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  1. I thought they did. Another poster said no because Littlefinger was conspiring against them, but I still think it violates guest right personally. Just an opinion, it could go either way. I might have missed something about how guest right works in the event of a guest plotting against their host. I certainly disapprove of them not giving him a trial, they clearly didn't learn about how to give a person a fair hearing, or that the person who passes the sentence must swing the sword from Ned. I guess they blew their wig budget on keeping Dany's wig perfect while riding dragons.
  2. Seriously though, was that Harry Lloyd playing Rhaegar or was it just his wig?
  3. I know, but it hasn't been said in so many words on the show, and we haven't seen the wedding before of course.
  4. Oh god, they really went with Aegon. What about his eldest son?!
  5. ...Did Sansa break guest right? I mean, he was a guest at Winterfell and shared their food and drink and didn't give him a trial.
  6. I really don't get why Cersei blames Tyrion for Tommen. That was strictly on her.
  7. I love Qyburn's reaction - fascination rather than fear or alarm.
  8. She should have just brought Drogon because now they all know she only has 2 dragons left.