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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I've always found your reading of Stannis to be somewhat simplistic, honestly. Reducing Stannis and Melisandre to a dull Faustian narrative contradicts her POV and much of the character development we encounter throughout books 2-5. Fact is, book or show, this is just terrible story telling no matter how you try to spin it. Viewers needed someone to root for in this upcoming battle, and villanizing Stannis in this way actually effectively strips the tension from the conflict utterly. It feels like last years Superbowl now. Just two evil megapowers fighting one another with the audience left uncapitivated by virtue of the fact that neither outcome will have any emotional weight. In fact, I'd go as far to say that Roose, (not including Ramsay) is the lesser of these two evils at this point. Considering the circumstances of where we are in the books and direct quotes from Stannis (from the Justin Massey dialogue), it actually seems physically impossible, (as well as stupid), that he'd sacrifice her. He certainly doesn't sacrifice her in THIS manner, and I feel completely betrayed by the showrunners. George has stated that characters who are still alive in the books die in this season by the bundle, and I think it's far more likely that this is the case with this scene, especially if one cares to analyze the text. If I sound bitter and butthurt, it's because I am. I've been reading this series longer than most, and been a huge proponent of the television adaptation up until this season. Even with the way they tried to humanize Stannis I found myself critiquing the awful writing. Now that they've completely ruined another wonderful storyline, I'm happy to say I'm done. If my guess is wrong, and Stannis does this anyway in Winds, fine. But I wouldn't bet on it.
  2. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    Well the dialogue was bloody good at least. The Mance/Stannis affair was a whole new level of stupid though. Not because it spoils the end game, but because it makes absolutely no fucking sense.
  3. In dialogue of MG: suggested edit-the Goddess (turned) use (abandoned) as a stronger verb.----In later Owen para-change (waters) to (tides)if wanting to use that description----Halfway through Owen speaks- Use New Para for MG's "fist smashed"---With brake of scene lead off w/ name not pronoun(him)-- It seemed well established to start a world and story, Kudos. ---Note these messages are backwards because every time I it enter it posts.---Please, it or when you get this could you r...

  4. I liked the potion concept of creating a new soul, although it looks like you aren't using it. My ? is how do they know the engeneering results w/out experimentation. Using that posion (storyline) you can go w/ the concept tha tit turns the users into just a soul-timeless but not existant to the world of flesh, or a soul to a seperate/parallel universe-perhaps the Undying sphere- my imaginative thought from the early text.

  5. I read the prologue you had a link to, and her are my suggestions/thoughts. My initial responce is noticing/editing redundacies. For Ex: Para1 combine sentence 2&3. The decaying rays cast sullen shadows of cruel, unforgiving silouettes through the arched windows, marrying...as is---Para 2 Delet "In his arms" -it's understood by carried. Owen carried a bound scroll, faded and stained with age from teh years men....as is.

  6. Hello, this is responce to your Borders pot from April, every time I try to use a quote from someone it doesn't come up/work.

  7. Thelastactionhero

    How would you rate episode 410?

    God, since 7 seasons is still the plan, can we even imagine one season for Feast and Dance, one season for Winds, and one season for a Dream of Spring? I'm more concerned than ever now. 8 seasons I think they could do it, but 7?
  8. Thelastactionhero

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Again sj4iy, you never answer the primary concerns book readers have with the direction of the series. It's less about omitting particular lines and very minor subplots and rather that they've chosen to create unnecessary filler and original scenes that are actually alerting the primary narrative in a way that places the show in jepordy of going so far off the rails that it no longer bears resemblance to the source material. For instance, having Bronn take over Ilyn Payne's role as Jaime's sparring partner was a very understandable and successful change. Even the the Brienne-Hound fight can be understood, as it likely won't throw either character arc too far off course from where they need to go. What we're concerned about are unsettling things like Jaime possibly going to Dorne, the Greyjoy brothers being cut, Lady Stoneheart being cut, Varys going east with Tyrion, (taking over the role of Ilyrio I assume?) The time spent with made up subplots like Missandei and Greyworm could have been better spent fleshing out characters they've neglected using actual material from the novels. While the show might not be fanfiction, I don't see why you're so blind to legitimate criticisms of the work and our concerns over where the television show is taking the series. The butterfly effect that the author himself is concerned about should be a concern to you as well, and yet you continually act like bookreaders are just butthurt that our favorite lines are cut. (Not that these aren't somewhat legitimate, as many lines would have complimented much of their admittedly excellent dialogue)
  9. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Unless you expect them to give Stannis a good twenty minutes of screen time, there was no point in splitting this into another episode. He'll get five minutes at most, and if we account for the Mance treaty, maybe trim some fat off of the Sam-Gilly scenes, than there was more than enough time in order to complete the entire Wall sequence and give the audience a satisfying narrative conclusion that doesn't end with a cliff hanger. I like a lot of things in the episode, but there are valid reasons to be disappointed with Stannis' charge being omitted, because it CAN'T have the same emotional impact anymore due to the gap between episodes. With all the liberties the show runners have taken, I don't understand why depriving us of our "Red Dawn of the Rohirrim" moment makes sense, when it really could have added so much to an otherwise fantastic episode. I'm not even so much worried about it being overshadowed by the Tyrion-Tywin stuff as I am annoyed that were no longer in the heat of battle, and thus its thematic power has been severely limited.
  10. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Okay so I sobered up and gave the episode a rewatch. While I am incredibly sceptical of the decision to cut Mance and Stannis from this episode, I do think that the Battle of Castle Black was definitely one of the high points this season. I think that there was way too much time spent on Sam and Gilly's relationship, but overall, they really managed to pull on a lot of emotional heart strings with various character interactions and suprising casaulties. Alliser Thorne in particular stole the show for me. We didn't get the heroic death many of us were expecting, but we did get a really interesting development in Jon and Alliser's relationship, and I enjoyed their dynamic immensely in this episode. I realize that some people are going overboard about Stannis being absent, but I don't think that this criticism should be entirely ignored on the basis of that. In terms of a narrative arc, ending this episode with a cliff hanger instead of giving it a satisfying conclusion makes the sequence feel somewhat incomplete. There was more than enough time to allocate towards Mance and Jon before having Stannis make his charge, especially given the length of the finale. Seeing as the show deviates from the narrative in ways that are far more substantial, I don't see why giving Stannis his "Red Dawn of the Rohirrim" moment last night would have been a bad move, even if he does arrive days after the initial skirmish at Castle Black. There's still a chance to make Stannis' scene satisfying, and I really did enjoy the episode for the most part, but I guess I just would have preferred to have had all of the Night's Watch scenes resolved in this episode, rather than leave everything so congested in the finale.
  11. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Now you're catching on! I for one am voting that Gregor wrote the Pink Letter, before singlehandedly winning the Battle on the Ice against the Freys, in addition to rescuing Jeyne Poole. But the question becomes, how can Gregor's redemption arc appear on the show without his interactions with Tormund, Alliser, Gilly, and Jon Snow? Also, based on DnD's poor interpretation of the text we might never get quotes such as: "I had the cart before the horse," the Mountain said. "I was trying to win the throne to save the Kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the Kingdom to win the Throne." This quote definitely ties in with the idea that Gregor is a secret Targ, and I'm wondering if maybe him and Dany might even join forces come A Dream of Spring? We'll have to see though, because I for one am disgusted by this complete disrespect regarding his agency, autonomy, self-independence, and nuance in the show.
  12. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    I don't normally spoil stuff for Unsullied viewers, since you're clearly behind on the books, but after Ser Gregor gouges out Ser Oberyn's eyes and crushes his skull he seeks redemption for his life of savagery by saving the Night's Watch at Castle Black. After nearly single handedly defeating all of Mance's wildingling troops, (minus the Weeper's faction) he seeks to rescue Arya from Ramsay and defeat the Bolton army at Winterfell. Him and Jon Snow develop a tense, but heartfelt bromance, that leads to Gregor gaining the respect and loyalty of the Northern Mountain clans, (fitting no?) before marching against Roose and Ramsay. I haven't seen how it plays out in Winds of Winter, but I just haven't really figured out how the Mountain is going to become "The Mountain who Cared", due to his abscence this episode.
  13. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    I'm hoping it's confirmed for a deleted scene on the bluray boxset. Gregor has a deep impact on Tormund's later character development and I'd be pretty upset if they didn't have their bromance before Gregor heads off towards Wintefell to defeat the Boltons.
  14. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Me too dude. I was just a little put off by Ser Gregor not saving Alliser and putting Tormund in the brig like he does towards the end of SoS. I am hoping we might get some mention of Gregor healing Alliser from his wounds in episode 10 though, before he treats with Mance.
  15. Thelastactionhero

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    "I have a duty, to Ros, to the realm, to my brother Sandor, though he loved me little."