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  1. Dyche does look like a sub-boss in a Guy Richie movie.
  2. Were they deliberate (eta)attempts at injuring or were they not? Don't get me wrong, he's not even the worst at "the dark arts" of football. I'd give that title to Raul Garcia, neck and neck with Busquets. But I can't recall ever seeing either of them try and injure someone. If you'd like video evidence, just do a search on youtube. The results will not be few. I'll not bother argue the first point with you, since it'll be pointless. I saw what I saw, you saw what you saw, somehow.
  3. Not to pile on, but what Ramos did to Karius in the CL final is atrocious. No one with respect for the game does that. Losing one's head in the heat of the moment is perhaps defensible, but not that. I do watch almost all Real, Barcelona and Atletico games myself, and have done so since about 2008. Ramos scores vital goals, makes vital defensive plays, as well as the odd defensive fuckup, and does what he can to win. That has, at times, included deliberately injuring other players when he felt he could get away with it, and/or has some personal stake. VAR has significantly reduced his cuntiest of moves, but the point remains. I vote "cunt".
  4. The boss of my company is an absolute moron at times, incapable of even the simplest thing. Not only that, he sticks his nose into every goddamn thing I do. When there's no work, he freaks out because of that. When there is, it's all "These deadlines are gonna kill me!" Only because you're bone idle! You can't just randomly not show up for work because you "ain't feelin' it today", you lazy prick! Oh, and you should see him when there's candy or cookies in the office. Pounces on it like a fucking velociraptor. I've gotten used to the inappropriate touching, but man... Wish I could quit this fucking job, but who the hell else would have me? Ah, the joys of being self-employed.
  5. From what I can tell, that game is forfeited, and we "lost" 3-0. Hell, might have been the outcome anyway TBF.
  6. Norway is sending an emergency, scrambled-together-on-a-day's-notice team of second string replacements to play Austria away on Wednesday, after all but one player of the first team was placed in quarantine because you-know-what. In the pot - promotion to Nation's League group A, and a WC qualifier match down the line. But we have to win by >1 goals. Tywin et al., do you have any of that American "plucky underdog wins it in overtime"-attitude to spare? Only I'm fresh out.
  7. There are translation agencies out there, if fixed employment is a must. Don't know how it works in the UK, but as far as I know, a degree isn't a technical requirement here for a job in a translation agency. Most hirings are done on the back of a test translation. If it holds up, you're in with a shot. And if you know some fancy language on top of a more common one, your chances increase greatly. There are some jobs that require the "state approved translator accreditation exam" here, but most don't, and the exam itself is open to anyone. It's just that it is, shall we say, not a walk in the park. I have a bachelor's degree. There's no real point for me in going for a master's, as the course (there's only one in Norway) only concerns itself with theory and history, nothing practical. Nor do I feel the need to get the accreditation exam, as that kind of work doesn't interest me much. I prefer to splash about in the figurative shallow end of translation work, subtitling TV and movies. I like the variety, I set my own hours, I work from home (or indeed anywhere with internet), and as a huge introvert, that's a big plus. The pay isn't bad as such, at least not for Netflix work, but the feast/famine availability and lack of job security is a pain.
  8. I'm a freelance translator, and make (or scrape) a living doing subtitles for Netflix here in Norway.
  9. Based on his work in Banshee more than The Boys, I'd say Anthony Starr could be a good choice.
  10. "There's a new threat in Gotham. His insidious crimes incite nerd-on-nerd violence all over this once great city. His name is... Ripoff."
  11. If "included in history lessons" counts as being remembered, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay will probably be remembered. By the same token, Roald Amundsen might be remembered as the first to reach the South Pole, but is he "current era"? Are Hillary and Norgay, for that matter?
  12. So what's creole marmalade then? And is it always female?
  13. There's an archived thread from 2008 that has a lot of highlights from the Dawn Age. As for me, I'm a noob. I visited some site or another (or maybe a defunct one at the time) for info on R+L=J shortly after the Brit release of AFFC, but didn't make an account until months later. I've lurked pretty much daily ever since. What I remember most from my early days were the at times ferocious debates on topics like abortion, male circumcision, atheism/religion, gun rights and such. I was in my early 20s then, and this board, and its keen-minded denizens, had a non-trivial effect on how I view things now - not necessarily directly shaping my views, but in a more reflective "Some might see this topic differently, why is that? Is there merit to it?" kind of way. I also faintly remember LoB's towel burglary story, which was awesome. RIP.
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