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  1. Amen, Hodor! I think Ramin's score went a loooooong way to making the 30-min action sequence so tense and exciting!
  2. Regardless of how short it was, and the fact that Stan didn't make it in :(, I thought it was a beautifully shot episode! Fantastic all around! Complaints are mostly that it was too short...a sign of a great episode, yeah?
  3. Ok, first time voting! I went with 9/10. Basically, it took me until now to decide how much I liked the episode, and I think that this is why, if for no other reason, the episode (and whole show) are so good. Art is supposed to be controversial, it is supposed to evoke emotions, debate, etc., no? I give a full 8 of those points for the execution (heh) of the duel. I had faith it would be done à la book canon, and I was satisfied. The other point comes from throwing a curveball to us book walkers. There has been complaining about some (non-book) scenes, but don't we as readers feel like we "know the material better" because characters are fleshed out, there is backstory, etc.? Well, the show is doing that, now. Differently. But that is exciting, too, I think. I do not apply any of the changes as made on the show to what GRRM is writing, because I believe that all doubt as to whether these are two separate stories has now been removed. Both are vectors for the same overall story, but the 'how' will be different, I believe. The end game for each (major) character might not be different, but that is only a small part of a 70-hour story. So, for all the (non-rape-related) debate this episode has stirred up, 9 points! ETA: loss of one point for no Tyrion vomit. Woulda been too funny to have that in :/
  4. I really enjoyed the 'Jorah was our spy' shout out. Betrayal happening in 3-2-1....
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