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  1. Did I miss something but how did Melissandre know Gendry is Robert's bastard? Wasn't like a huge kept secret to everyone even Arya? She came in as if she knew he was there and what he looked like.
  2. You don't have to be ok with sexism But complaining that something in ASOIAF is sexist it's stupid to me. Of course it's gonna be sexist.
  3. Someone needs to tell HBO that we understood already that Loras is gay.
  4. If people are so bothered with sexism, they should just stay away from A Song of Ice and Fire.
  5. 5. I'm just not feeling the relationship between Jon and Yggrite. It's just blah to me. I think they're just doing that so when she dies it will be overly dramatic. Pretty much all scenes besides Tywin/QoT and LF/Varys scenes were boring.
  6. First season had a lot of great actors. Ned, Robert and Viserys. All great.
  7. I give it a 8 The sword fighting was splendid. really liked Robb's scenes and Karstark execution too. Jaime's confession was great. Charles Dance owning the scene as usual. Jon and Ygritte was alright. But I'm not really feeling their relationship like in the book. I only have a problem with Barristan and Jorah scene, being all BFFs and Barristan not knowing that Jorah was an informer to Varys.
  8. That was also weird to me But I noticed she is toning down her Anne Boleyn vibe, so that's a good thing
  9. Agree completely. I think this is the best episode of this season so far and one of the best in the series. Absolutely perfect. I was just waiting for Dany to start speaking valyrian and I orgasmed from then on. And finally not one single worthless scene in this episode either. 10!!!
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