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  1. I guess all that matters now is Sansa got to be queen like she always wanted. She Littlefingered her way to the top.
  2. Yes, I know. I was joking because the show seems to have forgotten about it and they’d all die.
  3. I always guessed Brienne would fill in Jaime’s Kingsguard page so I’m happy to see that come to fruition.
  4. Oh boy, I hope the butterflies aren’t deadly to the Unsullied.
  5. Not enough to convince me when stacked against his personality since he became the 3ER but I hope he does regain his humanity.
  6. Who better than an emotionless shell to rule?
  7. That feeling when Drogon shows more sorrow and grief than Dany when her other two children died.
  8. This should be interesting... the dissonant vocal piece is telling. I’m a bit behind some of you I think. She finally touched the iron throne though.
  9. Half of them apparently died yet they look about the same as they did before the battle against the Night King.
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