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  1. the_one_who_was_promised

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I haven't seen this guy's work but his credentials look quite impressive. So this leaves Magnar and Mace Tyrell - some pretty impressive names seem to have been linked with the latter including Brian Cox and Jim Broadbent. Although I could picture Cox as Tyrell, I can honestly say that I think that they might both be just a bit too high profile for GoT and sources have indicated that they might have scheduling conflicts in any case. Personally, I would love to see Dominic West (The Wire) or James Frain (True Blood) get either one of these roles but we'll see.
  2. the_one_who_was_promised

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Woop!! - Pardon my immature response but there had been online rumours that LS was being written out of the show completely, or was being replaced with Talisa as the undead matriach seeking retaliation on the Starks' behalf - although it was never explained how, or if, that was going to work. So, really happy that we will be seeing LS next season after all - also it will be very interesting to see who will be cast in the respective roles of Oberyn, Mace, and Magnar. Roll on season 4! :)
  3. the_one_who_was_promised

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I'm in agreement. There seem to be heavy hints being dropped as to Shae and Tyrion's future, but from where I can gather of where this plot is going, I can honestly say that I cannot see Tyrion intentionally killing Shae. I mean, I could be wrong, but I think that he will somehow kill her by accident whilst perhaps taking a pot shot at his Dad, spare her completely, be deceived into believing that he has killed her or witness Tywin killing her and then murder him in retaliation - honestly, the latter is looking more probable to me atm. GRRM has stated that a major change is set to be made to the TV version which might upset book readers (although I concur that this might apply to a near multitude of changes which have already taken place), but really, at this point in time, I cannot see Tyrion murdering Shae - although the same cannot be said for Tywin.
  4. the_one_who_was_promised

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I agree with you. I was quite disappointed with it if I'm completely honest and felt that ending with Daenerys' victory and her ensuing adulation was not nearly epic enough for a season finale. Also, I know it's been said here a thousand times or more and there are probably many people sick of hearing it, but I still feel that the season would have ended much more strongly if it had done so with the resurrection of Catelyn as Lady Stoneheart. The Starks have a huge fanbase within GoT and an opportunity to show that Catelyn still remained in the game to seek revenge on behalf of her family was missed - IMO to the episode's detriment. The finale felt slightly underwhelming to me after the shock and disappointment of episode 9. I can only guess that the producers may have figured out that the book readers were expecting this finale so sought to surprise us - but I don't think that is always the best approach to take. I was also surprised that the assault on Castle Black was not shown and judging by Jon and Ygritte's parting scene, I'm beginning to think that this may now be the end of the Wildlings as far as the TV show goes.