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  1. MarieAntoinette

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    This is one of the many reasons why I hate this leaked outline. It has the generic horror movie ending with the possibility for a cheesy sequel.
  2. MarieAntoinette

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I really hope those leaks are fake too. If they are real, and the books also end similarly I would be so disappointed.
  3. MarieAntoinette

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I liked this episode, i love how all those characters finally get together. I will miss olenna that shot of her looking down from highgarden made me really sad, at least she went out with a bang, dianna rigg did a fine job with that last conversation, kudos to her. I hate show jaime. Luckily there is some chemistry between kit and Emilia.
  4. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

    This episode combined both awesome and bad scenes. Yara's rescue attempt especially after her big speech was really awful. I did not mind the Craster's keep filler, but these added scenes were just extremely bad. Kudos to PD for his trial speech, he nailed it. I'm so excited for Tywin's death, I'm pretty sure that PD and CD last conversation is going to be a highlight of this season.
  5. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    I totally missed that! I like that they added this small scene.
  6. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Wow, I feel this episode went by really fast. First of all, Jack Gleeson did an awesome job bringing Joffrey to life throughout the seasons of GOT, he was in top form during his scenes at the wedding too, I'll miss him.The make-up department did a great job with his face, it looked quite gruesome. I was a bit underwhelmed by Cersei's display of grief, I thought she would be a little more expressive. Edit: I have just watched the preview for Episode 3, and that part with Cersei screaming is more like I expected that she would react. So maybe it was just postponed to the next episode. Things I loved: Loras and his reply to Jaime and him storming off at the wedding feast Oberyn and his exchange with Cersei and Tywin. Ellaria Sand looked great. The war of the five kings played out by the dwarfs. This was far better and more cruel than the book scence. Poor Sansa! I really felt for her when the Robb Stark dwarf lost his "head". The QoT shouting and her unconvincing "Help poor Joffrey", this made me chuckle The execution by fire made me very uncomfortable. I absolutely hate religious fanaticism, this scene was hard to watch. This is more a personal preference than a nitpick, but the actor playing Ramsay does nothing for me. I can't stand his voice and demeanor, and I don't like that he has a girl sidekick. I was impressed with the performance of Alfie Allen though and loved that we got to see Fat Walda.
  7. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I just watched the episode and it felt mostly like a filler and not a season finale. I liked Arya and the Hound a lot and also Sam and Gilly meeting with Bran and later with Maester Aemon. Robbwind was quite creepy, it looked better on the show than in the production still, I thought they did a good job. The rest was a bit underwhelming. Too bad that there was no real scene of Sansa reacting to the RW, that short glimpse was not enough. I liked the look that Brienne gave Jaime, but the reunion between him and Cersei was rushed. I did not care much for Jon and Ygritte or Tyrion and Cersei's scenes. The ending was cheesy, the writers probably thought that this come across as some epic finale moment but it just fell flat. I think that with the Mhysa - Mother connection not including LS in the last few seconds was a missed opportunity. Still despite my complaining overall I liked this season quite a lot, it was much better than season 2 to me. Looking forward to season 4.
  8. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I second that. The version they played was quite haunting and atmospheric. I have just rewatched the RW scene and this time it hit me harder this time because I was really tired when I watched the episode for the first time. I think they did a great job overall, i feel really sad now. Poor Catelyn, Michelle Fairley was superb. :crying:
  9. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I never cared for Talisa before, she was one of my least favourite changes that the show made from the books but in the last moments I did feel for her. It was horrifying to watch her get stabbed in the belly repeatedly. I hated the spy theory, and I'm glad that this did not turn out to be true. Of course I would have preferred if they would have handled the whole Cat/ Robb storyline differently from the beginning, but it is way too late for that anyway. I think this was the best possible ending for the Talisa character.
  10. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Overall I quite liked this episode. The scenes in Kings Landing were great, I liked that there were some humorous scenes to contrast with the tragedy of the Red Wedding next week. I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of show Daario as I did not care for this characters in the book at all. Also I really loved the scene between Stannis and Davos, I'm glad that they got some more screentime together. Lack of Theon was a good thing to me, I'm tired of the torture scenes anyway. I'm disappointed that Robb and Cat were absent I felt that they were featured way too little this season, that especially goes for Cat.
  11. MarieAntoinette

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    I really liked this episode. Above everything else I loved Dany and the interaction between Varys and the Queen of Thornes. I think show Margaery is much more interesting than her book counterpart, Natalie Dormer is great. Based on Bran's dream I think that Michelle will make an awesome Lady Stoneheart, I'm looking forward to that.