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  1. Judging by the comments here it looks like small percentage of people even like the show. I know that you obsess over books, but if they would have done everything by the book it would have been such a drag, even bigger. Imagine that Tyrion still didnt come to Dany, and Dany had not reach the Dhotraki or that Stanis is still alive, and Jon Snow is dead, and Sansa is still in Eyrie, and lots and lots. I mean how do you think all that can fit 55 min. of weekly show. It would have been sooooooooo boring. I understand your frustration, that for the first time now you dont know what to expect. I know you didnt like the Tower of joy cause it didnt prove all accepted fun theory. And that your theories are not coming true, after all these years. And now you want it done in three episodes. Come on!! I feel you. I understand. But saying it is boring and it is dragging is offensive. They are playing chess on the worlds board. Chess can go on for hours, even days and months, until u have the right move. And as far as I am concern they are doing great job. Pace is not slow, everything is coming together. Some things I like some I dont, some I love. Take it easy, cheers! OH PS I am giving it 9. Just because I think that they killed Shaggydog. My husband thinks that the Umbers are on Starks side and that is just a big wolf. But I say why give him real Rickon then, he can kill him in a second, why risk it? I dont know, I want to believe that Rickon is gonna survive that but I am afraid. Oh and the Tower of Joy was amazing. Ned is human after all. I am so happy for that. Seeing sir Arthur Dayne kickass like that was amazing. I am betting now that Robert did not kill Rhaegar that easy too like he says he must have done something not honorable too. Come on! The Kings Guard at that time was invincible, and Rhaegar had won the Harrenhal. I am so waiting for more visions of the past. And they proved that history is written by the winners. So everything you knew maybe is not true. Cool! Cheers
  2. ma_liky

    [No Spoilers] EP602 Discussion

    Hi to all!! I see everybody is off somewhere else. I am not a book reader so I will put my thoughts and predictions here. I guess we are all now in the same bucket, but still. I didnt want to talk about the show before I saw couple of episodes, so I have some kind of idea and thoughts about what I like, what I dont like and where I think it might be going. So we are counting three down seven more to go. After this three episodes I have little clearer picture of what is going on and what (I think) will happen. Still missing some pieces... but that will come. So where to start...hm... HE IS ALIVE!! JON IS ALIVE!! YESSS!! I have jumped, danced and sang about it. Even if I was so certain that he will be back, by the end of a second episode I was saying my goodbyes. When Mell said "Please", in my mind I was screaming "please, please, please". Almost praying. And when he opened his eyes in the last second and took a breath. I was as surprised and happy as everyone else. Afterwards I was thinking it was Easter Sunday (Monday when I am watching it), but non the less we celebrated Eater. Connection... So now that he is alive, after the initial shock, lets talk about Jon. Personally I think that his resurrection was perfect. No fire, no dreams, no visions, no Bran just a ritual and a belief (our). I will not go in to it right now cause it is a different story, but for me this was a conformation that he is NOT Rhaegars son, he is not a Dragon, he is a Direwolf and I am glad. I know most (maybe all now) do not agree with me but I dont really care, I do but I dont. For me he is a STARK no matter what. So... there is nothing after death according to Jon, and this cognition changes him. I thought (I wanted) that he will stay the same, beautiful pure Jon, but knowing that you can be murdered by those whom you call your brothers is irreversible, I thought that he might forgive them... but no, he has changed. The boy is killed and the man is born. And this man now knows that he is not Lord Commander, he is Jon Stark and he knows Winter is Coming. He didnt leave when his father was killed, he didnt leave when his brother was killed, he is gone now. F*** the Night Watch, f*** your oath, the only reason that Night Watch was there at all is to first stand the Watch for the long night and the Whit Walkers. Jon had seen them, saw what they can do, wanted to save all the living for the upcoming war, but they killed him. F*** you! Die Olly! His watch has ended but his war is just beginning. I think he will meet Sansa before he leaves. And that he will receive the letter from Ramsy, stating he is Lord of Winterfell now and that he has his brother. I think that Sansa will tell him every thing that had happened, and I will cry in that moment. So my predictions is that Jon will go with Tormund and the wildlings towards Witerfell. Sansa will go with Davos trying to find the Northern Hoses who will back them up. And Briane will go to Riverlands to help the Tullies. I think Mel will go with Jon, he need her or she needs him. So next... Brans visions. Love them so! I like how Bran is learning "everything". He needs to learn Everything before he can leave the f****** tree, bring it on. But faster please!! Three episodes and we had only two visions, it is little. I know it was to much asking for the whole Tower of Joy but hell, I wanted more. Give me more!! Ok, obviously I do not like that we have so little Brans visions. But I will wait (these are the pieces I am missing but hell they wont give us everything at the beginning). I loved seeing badass Kingsguard Sir Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning, killing one by one. That was so easy for him. I would have been afraid for Ned but I knew he is going to survive. Killing Arthur Dayne like that was blasphemy, you had to live with that Ned. I love how they showed Brans disappointment. He is better then my father. Much better. Yea!! But he has heard this story thousand times, and he knows his father had beaten him. Did he? Love that!! Perfect! Ned is human as every one else. Things that happened inside of Tower of Joy had changed him forever. I can not wait to see it! Like Bran! Who is there?! And we go to ... Dany... Oh Dany. My first thought when I saw the great Dothraki city was OMG it will be easy for Drogon to burn you all. On a plate, in one stroke. Easy! But maybe there is something more that will happen here. I think Dany too needs a lesson or two. I actually liked the scene when the "first" widow (I do not know her name) told her, you are no better then us. Dany starts always with I am Daenerys bla bla bla, no you are not. You were one of us, we saw you become one of us, you ate the horse hart, you wanted your Khal to conquer the world with you by his side, but he didnt. We all wanted our Khals to conquer the world, but they didnt. Dany needs to learn how to lead and conquer. She needs to show the Dothraki people that she is their leader, they have to follow her but not be afraid of her or her dragon. She needs to be strong. And when she shows them she is strong they will follow her. Then Drogon can come and burn that place to the ground. Cant wait to see how it play out. If only Daario and Jorah come and save her, and Drogon comes and burns them it would be stupid, she didnt learn anything. So I think that she needs to show strength and power, no fear and learn some politics. Varys... I love him. I think this was the first time we saw him do his business (correct me if I am wrong). He is smart, no doubt about it, he knows what to say, when to say it. Information is Power. I love how he plays the game. He knows! He is so good! Once he has you, he has you always. So he goes to tell Tyrion. Love how Tyrion is trying to be funny with Grey Worm and Misandei, but they do not get it. Priceless! I liked the way they showed that Tyrion and Varys have a great roll to play with Dany. She had no advisors on politics. I mean Grey Worm would just go and fight, but who will stay to protect Meereen. Douh! And Misandei would just like to tell them to F*** them selfs. Ok we can do that, that would be nice, but we have to talk first. We are not staying here for long, just waiting for Dany to come back and we are off to Westeros, so lets try and buy some time. Talk a bit, see what they want, maybe we can give them something. And before we leave we burn the place up, we have two Dragons. Go Tyrion!!! Cersi! You would think that after so many lessons she would learn something. NO! She is back to her old crazy self! Stop worrying about what people think about you, they hate you and they are laughing at you, get used to it. And try a little harder to teach your son not to trust the High Sparrow. Come on! That was stupid! I think that even Qyburn looked at her like REALLY when she said I want to know everything, and everyone who is laughing at their queen. You are not a queen! Loved when Olenna Tyrell told her. You are not married to the king, I know it is confusing for your family. Funny! Margaery is the Queen! She wants to take the power back. But she will not. And I hate Jamie when he is around her. I do not like him from the beginning but around her I hate him. Like a little puppy! And Tommen, sweet little innocent baby. I am so sorry that she is his mother. I am so sorry that he will die, I still do not know how. Maybe Cersi kills him, because she doesnt want Margaery to be queen. And Jamie than kills her. I dont know but shit will happen in Kings Landing that is for sure. I think Margaery will confess and take the Faith, just so she can get rid of Cersi but it will backfire some how. Wait and see. Arya... YESSS! She is not blind anymore. I loved every second of Arya scene, every. She really became No One. I am happy and sad at the same time. Loved how she remembered her life, this is who she was and what she had. And now she is noone! I am happy that she became what she wanted, but I am sad that she has a price to pay. She will no longer be Arya Stark. She has the list of three names, and I am betting all my money that she will kill them (dont know for Cersi dough) by her self. She had become noone and her first mission is to kill all of the people from Aryas list. This is how you honor Arya. Well make it count. So these are the people that will die Cersi, Mountain and Wolder Frey. I think Walder Frey will be the first to go. And I cant wait. And for the end Ramsy. Psycho!!! Have you seen his eyes at the end of that scene! I cant even imagine what is he thinking. Why did they bring Rickonn to Ramsy? Now I hate the Umbers and the Karstarks. And they killed Shaggydog. Bastards! OMG Jon can not come quicker and go kill them one by one. Ok. Thats it for now. I think I went a little crazy there but I had to get it out of my sistem. Cheers!!!
  3. ma_liky

    [No Spoilers] EP410 Discussion

    So to the episode/finale and the story of The Game of Thrones. I think this was the best episod this season. We have children rebelion from all. Every scene was great, and the developmant in the story. The movemant of the story was one step up. Awsome! I can not pick one to start from all were good. But to start with Jon first. Jon - I do not think he came just to kill Mance first, he came to talk to him first and if that doesent work kill him. Inerupted by Stannis, he had to play along for the peace because the north must not lose a man by mans hand. The Winter is coming. They need as much as posible man to hold the wall against the White Walkers. Man have seen enough blood. By the sound of this I think that in the naxt season we will see The North much, to hold the wall Jon will have to have the hole North at his side, he will have to take over The Winterfall. Fight with Boltons. Good! Arya - Loved the developmant in her story. The chance of freedom sounds so sweet. Arya took a chance to take control of her life. Loved how it took play. Brienn came to Aryas rescue, how epic. Aryas mother had sent Brienn to find and help her daughters and she did. She had found and set Arya free. I loved the fight between Brienn and the Hound. And I loved that Brienn won. Maybe Hound did came to like Arya at the end, I think thats why she didnt want to end him. I think Arya will be just fine, she had learnd to take care of herself and defend herself. Go Arya! I think next season we will se Arya little less. But what we see is growt of her. Brenn - His story is the most mystery to me. I do not know what to say of it right now. I guess we will have to see developmant in this line next season a lot. Cerasi - In one point I guess I felt sorry for her. And I think brave in some curcumstance. Standing up to Tywin The Lion like that, good for you Cerasi, but what good is it. what will hapen of her now. What kind of Queen would she be now, Evil Queen. Now that Tywin is gone, she will rule. I see her downfall naxt season, it will be awsome. The Hous of Lannister is fallen hard. Jamie - The only child whom Tywin loved the most has betrayed him so hard. He had saved Tyrion and for that he gets absolution. He is back to zero in my eyes. we'll se next season where he goes. Tyrion - Awsome! the moments that changes you life. Tyrion saw the opportunity to confront his father one last time and he took it. But what does he find! Shae in Tywins bed! The lieing bitch! She grabs the knife, she wants to kill him. I realy hated her in that moment. What love can do to you. Finding Tywin was the great dessission. Be free from the Son of a Bi***. Manipulative busterd. Trying to get out of it by giving Tyrion a fals Fatherly Love and promisses. Arow for you. Still trying to put down Tyrion. Arow for you. Bay, bay! Good for Tyrion. But in the last scene Varys was worried, you could see it crearly. But why? He understund what Tyrion had done. Tywin is gone. What is his next move, he didnt plan for this. Littelfinger came first to Varys in this round. What happenes to Tyrion is to be seen. Dany - Oh Dany! I think Dany is on the greatest Life Test. Are you the Queen everybody awaits? Well she needs to pass this test. For me, in this episode she was not the child she was the parent. You have to punish your children for misbehaving. That story of the peasent was moving, and as a parent who has children you completly identify with him. But as the mother who had lost a child, how would you punish the guilty? When she decided to chain them and leave them there for their punishmant was the most movieng moment for me. A+ for the scene and acting. If she wants to become the Leader, The Queen she has to learn how to rule. And I think she is doing great. We will see Dany a lot next season I hope.
  4. ma_liky

    [No Spoilers] EP410 Discussion

    I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but ... This is no spoiler therad. I am not a reader And I do not know what you are talking about. So if you want to express your feelings about what did not happen please do so in a Book Spoiler Thread. People here do not want to know what didnt happen, we want to disscuse what did happen and what would perhaps happen, what we think will happen in the story of Game of Thrones.
  5. I think Jorah will stay somewhere close to Meereen. He loves Dany he will try to stay close. I think first he will get drunk and cry about losing Dany but than trying to get back to her what ever the price. ;) this is what I would do. I feel sorry for him, it was too harsh on him he didnt deserve it. He was indeed loyal to her and truly loves her. But this is why he should have been honest with her, if he had told her at the beggining and admited himself I think she would have forgiven him, but finding out like this how can she trust him again. I realy hope Tyrion will somehow manage to escape, and I think if some one is to help him it is Jamie. In my eyes Jamie will get some plus points for this. :) Well I am confused about what happens with Arya and the Hound, maybe he will try to randsome her to Jon now at the wall and join the NW. I dont think they will find Sansa, because no one knows that Sansa is Sansa they think she is Littlefingers niece, some Lords do but non who is able to tell Arya. So they will have to do something else. Maybe Arya escapes or he lets her go. I am interestid to se how it plays out.
  6. I have to say that I am very interested about the story and history of GOT, so I managed to read something that had happened before the beggining of the story, staying out of spoilers of what is going to happen in the future. I explored the maps and the houses history, some "creatures" and some people who and what somethings are and how they managed to be where they are. I dont know if all of that is written in the books but it gave a depth to the story and my knowlage of matters in GOT. And I have to admit that that made me more interested and amaized how big and detailed is the world of GOT. I can understand why you didnt like the episode, we all have ours preferences in the show and want to see our favourite characters develop quickly and their stories in every episode. But this is why this show is great because it has so many characters and stories and everyone is given enough time. I loved this episode because GOT can allow themselfs to have a whole episode about no story movent, or is it? I dont aggree with you about almost everything. The whole episode I thought she would kill Jon I thought this to the point before she dies. She hesitated it is well seen, doesnt matter who killed her. She couldnt kill Jon. I understand that all have their favourite characters but saying that Jon should be dead I dont understand. I would also like to hear why. I think Jon is one of rare who is honest and true. He is loyal and in somewhat naive, but that gives him innocence and honor. He is one of the characters that is uncorrupted and actualy good. He is still to grow in seasons to come. His goodnes should be nurtured. I think that there are 100.000 wildings, but why put them all in the first battel. The war is still to come. It is the question of who will come to aid the NW. And the fact that White Walkers are close and the wildings are running away from them too. So even alliance is probable. The real enemy are White walkers and how to stop them is true challenge.
  7. Me too. I like Tyrion, he is one of my favourite. I think he will escape somehow. I think Varys and Jamie will help him, well they should. Do you think we will get some big character death at the finale or is it just Joffrey for this season? I dont know who might it be. Maybe Jamie while trying to save Tyrion or Cerasi (hope), if there is going to be, probably it will be Tyrion but something tells me not. I dont know. Cant wait for finale. What do you think of Littlefinger? I dont like him at all. I was so stund (still am) that he was the one who poisoned Jon Arryn. Well he told Lysa to do it. That was shocking to me :eek: . I had to watch all first season again because I have had missed something. Everything happend because of it. Why did he do that? What is his motive? It buffels me. But while rewatching the first season I came across something (maybe it is just me), but I think he has something against Tyrion. He set him up for Joffreys murder and in the season one he was the one who told Catelyn that the dagger (wich was used in the atack on Bran) is Tyrions, we never found out if this is true or not. But I dont believe a word Littelfinger is saying. So is it possible that everything is set up by him? The war between the Starks and the Lannisters. I am intrigued. Well one more and than a long year to wait. Cheers :cheers:
  8. I promised myself that I wouldnt come here for this season because I wanted to stay out of spoilers. Last season I learnd about Red Wedding here and it spoild the season for me. And this season started and continued to be great, I wanted to be clear of spoilers. But this episode naild me to the sofa. I had to see what do you all think about it and about the season. But I see that most like me had abandond this no spoiler thread because you have to come across some spoilers and that messes up everything. But today I had to come and say what I need because It left me with a jaw down. Throughout this week I thouth that the ninth episode will be the death of some big character (like every other ninth epiosode) and I thought it will be of Tyrion, and I hoped he will somehow manage to escape the death sentance. But when the episode started I quickly understud that it is going to be only the Wall in this episode. So it hit me: Jon will die. NOOOOOOO!!!! So throughout the episode I sweared, I begged, I prayed NOT JON PLEASE. Ygritt was all he is mine to kill and when the fighting started she was looking for him with every arrow. And the wildings from bouth sides of the wall. With Mammoths and Giants. Awsome!!!! With Giants throwing big arrows. Awsome!!! How to beat that. But when Jon came down the wall like a leader, I knew she would find him. Jon was awsome in this episode becoming the leader, giving orders. I thought Ygritt will kill Styr and save Jon to kill him for her self. But when Jon killed him it was just the matter of time when hi comes face to face with Ygritt. And than he turned around... i was naild to my sofa. Screaming in my head NOOOOO, DONT KILL HIM. Not another Stark dying in the ninth episode. I couldn take that again. He looked at her like like he was glad she will be the end of him. He smiled. My eyes filled with tear. And then the arrow hits her. I droped. The tear came down. I was sad. I am glad Jon lived through ninth episode. But Ygritt you hesitate girl. You can not kill the man you love. Awsome scene. This episode was great from bigining to the end. It wasnt big characters death but some small characters I will miss a lot. And the fighting was graet. Even if most think that Wall is insignificant to the hole story, I think it is very important. The winter is coming!
  9. For me this was the most disturbing episode from the start of the show. It even passes the killing of Nedd Stark at the end of s1. This episode was so sad, I gave it 10. This is my first 10 for the season couse it moved me so much.
  10. Ok! i am still crying... I didnt read the books, but I knew what was going to happen, not by my choice but for the spoilers on the net. And when I first heard about it I was crashed I didnt want to believ it and I didnt want to watch it. And few weeks went by and I thought I was fine with it and I tryed to see why it had to happen cause Robb made so many mistakes in his desisions but still IT HURTS LIKE HELL. Bloodshed... Everyone... Arya... Poor poor girl. I realy hope she gets her five minutes of killing them all, one day. And when that day comes I will love every second of it. It was so moving episode... @Dont you want to teach little Ned to [email protected] ... It was hartbreaking... Whole episode was about hartbreaking... Jon Snow leaving Ygrett like that, Her face when she saw him leave, how crushed was she? I was all WTF Jon? Dont leave your woman like that, you are a Stark!!!!!!! Bran telling Rickon he has to go ... Poor little kid. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything is going to be ok, even dough it is a lie. This will leave a deep mark on me, and I was stupid enough to thing it wont. Getting over this will be hard, cause when injustice happens to good people, you wander where the hell the world is going. And for that matter I hope... no... I am cheering that all of Lannisters and Boltons die, one by one... in the great pain. RIP :cheers: :crying:
  11. ma_liky

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Awkward is the right word for the whole situation for Tyron and Sansa, and for the viewers to feel awkward is the only way to feel about it. It was embarrassing to watch. If they made you feel that way than that was great acting. I think this episode was awesome. Gave it 9/10. Deanerys is fantastic this season.
  12. Ok This is what I was saying, that they have a big army and that it is not impossible for them to take the north with all that is happening in the north. I do not consider that to be a spoiler but maybe someone does. Well that is a good plan but I dont think Jon will betray NW. I dont know, I am eager to see.
  13. Yes I remember now. But still how do they think they will take The Castle Black, only few of them? Didnt Jon say that there is a 1000 Crows?
  14. @Arrow If I would to quote you it would be far to long post, so I will follow your steps. I am non-book reader, and I do like episodes with character and story development, but I do like action too. :drunk: These kind of TV shows I love and these kind of books I adore. I didnt start with the books yet, cause I wanted to know if they can pull it together to show so much characters and their stories and follow them from the start to the end. This is quite hard just because there is seven books so far. And to be honest they are doing great so far. I do know that I am looking from one point, of TV, and that they have to change somethings but no TV show had me this convinced. Enough about how great is this show. Lets move on :read: . Theon - I still didnt go on the wiki to see why is Theon being tortured like that, but I think I am gonna. 1. The BwB - I too, am confused about them. They are supposed to be a bunch of deserters, from all over. Outlaws perhaps, but what confuses me the most is how the hell did Melissandre knew that Gendry was there. 2. As for wildlings thinking they can conquer the North, I too had a smile thinking no no. But then again, look at the larger picture. During this season we have seen their camp and it wasnt small. The question that had started to puzzle me is have they all went over the wall or just some. Cause we are not seeing them doesnt mean they are not there. We havent seen Robb's army, but we know it is there, and Jon doesnt know what has happened with Robb's army, that he is halved and that he is not at the North and that Wintrfell is without Starks. So the wildlings are not far from taking the north. But how about Jon and Ygritte. :blushing: I mean Jon was blushing when that guy (forgot his name), was saying how to please a woman, he was so red and looking towards Ygritte all the time. And fainting in his arms, "I want to rip up you silk dress" "If you rip my silk dress I'll cut you", or something like that. How beautiful First love is. He is soooooo in love, it hurts. An the kiss, Oh, oh, oh! You no nothing Jon Snow. :blushing: 3. Margaery is a mystery. I do not not know if she knows that Joffery is psychopath. But I think she is very manipulative, and well taught by her family. When she gets a son she will kill him somehow. And Joffery even dough he is a psychopath, he is a very scared kid. She will have a hand over him. 4. Cerasi is so small right now, if she would to show her face she would be laughed at. Ha Ha! 5. You see Talisa is a bigger mystery to me than Margaery. I see nobody likes her, she is just mystery to me at the moment. 6. I agree with you on Dany. She is so so so magnificent this season, she has so grown, she is so confidant, Her war strategy is great, she will take city after city, she will be rootless in that but she has a purpose, free the in slaved. How awesome is that. The people will adore her. And she will not just have an army she will have love, adoration she will be The Queen before she take the Iron Throne, that is a beauty of it. She is inspiring. And how Joffery looks ridiculous sitting on the Iron Throne, trying to talk with Papa Lannister (love calling him that). Funny! I think that Tywin almost burst into laughter. "We can have you carried." Ha Ha! And then we have a scene with Dany sitting with dragons. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons!! :bowdown: 7. I have to admit that after this episode my oppinion of Jamie is somewhat changed, But I still think that he has to go a long way for redemption. 8. Yes, that even the ones we love and love us can become Whitewalkers. In all good episode. Cheers :cheers:
  15. ma_liky

    [No Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    This ep was not so great like the last two, but we need this. We always want more and more and with the eps like this they are reminding us to follow the pace. So over all Littlefinger has punched beck, very nicely. I like Olenna she is very brave, telling him about what people say about Cerasi and Jamie. For that takes guts. But still it was written all over her face that she now hates and fears Tywin. Tywin is a badass for real. I adored Jon and Ygritte. They are really falling in love, the kiss is so romantic, beautiful. :love: Cant stand the torture of Theon anymore. Pointless for me. Kill him already. Jamie still annoys me much. Loved how (dont remember his name right now) he is teaching Arya to shoot. Loved every thing involving her and interaction wit Mel. But couldnt quite get the meaning of all. I thing Arya will go after him, something tells me. So waiting for the next, think it is going to be good one. Cheeres