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  1. You're wasting your time, this thread is mainly a wasteland of "should haves" and "could haves".
  2. He shot a second arrow, but missed. Crossbows need a very long time to recharge!
  3. Maybe they will show Robb and Edmure being cheerful with all northen lords who are at the wedding; make it look like they feel warm and surrounded by friends. And then BAM! Everyone dies. This is the first time i rant about something, but I realized that, as many have been saying for ages, Tyrion has been enormously whitewashed. I infered from Margaery's lines that they want us to think that he actually IS a good match. I really hope next week he will, I don't know, get drunk and act abominably. I really can't stand the idea of people thinking he is a white, perfect knight.
  4. Oh, I see. That sounds silly. But am I wrong, or people in the show have alway stated that the last dragon died 300 years earlier? Maybe they changed the whole thing for unknown reasons?
  5. There was an error? What was it? I totally missed it!
  6. But that would EXACTLY be the element that cements Roose and Ramsay into people's minds, to me.
  7. Fine then. But I think Ramsay's reveal could work very well on screen, expecially if done in episode 9.
  8. Theon is being broken, week after week; don't you want his character to be developed? This is the only possible way. He couldn't openly speak with anyone about the things Ramsay did to him, in aDwD. How are viewers supposed to know what turned him into Reek? So, either they showed it, or dropped it. Would you have prefered the latter?
  9. I couldn't agree less, but hey, does it matter? You have every right to feel that way.
  10. Well, they did that, didn't they? Only they didn't want to convey what others wanted them to convey!
  11. I agree, although maybe the two conversations took place in different "emotional situations"; feeling awkward with the girl you've just been told will be your wife, whom you've barely ever spoken with, whom you don't like (since you're gay) could be acceptable, at the beginning. But I think he managed to show proper manners, after that first moment of awkwardness.
  12. Well, we've seen how huge the northerm army was in episode 3x01 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZyaWpLT-5U, at 0.24), and then the whole army marching toward Riverrun in episode 3x03 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Quhibyri_AU, at 2.05). The latter even lead to a mass complaint on these boards, since the idea of moving the entire army to Riverrun because of Hoster's funeral made Robb look like a noob. So, I think the idea that the entire northen army is in Riverrun has been well established. And yes, I don't think any war council has been shown, as far as season 3 is concerned.
  13. And let's give 10 minutes of screen time each to develop their personalities, since there's a 100% chance each one of them is someone's favourite minor character.
  14. Yes, I can already picture them: "Hey Dan, we should really explain who's in the northen army." "Nah, I don't feel like it. Let's go get a suntan instead!" "All right!". Come on.
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