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  1. I agree, and not to mention this thought is already brought to light in Season three when Theon's father declares him "no son of mine," when he recieved the package of Theon's naughty bits. Not sure on the direct quote. It seemed like added fluf, or perhaps just to remind the viewers that Asha and the Iron Born are still around.
  2. The Sceen at dreadfort, as many have mentioned, seemed pointless, they really didn't need it TBH, not after the scene in season 3 were Theon's fathers calls him "no son of mine." But Tyrion, at the trial, gave me goose bumps. Well done, very well done, Dinklage shines here, we knew his talent but he lets it all out. His range, and show had me feeling his characters deep seeded injustices. Solid 10
  3. Great dialogue all around I think. Tywin/Cersei, Oberyn/Cersei. I thought the concerns of the Lanisters was interesting. The reveal that Arya wished Hound dead. The resolution of Daenerys. 9/10
  4. I loved this episode. I didn't entirely understand the poor episodes ratings in the ratings Thread. I presume it's from non-book readers. I viewed much of this episode as a cliff hanger for whats to come. We see many many setups leading toward episodes to come. I always loved the involvement of the Iron bank. Something even Tywin seems to have let slip his concern. They talk about it, but haven't done anything, with the loss of Littlefinger and now Tyrion as Masters of Coin a very un happy bank now. It also makes sense that they would fund a usurper King to see their debts paid. And getting to see some action from Stannis FINALLY! I am curious if they are going somewhere different with Sandor's story. Its been a year since the books, but I thought he was mortally wounded by now, could be wrong. Ayra, for as much as I adore seeing her path toward an Assassin, it was good to see she has some humanity still. I loved seeing the setup for what I assume is Oberyns 'The Vipers' (which I hadn't heard that name used for him yet) fight with the Mountain. Good to see some leadership in Jon, I loved him talking good sense and strategy. Daenerys, I actually really loved this scene. Reminds of Indiana Jones 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' were he just shoots the swordsman. I also loved the speech, and the tension between slaves and Masters. I know it's a stretch rationally, would people in slavery most likely all their lives rebel when it's not certain if She will be successful. Some would, some would wait, some would just try to run maybe. Still it all shows to me that Daenerys is becoming a Queen, a wise queen as Tyrion spoke with Tommen about, she is a wise although young ruler, and managed not to waste her army needlessly.
  5. Loved this episode, thought I might be biased as a book reader. I LOVED Daenerys scene, this episode held a lot of promise and setup for next episide. There are many who seem disappoitned, but you need these episodes to both save budget, and to build up to the next episode. Seems we have impending Wildings attack. Sir Davros is hatching a plan we don't know what yet. Tywin and Oberyn are working togethers (though uneasy) and Meeren, Sansa has found her way off of Kings Landing finally shows the tension of who the slaves will react to The Queens speech and show. In context this was a fantastic epidsode, call it the cliff hanger before the climax of several plots.
  6. Was deadpan obvious, "what kind of monster kills at a wedding?"
  7. That's nice to see that, but I would have liked a further nod to the book readers showing how and when it got in his drink/goblet, he pours out the goblet soon after, unless it is a very slow acting poison. And I don't directly recall them mentioning that Qot was the actualy culperate, only suspicions.
  8. I never understood why they made such a huge deal in the show over the prostitutes giving back the money for Podric that means nothing really, it's a mild curiousity. (yea off topic)
  9. Even though this is the discussion for the book readers, I won't be specific, but in the books, we have very good reason to know she did not actually leave.
  10. I cried when they closed in on Sansa watching the reinactment of her fathers death. There were a lot of heavy looks in the scene, particularly from Oberyn. Just knew he recognized another tortured at the hands of the Lanisters.
  11. Great Episode a solid 9. I cried when the focus was on Sansa when the death of her father was reinacted. The looks were heavy. Specially from Oberyn, the weight, like he was looking at someone else tortured by the Lanisters. It made the end more poignant.
  12. My favorite scene had to be Arya and Baric, I know it was small and the capture by the Hound was obligatory if you've read the books. But dammit that was a great scene. Baric: "What God do you serve?" Arya: "The God of Death." Gave me goosebumps. I know it's frying pan to the face style foreshadowing, but I thought that was just great development and preparation for Arya abandoning the world she knows.
  13. Has anyone wondered why the plot with the Viper of Dorne and the marriage of Princess Myrcella hasn't become a thing yet. I know they're dragging their feet for the red wedding, but the purple wedding isn't far behind.
  14. lil_z

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Last Episode may have had an epic final scene but this episode had very strong, powerful scenes, and lots of them. Hound and Beric Arya charging the hound with a dagger. Arya nearly brought to tears with Gendry scene, calling him family, I nearly cried too Arya and Beric amazing scene, it so seemed like a clash of the old gods and the red. The Wolf stares down the Red warrior. Stunning, thought it had strong theme's. Baric: "Do I frighten you child?" Arya: "No." Loved it! Jaime and Bre very powerful, it dropped my jaw in the books and was no disappointment this episode, very powerful, flawless acting here Ygritte and Jon scene it bothered me that Ygritte used her line "you know nothing Jon Snow," seemed forced in this scene Robb and Karstark scene seemed a little weak, not sure what it was, writing maybe Loved the patchface scene with Stannis and later Davos Dany meeting grey worm great scene Sir Jorah and Sir Berristan scene, geez Jorah was digging hard here which I won't get into book reader v. tv series speculation, still a strong scene 10/10
  15. I'm left curious why Vars scene was added. They certainly like to forshadow in obvious ways. I don't remember if Vars ever reveals this story to Tyrion in the books its been a while since I read them. I understand that they may be trying to give him clearer motivations, were in the books his purpose and motivations are left to much speculation to not only the characters but to the reader as well. His intentions and involvement in nefarious deeds are always in question. I'm also kind of disappointed that LF's plan isn't left a mystery until he spirits Sansa away through the offish knight (I forget the nickname used Sir Florin I think). I loved the scene were Sansa and the reader learns just how cunning and vicious LF really is. I'm curious to see how Jorah is revealed as the spy to King Robert now that Barristan was revealed so soon. I'm still hurt over not introducing strong belwas, now who will kill the champion of Yankai?