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  1. Faydra

    Question regarding Mad King !!

    Yes, the male Blackfyre line was extinguished. I personally subscribe to this theory which sees possibility of Aegon being Illyrio and Serra's son (and Serra a Blackfyre).
  2. Faydra

    Question regarding Mad King !!

    I assumed his plans concerned Griff's (Targ) parent at the time.
  3. Faydra

    Question regarding Mad King !!

    Just like with Cersei, I believe that Varys feed him reasons to be paranoid to clear the path for prince Aegon (Blackfyre). The genetic factor helped too.
  4. Faydra

    Of all the Targaryen names...

    Yep, no doubt in Rhae's mind he is.
  5. RB caused Robert's realm to be in debt due to overpriced raisins and wine.
  6. Faydra

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    He'd be good only with a 180 degree personality twist in adulthood.
  7. Faydra

    Robb Stark is better ruler than Jon and Dany

    Judging in terms of personal sacrifice Dany married and Jon remained unmarried in accordance with their interests. Robb did what young people do.
  8. Faydra

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Where is Tysha? Nowhere in the next books 2. Who is Mystery Knight of Harrenhall (Laughing tree)? Lyanna 3. Who is the Harpy? Green Grace and allies 4. Who is Jon's mother? Lyanna 5. Real identity of Aegon VI? Random Blackfyre descendant 6. Who killed Little Walder Frey? I have no opinion on the matter 7. Who wrote Pink Letter? Stannis 8. Who is Coldhands? Random Crow, maybe a friend of Benjen 9. Who is Hooded man of Winterfell? One of the women sent by Mance 10. Who is Azor Ahai? Dany, Jon being the prince that was promised
  9. Totally agree with the last part. He's main purpose is to cause trouble.
  10. When I read the books I was quite young and felt annoyed by Sansa's shallowness, properness and willingness to pelase in order to get a decent life with her princy prince. I acted juuuust like her when I had a crush in the years that followed.
  11. Faydra

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    I think beauty is about bearing, which is something that she polishes when she's telling herself she's stormborn, blood of the dragon and similar things. Lyanna pulled off her long face to the point of seducing the crown prince, the Hound has tons of fangirls, list goes on.
  12. Faydra

    Who's on Lady Stoneheart's list?

    Yet another Catelyn hate thread. "Boys (indiscriminately)" betrayed it.
  13. Faydra

    Would you rather?

    I'll take the land and title. No other, but the egg could be stolen from me easily, and if by any miracle it hatches I'd have no way to grow it as a commoner. (Lol, I feel asleep on the keyboard) Yeen, never been to a delta before WYR be a good-looking sellsword or a fat free-cities merchant?
  14. I also think that the "gardening approach" is to blame. It would have been easier to have a clear outline from start to end.
  15. I received a link from someone saying that it'll explain the beetles dialogue. Dear Lord.