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  1. OK, I'm coming to this series as someone who read and LOVED the book, but this time I opted for not obsessing over detail and just see if it catches the spirit of what the book was saying to me originally. I'm gonna list a few things I liked and a few I disliked: Likes: *The fleshing out of the Hendrix/Poe and Vernon Elliott -characters. *Laurens "Look at my clone dick and despair" Bancroft! Purefoy is an even better Bancroft than the leering tower dweller degenerate I had in my mind from the book! *Wei-Clinic. They did the scene from the book justice, I dont mind the missing Sharyan interrogators since they dropped that backstory anyway. *Quell. Even though she seems a little like her storyline is an abortion from one of the Matrix-movies, I think it was a smart thing to combine her and Virginia Vidaura into one, and make her the "Sarah" of season 2? Are they going Mimints or Martians? *Mohawked Cops. *The bridge being a shanty town slum. Gibson, anyone? Dislikes: *Too many flashy fight scenes. I miss the brutal explosion of violence Morgan managed in the books, the "skip a page and everybody is dead"-thing. *No mf:ing Trepp *Fu Manchu the zealot Assassin. Boring Bond Villain with a crazy weapon. *Reileen being Kovacs sister. She wasn't scary for even one second, whereas Kawahara had the air of a true stone cold Meth bitch. Also not being the water carrier in Fission City. *Still no MF:ing Trepp-?! *Ortegas family. I get that they needed them as catholics opposed to Ortegas views, but they felt kind of useless and stereotypical. *Wei Clinic Aftermath: So Kovacs Kills a whole house full of doctors and guards and there is no form of repercussions? I liked that Kristin in the books was taken aback at Kovacs' savagery, since Kovacs is a "real life" action hero, in a world where if you kill "the Bad Guys" it is still called murder. I might return with more ramblings after a rewatch. I give it a solid "Pretty cool but the book is WAAAY better"-stamp of approval.
  2. If that is the case, Hirst needn't ever complain about fantasy or claim any historical basis for his show ever again IMO. Harald Fairhair, or Harald Hårfagre, was a mortal enemy of Egil Skallagrimssons father, Skalla-Grimr. Furthermore, Egil Skallagrimsson went on to fight on the side of Athelstan in the battle of Brunanhburh. The only reasonable plot is if Egil is there to... kill Fairhair? It's still a mess, sort of like catering to modern feminist sentiment by interjecting an outspoken adulturess, or a chinese woman with strange drugs turning the head of Ragnar. Surely THAT could never happen?
  3. There is ONE thing I really didn't like: Why would Aella kill Ragnar somewhere in a forest as opposed to where his people could witness it? The setting was definately underwhelming, but I had a real fist-pump moment when Ragnar went into his Valhalla speech. I hope he gets the best parts of Särimner... (google it!) Am I the only one who think the one-eyed guy at the end has something to do with Odin?
  4. Swagwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I voted nine, Because I hate fuckin tens.
  5. Best one this season, liked Blackwater better though so I gave it an 8. *Queen of Thorns is so great! I cared very little for her in the books but the actress really makes her come alive, her and Varys' scene was incredible to watch. *When Ramsay dropped his pious mask to show his true face I thought "finally, Here´s Ramsay!" .*I really liked the BwB part, especially Beric vs Sandor. *Crasters Keep was... OK I guess, it did what it was supposed to do... *Jaime and Brienne... Good conversation between them, but I'm really not feeling the re-imagined Mummers, they seem pretty dull compared to the excellence that the original had to me, I'm not asking them to tame Zebras for them to ride but they could have at least got some of the dothraki costumes put on one or two of them to make them a little more exotic... *Epic ending, but am I the only one who feels Astapor seems kinda empty and heavy on the CGI? It's like they killed five guys and then everybody was free, why wouldn't the slaves rebel if it was just as easy as 123? (gonna watch it again today but those are my initial feelings about this episode)