was turned around by Rhaenyra's speech. When Rhaenyra showed appreciation for the fact she took care of her father during the time Rhaenyra was at dragonstone.
  4. I think he knows the truth but choses not to acknowledge it. Rhaenyra is the person he loves the most. So he will protect her. And the reason why Alicent is so angry/jealous is because he will always chose Rhaenyra over her or her children. Just like when he refuses to punish someone for maiming her child but at the same time threatens everyone to remove his/her tongue for speaking the truth about the childrens' parentage.
  5. To be honest, I have personally still more sympathy for showAlicent than for showRhaenyra even after the time jump. I personally don't understand all the hate.
  6. She keeps saying that telling the truth ('insulting her virtue') is treason. She did it when she lied to Alicent in the godswood when she swore on her mother's memory Daemon didn't touch her. And after she claimed Aemond was rightfully punished by losing his eye because he called her sons bastards, she thanks her father when he threatens to cut the tongue of everyone who tells the truth about her sons' parentage.
  7. Jeey! 717 years after the Flemish won against the French at the Battle of the Gulden Spurs, a Flemish won a part of Tour de France! Something which makes this hideous (National) Day of Flanders better because it really sucked thanks to the fact the Speaker of the Flemish Parliament had to resign because it was reported he committed fraud in order to pay his escort girl
  8. Just read that wearing the yellow jersey is only € 500 for each day. And apparently you don't even see a lot of that money - a part of it goes to your team maters, team, ... Apparently Van Aert said to Raymond Poulidor (MvP's granddad) he was happy MvP wasn't there Dots and White still for Belgium! From a Belgian Team
  9. The days in Belgium were at least great for the cycling of the low countries - and especially for the Netherlands. Yellow and Green for Teunissen, Dots for Van Avermaet, White for Van Aert. MVP is indeed amazing - still always root a Flemish would win the competitions It was a bit boring last year to guess who would win the cyclo-cross competitions. I actually think hearing what happened the last two days would convince him certainly to take part in the Tour.
  10. Crazy day in Belgium. There were 500 000 people on the streets to watch The Tour (or more specially Eddy Merckx). Really happy Van Avermaert won the climb on the wall of Geraadsbergen - because he wanted to show something to his own people (Belgian) - and for publicity reasons. Anyway, apparently cyclo-cross is actually great training.
  11. Best episode since s04e02. 10 seconds of Ghost => 5 Jaime&Brienne => +2 = 7
  12. Is it Summer on your bew avatar?

    1. Tijgy


      It is just a picture of a howling wolf ^_^ But you can think it is Summer :D

    2. Meera of Tarth

      Meera of Tarth

      I like it! I still have Nymeria :)


  13. First, I want say to the OP this is an amazing thread which lead to several interesting observations. Just a little addition (but I think it is already said in some other threads). Bran means in Welsh raven. It also refers to Bran the Blessed, the son of Llyr, the god of the sea (someone earlier in this thread made the connection between the Stark children, wolf and flow; Bran is of course also the son of Cat). Bran the Blessed was king of Britain. Brandon can be also seen as a variant of the Irish name Brendan/Bréannain which is derived from the Welsh word meaning prince. Further is Brandon also a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "hill covered with broom". Broom is a short of shrub. There is a popular theory that the name of the House Plantagenet mayhave been derived from the common broom which was then known as "Planta Genista". It was used by some English kings as a royal emblem. The war of the Roses, the struggle between two cadet branches of the House Plantagenet, was a source of inspiration for GRRM. The one character in the books who was compated to Winter-fell, is of course Bran: The stone is strong, Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remainded, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I'm not dead either." In the Bran's Powers Reread Thread we did speak about the possible meanings of fell. @ravenous reader and @Wizz-The-Smith (that stupid tag doesn't want to work) refer actually to another thread by @Seams. (the Seams one I think). And during our discussion @ravenous reader and @Wizz-The-Smith said that "fell" also meant hill and that Winterfell is built on a hill (The builders had not even levelled the earth; there were hills and valleys behind the walls of Winterfell. There was a covered bridge that went from the fourth floor of the bell tower across to the second floor of the rookery) And the caste is of course compared to tree. So Brandon is derived from a place name which means hill covered with broom, a plant. And Winterfell is a place/a castle on a (hollow) hill resembling a tree. --- You have also Brynden Rivers - whose nickname is Bloodraven. You can say his name is some sort of bastard version of the name Brandon: the Riverlands adapted this (typical northern?) name to something more common to their dialect, ... Brynden is the son of a king. But because he is a bastard, he can never truly become completely a prince (=Brandon). Brynden Rivers lives in a hollow hill and sits on a throne of weirwood roots. (link to Wizz's post)
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