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  1. Government loose Rwanda case in the supreme court. which is not really a supprise. and probably makes Braverman very happy now she is sacked.
  2. gudging by the ammount of fag butts arround the entrance to my workplace. lots of people still smoke cigarettes.
  3. If the app is not accurate enough for a warrent, then it really is not accruate enough to search without one and this is a stupid potential new law.
  4. @BigFatCoward How much is it really an issue about getting a search warrent when something like find my phone app clearly shows the stolen phone in someones house? I get you have to get one, but how long does that actually take? On one hand It seems insane that the police can't search the house i because getting the warrent just I dunno takes too much time or effort. Surley that bit should be fixed instead of giving powers to search without a warrent. especially given the lack of trust in the police right now. Am I missing something?
  5. feel free to keep adding if you can find space. that ghost of skinny jeans is being dragged down to hell
  6. making house prices go down really upsets those Tory Voters. and anyone who recently bought a house and mortgauged to the max. So its a vote loser for Tories. And even Labour will struggle to gain more votes than they loose if they made house prices go down a lot since younger people vote less than older.
  7. your ghost was not scary enough. and since this picture chain now has adult warnings I needed some adult content.
  8. No idea. But since it now "Adult"..... https://i.imgur.com/1JtXaeR.png
  9. I have booked a house sleeps 8, (All beds can be set as singles or Doubles) 4 rooms. from the 7th - 13th so one day each side. Its about a 30 min googlemaps walk but there are also a few busses. with 8 people sharing it will come to £328.02 per person (about £54 per night) I have free councilation until July, so before I accept anyone to share, I will wait to see what the con hotel room rates are.
  10. woah "This post may contain erotic or adult imagery. By continuing, you acknowledge that you are 18+ years of age." you broke imgur. I've never had that warning before even on something @rocksniffer would draw.
  11. because Halloween and bonfire night are often celebrated together i thought as someone raised CofE I'd burn er a Catholic heritic. https://i.imgur.com/HUzsqcV.png
  12. I hope that reading student papers is as entertaining as reading good omens. although I doubt this very much, especially if this also results in pass grades which I also hope your students get. basically I have unrealistic hopes for you. Oh my sweet summer child. Work only reduces when living with a female partner. Although work is shared, its mostly not equal and often work increases in other ways desite not doing a few of the jobs. although if I am honest my work dramatically decreased when Hubby retired and bacame a house wife (he now does 90% of the work but this is a special case) I have hopes that maybe things will be equally shared once I retire.
  13. he would in many ways fit right in. but Fararge is not a team player. he wants to be the big fish and not a follower. he would have to be a follower at least to start with to get within shot of being the main thing.
  14. Well for that he would have to 1) join the Conservative party. 2) get himself selected to run as an MP for them, 3) win local election and become an MP (something he has failed to do many times so far) and then 4) get the Tory MP's to elect him as leader unopposed or be in the final 2 then get the wider party members to vote for him. I do not think we have to worry about him actually being Tory leader. he just likes to be in the news.
  15. Labour get Tamworth. edit and Mid Bedfordshire
  16. hahaha that green blob next to slimer is an edditing error and not meant to be there! love yop Bucky, I know you enjoy the drawing and its been so long. Its nice yo have you playing and I adore my awesome witches hat. https://i.imgur.com/D853Tmw.png
  17. I wonder if anyone other than us two will play? https://i.imgur.com/MkwbGyT.png
  18. there is a guy I work with who belives we are spending that £350 million extra on the NHS right now, and a lot of it went into payrises of doctors and Nurses so really they are just being greedy when they go on strike. We really should be thanking Borris. Yes he is 100% serrious.
  19. I hate to say it but on a lot of levels hearing about Isralies and Palatinians killing each other is a bit like hearing about another shcool shooting in the US. Kindof expeted and not really news. the degree though is news. Involving many citizens of other nations makes it more newsworthy to the rest of the world. unfortuanlty any action Israil takes will either be seen as weak and thus supr Hamas on, or other the top and drive more people into supporting Hamas and create the next generation to continue the fight. I don't see a way out of this without massive idioloy change on both sides actually wanting peace.
  20. I think at the moment they mostly don't have jobs but thats cos they are waiting for their claims for asylem to be processed and are not allowed to have jobs. Thus by many people it is seen as the imigants are costing the tax payer a lot of money. The answer to this is not less migration, but dealing with the back log. maybe even have a processing center in france so many don't need to come here first? ya know safe a legal routes. maybe give them a temperary permit to work while their claim is being processed?
  21. what happens if the government sell off the land they bought for this in the mean time? (probably cheaply to donor house builders)
  22. I don't get the cammel connection, I'm sure I'm missing something but whats Halloween without a moon? https://i.imgur.com/aOEmnBG.png @Buckwheat are you gonna play? @rocksniffer?
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