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  1. xander_blackfyre

    The Night King and King's Landing

    I actually had this thought the other day. The battle at Winterfell will be a rope a dope. The Night's king has the power of sight just like Bran presumably and probably been watching the events south of the wall. We know that the Walkers are not some mindless creatures just running over and crushing thing in their path, there is method and strategic thinking involved. So he could have been observing and scouting his enemies from afar like any good general would. He knows what is waiting for him at Winterfell. Unlike at Hardhome where he was outnumber the Winterfell army knows he is coming, they are also armed with the knowledge of how to fight them and they have the weapons to do it with. From what we know of the NK he is not likely going to fight an army of 100,000+ with the knowledge and preparation and 2 dragons with riders. He is not at an kind of advantage, but if he had been watching the westerosi during their wars of the last few years he would note that they have a habit of falling into the trap of committing all their forces to one place while leaving others wide open. So I think in the battle of Winterfell he is going to pull a Rob Stark, split his forces send a walker or two along with a portion(large enough to cause a problem and keep them occupied) of his army to Winterfell. Then taking the rest past winterfell along with his dragon south through the neck and into territory that does not know he or his army exists and just like the wildlings at hardhome are ill prepared and equipped to handle them.
  2. xander_blackfyre

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Remember the Rebellion was named after him but it was not his Rebellion. It was Jon Arryn that rebelled. The rebellion was not built on a lie. Why did Jon, Robert, and Ned rebel? It was not because Rhaegar and Lyanna did what they did. It was because Aerys in his madness decided after executing Rickard and Brandon and just about all the people with them that was not enough he needed the heads of Ned and Robert. The rebellion for the Ned and Robert was about survival first and foremost. Do they rebel even after the executions if Aerys doesnt call for their heads? Robert only put a claim on the Iron throne after the Trident, his hatred for the Targaryens though is different. I don't think he hated them all Rhaegar of course he stole his girl, Aerys of course he wanted his head. Viserys and Dany were really of no concern to him until two things happened, he claimed the throne and he found out Lyanna was dead. When that happened to him the only good Targaryen was a dead one. As for Roberts claim to the throne lets just say that the rebellion never happens and some other tragedy befalls the targaryens and they end up all dead. He would probably had the best claim to the throne after them. He is a highborn great lord and he has a direct link to the targaryen yes it it through the female line but if there is no claimant that is legitimately linked to the male line of the targaryen family then a great council probably would have placed him on the throne. In the matter of succession, in an ideal situation after Tommen's suicide a great council would have been called to determine who the next ruler of the 7 kingdoms should have been. The first one saw just about all the lords of Westeros big and small come and have a hand in determining this, the second one was much smaller, not sure the make up of the third. If a great council is called Cersei probably is not sitting on the throne. Remember Olenna had not yet rebelled so and the lords of the reach still had great respect for her and most likely would not have supported her claim and at the time the Reach was probably the most powerful of the seven kingdoms.
  3. xander_blackfyre

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Give it a solid 7. It was basically what I expected lots of backstory and setup, the same a the previous 7 season openers. It had it moments, where you laughed, it had its oh please moments, but it also had it OMG moments. Nothing to overwhelming but it did get me looking forward to what to come and that is the basic idea really get the audience to come back for more.
  4. xander_blackfyre

    Bronn the Bought?

    Bronn has shown that he is not a dumb man throughout the series and having been around Cersei and knowing that any person that trusts her has usually ended up worse off than they were before should be very skeptical that she plans to reward him in anyway. She tasked him with this simply to get rid of him, she does not trust Bronn in anyway, she would not want him around and I trust that Bronn knows this as well. This is basically a suicide mission she is sending him on. If he fails she is rid of him and if he is successful she kills him.
  5. xander_blackfyre

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    It does look remarkably similar to a burning three headed dragon. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4KV6asXkAAoVt7.jpg Though we have seen the symbols before: https://pm1.narvii.com/6595/5c92e1897b0c8a31f19fa803408ee07179129a43_hq.jpg After I saw this I got to thinking that while Sam is searching books the key to victory is not there but in the dragonglass caves on dragonstone in the carvings made by the children and the first men. They drove the walkers back once before and those carvings were their recorded history. Now there is probably nobody that can translate the history but it is worth looking into.
  6. xander_blackfyre

    Daenerys expects Jon to ride a dragon

    Have you ever dated someone that loved their dog or cat so much that if the animal did not like you they would end up breaking it off? Jon seems to be the only other person the dragons warm up to in such a way. That really intrigued her and got her thinking there is something about this guy. Now the question is does Dany know the history of dragonriders and how many of them had the blood of Valyria in them? If so then she should be more suspicious how is this guy from the North which is as far as you can get from any Valyrian blood in Westeros able to ride. Now it could be a simple case of a new relationship being in the honeymoon stages and her being blinded by love.
  7. xander_blackfyre

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    This confused me as well. I dont remember her drinking any wine in any scenes after she found out she was pregnant last season, and well all know that Cersei loves her wine. Do the people of Westeros know the effect that alcohol has on a fetus? If so her drinking made no sense. Best I can figure is maybe when Jamie took off the stress on Cersei was so great that she lost the baby. She blames Jamie for her losing the baby which was the last straw in their relationship and that is why she wants Bronn to take out Jamie as well as Tyrion. Honestly it makes little sense for Cersei to use Euron as a cover, lets just look at it like this. Robert was too busy drinking and whoring to care what was going on between Jamie and Cersei, also factor in there were no rumors of incest between the two. Euron is not Robert, now he could not care less what Jamie and Cersei were doing as long as he was getting his as well. Cersei announces she is pregnant and Euron is the father now imagine in 9 months the baby is born looking every bit a Lannister, what do you think Euron is going to be doing feeling like he has been cheated out of an heir. He would use it to his advantage to possible turn the people against Cersei and overthrow her.
  8. xander_blackfyre

    Who knows Jon has come back from the dead?

    I was a bit confused when she asked him about it as well, I thought back to the scene in the dragonstone throne room when Davos had the slip of the tongue and Jon looked at him like he did not want anyone to know what happened. So I kind of assumed that he did not want people to know it. I dont think there was some big announcement. The best I can figure is that the wildlings women and children who came down to Winterfell were talking about it and eventhough the Northmen would probably not be mingling with and associating with the wildlings but people talk and things are overheard. The rumors start to swirl and the story is he was stabbed in the heart but somehow survived the bit about being a messiah is being written off as wildling stories.
  9. xander_blackfyre

    The Dragon Riders are all Targs?

    There is no way that The NK could be of Valyrian blood since Valyria did not exist until at least 3000 years after the war of the dawn which occurred 2000 years after the creation of the white walkers. Like other have said the dragon was dead when it was brought back it came under the control of the NK like all the wrights. They lose their free will and become tools of the walkers.
  10. I think we will come to find out a lot of things that we thought about the war and the events leading up to it were not true. History is written by the victors after all, if Rhaegar had won at the trident the history of the war would have been entirely different. When we look at the relationship that Rhaegar, Lyanna and Elia had I think we will find that R+L had been planning their marriage in that time between the Harrenhall Touney and when they disappeared, they may have actually met and fell for one another before the tourney itself. They probably thought they could leave without anyone noticing them together and get married and once they were married they thought what could anyone do. I dont think for a second they thought a broken betrothal would lead to civil war. If Brandon had not gone off half cocked it very well might not have as war did not break out until Aerys called for Ned and Robert's heads. It was also Jon Arryn that raised his banners in revolt first, Robert became it's inspiration later on. I think in that time that R+L were doing their planning that he would have informed Elia of what his plans were she had to know that he was not in love with her and his heart belonged to someone else. I would think that a woman would know this type of thing and I would think that with the High Septon involved in the whole marriage and annulment he would have spoken to both of them before hand. I don't think Elia was happy about how everything was going to go down but I think Rhaegar would have told her and made arrangements for the children and that would have satisfied Elia enough so that she would agree to the annulment. As for the basis of the annulment we have to remember little Aegon was an infant and there was no certainty that he would survive into adulthood and Viserys was still young as well so having so few male heirs could be problematic.
  11. xander_blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    When comparing it to penultimate episodes of the past 6 seasons it did not measure up but it was still pretty good. Though the wright standing around the frozen lake was a bit much that could have moved that along.
  12. xander_blackfyre

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

    8 The 48 minute running time took something away from it, the battle was great but could have been longer could have done without some of the Winterfell stuff.
  13. xander_blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    The 48 minute run time was a bit jarring seeing that there were only 7 episodes this season to begin with and to cut one 12 minutes short seems a bit odd. I think Davos might be the one to get around suggesting the marriage if he and Tyrion can get together I am sure the topic would come up it after the marriage alliance that would make the most sense. Plus Davos noticed how Jon was eyeing Dany, it is a little off putting that they are aunt and nephew but again they do not know that nor does anyone besides Bran. Poor Sansa she really caught the short end of the stick with in the family, granted she brought in the Vale Army but Jon is King, Bran the power of sight, Arya a warrior, Sansa? Oh and he reaction when she realized that Arya wasn't kidding about the list PRICELESS. Bran just keeps getting more and more creepy. I mean not even that scene with Meera was just painful, I mean Thank You, that's it. I wonder if Jamie and Bronn end up as prisoners, Tyrion seemed to have had his eye fixed squarely on Jamie and I am sure he saw he and Bronn fall into the lake so I would think he might have had people search for them at least. Also the mention of the Golden company seems that the gold made it all the way to Kings Landing so does the iron bank back Cersei and she send for them because we see her army has been decimated. We see the problem with the scorpion as a weapon it seems unless the dragon is flying straight at it well it not all that effective and if you miss its is more than enough time for the dragon to destroy it.
  14. xander_blackfyre

    How did The Reach lose?

    Even with the Tarly's and subsequent bannermen's defection taking Highgarden (which should have been well supplied and should have had a sizeable defense force) should not have been such a cake walk, it was like they saw the Lannister army coming and forgot to lock the gates. Those in charge of its defense would have to be the most inept bunch to lose that quickly.
  15. xander_blackfyre

    How would you rate episode 402?

    Been a lurker for a long time on the forums, decided to start posting. Gave it a 9 the death scene made the entire episode worth it but there were other thing I loved, the scene with Bronn and Jamie training was excellent although it was short.