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    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    He IS the Song of Ice and Fire. He is also the Game of Thrones, King of the Iron Throne, Head Walker, Next Lord Commander and the Stallion that Mounts the World.
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    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Lockey Sigil: A pair of crossed keys under a chevron, all over a field of white. Motto: "Ever Resolute." Unofficial Motto: "Under Lock and Key" Location: Along the West Side of the Green Fork, far up North near Oldstones House Sword: Lockbreaker, a Valyrian Steel Longsword with a bronze pommel in the shape of a key. Sworn to: House Mallister The House Patriarch, Hoster the Locksmith, was a lowborn man who worked on fixing and breaking locks. When the Ironborn invaded the Riverlands, the Lord Mallister of Oldstones, also known as the Warden of Ironman's Bay, was captured in battle and being held captive by the Ironborn in his own castle. When the Lord's men came back to attempt to liberate him, a great battle raged outside the castle, and Hoster was approached to help sneak the Lord out, but his solar was locked by over a dozen locks. The locksmith was a master of his trade, and mere moments before the battle ended, the Lord Mallister was out of his solar and had returned to his men, who had lost the battle and been forced to retreat. He knighted Hoster on the spot, and the locksmith took the name Lockey for his family. The house continued the tradition of sons squiring for their fathers until King Aegon himself destroyed Harrenhal, and the Lord Tully bent the knee. Lord Mallister had insisted on being named Lord Paramount, though the honor went to Tully. Brandon Lockey, the head of the house at the time, manage to mediate for the Lord Mallister and the King's representative. Brandon Lockey was given a castle, called the Lockhold by Brandon, for his role in preventing his liege, as well as the other Riverlander lords contemplating rebellion, including Piper, Blackwood and Vypren from rebelling against Aegon, and slowing his conquest. Over the years, the Lockeys have been Masters-at-Arms for the Mallisters and on occasion, the Tullys. Their current alliances include marriage to a Frey by the current head of the house, Tristan Lockey, and his sister, Jeyne, married to a Lann in Lannisport. Their tenuous support of the Lannisters and Freys after the Red Wedding has kept them in good favor with the current regime, though they have no captives, and are regarded as a small wild card. Tristan isn't known for his charisma, though his younger brother and heir, Deremond, is eager to stir up rebellion against the current Lord Paramount...
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    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    While I do not per say love Jaime, he's still insufferable for much of the series, I will admit he's grown on me a bit. That and Stannis going from meh to One God, One Realm, One King! Stannis!"