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  1. lacuna

    Goodkind 55: Back in the Dick Life Again

    Can half-stoned armies be stopped by bodaciuos boobs though? ETA: Holy, shit, it's an attack on the legalization on marihuana.
  2. Two pencils and a pair of underpants should do it.
  3. lacuna

    Football: the winter break

    This is when the white girl dancing coach comes in and says if they just BELIEVE in themselves, they can do it!
  4. lacuna

    Imagination and Society

    Well... I've been busy.
  5. lacuna

    Imagination and Society

    Honestly shocked no one has posted this.
  6. lacuna

    U.S. Politics: Oh Donnie Boy, the Feds are calling...

    NVM, not my place.
  7. lacuna

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Well, he always was the quintessential super sub. If he's true to form, United will win the league this year. Possibly in overtime. But really, matters won't be improved by the busy Christmas schedule coming up either, leaving less time to make the style changes fans are clamoring for. It's going to be really tough going.
  8. lacuna

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    I'd say Solskjær has the odds stacked against him to a ridiculous degree. He doesn't have that much experience as a manager, and none at all with players who in some cases can match him in terms of merits. I think he'll be too mild mannered to control the raging egos of millionaire superstars, not to mention entitled owners and assorted hangers-on. His two league titles and one cup win in Norway, for what that's worth (not much) came just after his spell as manager for the United reserve team. This, along with Molde being a "rich uncle"-team, gave a big advantage in the transfer market when he first started. He obviously tanked in Cardiff, though I'm not familiar at all with the circumstances there, and since his return Molde has gone back to being the "favorites for silver"-team. [/2cents]
  9. lacuna


    Possible derail ahead, but I wonder what impact AI will have (if or when we ever get there) on availability. If it's a question of number crunching and running simulations, it should be pretty massive, no? Then again, AI will outstrip us, even the "enhanced" ones, in sheer problem solving skill anyway, so why bother enhancing intelligence, if such a thing can be done? And AI-designed machines will take care of most production jobs, leaving us to do... what? I wrote a lot more paragraphs originally, but it was all waffle and open-ended questions, which isn't much of a contribution, so I think I'll just throw in the towel here.
  10. lacuna


    Why is it a given that prices will be gouged to a level only available for the super rich? The science is out there and available. I envision "package deals", "affordable rates", "limited time offer" "NOW 50 % OFF ON HAZEL EYES!".
  11. lacuna

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    France being kept in it (relatively speaking) by Lloris. One way traffic.
  12. lacuna

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    What a second half in Croatia! Five goals, multipe must-score chances for both teams, and a debutant scores the winner for Croatia in overtime, his second goal of the evening. What a turnaround from a rather boring first half.
  13. lacuna

    What is the largest country in history?

    Not to mention our claim on Vinland. Winter is coming.
  14. lacuna

    Football: Remain in Europe

    Messi broke his arm v Sevilla, out for next weeks El Clasico.
  15. lacuna

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    https://i.imgur.com/t4ZAgDd.gif ETA: Also, https://i.imgur.com/THULFII.gif