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  1. wattttttt was that ending. whhhhhyyy are they ruining stannis' steel (coming from someone who isnt a stannis of the mannis) whhyyyy is balon still alive.
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....that tragic vision. that was great. like perhaps the best they've done. don't forget the awesomeness of bran. and catelyn stark is EXACTLY HOW I PICTURED HER. See, the best part about movies/tv is how the actors can interpret thoughts into expressions.
  3. ...dddddddddaaaaaaario! good episode though, not much happens but its not that boring.
  4. also, liking the obvious Arya prophecy foreshadowing(which increases the validity of the Red priestly power in their world).
  5. that whole idea for a resolved sansa/littlefinger plot thread (Ros for Dontos) is destroyed. Ah, whatever, Ros is dead. Huzzah, but not huzzah, cause that was pretty messed up. seriously, though, we should have brackets for how they're going to adapt the books from here on out. a quiet, slow build of an episode(reminded me tonally of Two Towers or something). No beginning, no end, just a couple good scenes, a bit much torture, and a mean old closing monologue.
  6. Great fricking episode, maybe their best yet. Kinda thought Jeor would make peace w/ jorah, AND then they'd cut to Dany's badassery but alas. Sam's gonna do his thang. Also, new theory- Podrick's manhood is Lightbringer.
  7. Sansa, you'll be a woman soon.

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