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  1. The reading of the scene was repulsive, shocking but not surprising. In the book I remember a thread of hope when they ate under his roof but the hope turning to despair when the massacre began. I rebelled soon after reading it and put the book down for a month. I felt GRRM was a callous monster and I was so done with it all. Watching tonight was depressing...a sad reminder that Ned can never truly be avenged and the House Stark I fell in love with was already gone. It sucks even more that Lord Frey was likeable in this episode and Roose's evilness is only outdone by his handsomeness. Oh the humanity.
  2. I agree. My fear is that we are forced to see all this torture porn and for whatever reason the tv show doesn't even fully utilize Reek later, despite how well played out it is. Don't get me wrong Alife is owning this role. But geez! Reek deserves his own damn-spin off series with this much screen time being thrown at him.
  3. Yes, it is weird and the casting is indeed superb
  4. Did jof kill ros for pleasure or politics?
  5. This cant be happening...shae...tyrion...sansa...
  6. Ygritte never suspected his loyalty in the books right?
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