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  1. lacuna

    Football: A New Hope

    I don't know why it annoys me when defenders turn sideface to avoid the ball when "blocking" a shot, but it does. Not that I support City, but ffs Laporte, this is your fucking full time job! Act like you've got a pair!
  2. lacuna

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    Mike Perrys nose though....
  3. Is there fierceness? Don't talk to me unless there's fierceness.
  4. 1. Post-scarcity. 2. Backup for Earth. Globalism is the only way to get this. Fuck the luddites. Am drunk, disregard.
  5. lacuna

    Lee Child’s Jack Reacher tv series on Amazon

    IIRC from the inevitable reactions to the first movie, the author was fine with casting Tom Thumb Cruise. In the books, Reachers size was a device to show indomitability, and Child expressed that there were other ways of conveying that on screen. Though I hear truckloads of money is an excellent salve to most grievances, so grain of salt and all that.
  6. lacuna

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    Must have made an impression. According to Youtube, the ad is from 1984.
  7. lacuna

    Workable Socialism

    Eschewing predictions and relying on arbitrariness is what I do when playing poker. None percent of the time, it works every time.
  8. lacuna

    Workable Auto-eroticism

    No, it's about Nordic models.
  9. That's what he loves about these high school girls, man. He gets older, they stay the same age.
  10. lacuna

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Apart from the MRA and red pill loudmouths polishgenious mentioned, you mean? Vocal minority they may be, but you don't have to look hard to come across such comments.
  11. lacuna

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Butting in here a bit, but... Would it make for a better or more believable story if a female (super)hero character* was more timid, humble, deferential, you name it? And how many male (super)heroes come to mind with those core character traits, uncountered by a similarly disposed female character? (That is, before the numbers discrepancy came into play.) Without spending my whole Saturday on it, I'd say less than zero. *ETA: Or antihero/villain, for that matter.
  12. I bet it's those perfidious Swedes making up stories again. Or maybe those shifty Danes.
  13. lacuna

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    So I didn't in fact make up a strawman then. Since I replied to your point and all.
  14. lacuna

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Glass houses and all that jazz. Fun to avoid. Being able to move the arm away is not relevant when it shouldn't be there in the first place, intent notwithstanding. Which is alluded to in my first post.
  15. lacuna

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    This is good form then? Also, check your last profile visits, I've read all your last posts about six times, and reread the thread. There's no new info there.