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  1. He could use some development, but this was a Sam-overdose. Yes I am dreading it already :(.
  2. They should have taken away some of Sam's character development for the sole purpose of not boring me to death. It's great you think Sam needs extra screentime for his character development, but I don't care for all his repetitive whining.
  3. Did I say there was a problem? They can change the whole plot for all I care, people just don't have to tell me to be thankful for it.
  4. Lol can't you read? I said they just shouldn't have wasted all their time on silly Sam conversations so that the next morning/day would have fitted into the episode. That is not changing anything, it's just not wasting time. Now it will still be Stannis coming in the next morning, only in the next episode. It would not have been that hard to have in the same episode. I hope you aren't under the impression that because we have to wait a week for it, Stannis will actually arrive days later. That's not how television works :).
  5. Sorry I don't fall on my knees for the people making fat money by butchering my favorite fantasy series. They did a great job on the episode visually, but when they mess things up, we are free to point that out. We don't own the show-makers anything.
  6. LOL please no one forced D&D to stretch out the battle at night over the whole episode. if you don't see the many unnecesary, boring scenes that could've easily been scrapped, you still have to admit there were 10 minutes left which could've been used for the morning after and the Stannis arrival. That's extra clear when we know the last episode will be 66 minutes, an unnecesary packing of everything that still needs to happen, while having lots of extra time in the previous episode.
  7. It's that this episode they had the time to make it work and they choose not to. They had an extra 10 minutes left and they moved it to the last episode. And they had too much Sam-time, Stannis could've fitted in perfectly this episode.
  8. Yeah LS reveal, almost forgot about that. I don't get why they would pack three awesome things (Stannis arrival, Tyrion-Tywin and LS) in one episode. We also get Bran, Arya+theHound goodbey, Dany and her dragons, the preview gives more Cersei+Jaime... That episode is already way too packed, it always is. Now here they had an extra 10minutes to show something, but no, we gonna spare it for the last episode, make it even longer and more packed. And lets fill this too-short episode with Sam scenes.... Ugh they could've scrapped so much Sam here, would've given them all the time in the world.
  9. Well, at least Jon got his head smashed into an anvil :). So this episode... talk about a Sam-overdose. Replacing Stannis scenes with Sam&Gilly scenes, ugh. I hate Sam and I want him to die. I did like Allister, Ygritte and Tormund. The mammoths and giants were awesome, the actions scenes were great, the conversations were crap. I was not as invested in it as I thought I would be. Allong the way II thought the ending would make up for it and it didn't, it was disappointed. It's great when people argue it's just delay for the big Stannis moment, but do you actually believe that? Crammed between a Dany and Tyrion scene, it will not be Stannis's big moment. Don't kid yourself. EDIT: emotionally flat, yes that's how I would describe the episode. I just didn't care about the characters.
  10. A 5, you know it wasn't the best episode when Allister Thorne is the most entertaining part of it. What's with all the Sam and Gilly scenes??? Do people really care about them? That was a serious Sam-overdose, I don't want to see his face every three seconds. And how creepy was him trying to talk about his sex-obsession with Jon? Ugh those first scenes I was just wondering if anyone, anywhere, was interested in that shit. Can't be. Then came his newfound courage, like, sure now Sam is the best ever. NO. I still give it a 5 because of Ygritte, Allister, a bit of Tormund, the actual action-scenes were great and Jon got his face smashed into an anvil :). All the talk scenes (minus Ygritte's and Allister's) were boring, wasn't invested and so was less invested in the episode as a whole. I was also expecting Stannis at the end which may be another cause of my disappointment. Wonder how they will make that work in the next episode. This episode could've used some more Stannis and some less Sam/Gilly. Mammoths and gianst were cool, have to say that though.
  11. Yeah so when someone asks for more criticism, I advice them to read the without repercussions-threat, because that's where you'll find the most/best criticism. Did I say anything about not having the right to ask for explanation? Don't think so.
  12. Best go to the nitpicking without repercussions-threat then.
  13. It bored me a bit, that whole northern arc with NW, Bran, Locke, Crasters' Keep... I never found the Wall that interesting in the books, so maybe that's the reason I didn't like it. Only thing I liked about the whole thing was Mormonts' skull. The whole thing just felt very unreal. Still gave it a 7 because I liked the KL, Dany and Sansa scenes, second half was just disappointing. It's sad because I was pumped up after the Meereen, KL and Sansa scenes, but than everything went south when I had to watch 20 minutes of, well, northern lies. That's what it was, those last 20 minutes were all made-up unnecessary bullshit. Ghost locked? Summer missing? Locke took a speedboat to the Wall? Ugh I'm not gonna list it all, just too much. Now I don't agree with the whole Dany whitewashing idea, my unsullied friends are already telling me they think she'll be going mad and that's weird because at this point of the books, I still thought she was making perfect sense. I get a very strong feeling of entitlement. The scenes were she looks out over many people, or the one at the top of the pyramid... it is sending a message, but don't blame the show for not putting "MAD" on her forehead when she isn't. She's just entitled, and they show it.
  14. Depends on where I live. I think I'd just follow my liege lord, as that's the safest road. Even if he loses he gets punished and I'm not, as long as I bend the knee. Which I will. But if I can chose without thinking about my own survival, Stannis of course.
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