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  1. hey guys I am an old fart. Old enough to have bought my first house on my own, and not need a partners wage (although that was a rare thing even then). Now Git off my lawn. - Closest emote for shaking a walking stick. I was lucky, I was born the right time and was able to take advantage of a lot of lucky breaks. Its a privilege I don't take for granted. I didn't do anything special for to get my first house and be in this position. it was pure luck.
  2. 16 (almost 17) I half moved out of my parents, and lived with my Gran during the week, would go home for the weekends. this was so I could get to work (my apprenticeship) once I was 17 and passed my driving test I moved back home. Public transport was not an option where my parents lived. - I also found a lift from my grans on my first day. at 23 I moved out and bought my first house. I was very lucky, I bought when houses where affordable. My Brother bought his flat just a year later on the next street from me. he paid a fair bit more than I did for a 3 bed house. I have no idea how people manage to buy their first house now.
  3. He does eat a fair amount of eggs. especially at the weekend when he will also have them for breakfast. Yes Legumes are better than meat, so we are still having some. I'd just rather see if we can avoid them for the day we are being strict on. Basically when it comes to cheese, if it smells cheesey its too cheesey for me. but I don't mind if it has a mild cheese taste. I eat pizza with Mozzaralla, but avoid the pizza's with other cheeses. Cream cheese is ok. guacamole is nice. not that fond of Humas but in small amounts are fine. Husband will eat all of them no issue.
  4. He has not had an attack since well before we married 12 years ago. Its just his levels came back as too high in his latest blood test. Beer is one of his biggest problems here, he enjoys them too much and its not something I can help him with. I should stress he is not alcoholic and can go without but its not unusual for him to have 3 or 4 cans a week, and if in social occasions well more than a couple. (although as we are old farts these occasions don't happen often). Myself I rarely drink, I might have I supposed 5 or 6 glasses of wine a year. Cutting down on the beer (the worst Alcoholic drink for gout) has to come from him, he knows he is supposed to. Cutting out or down on foods is easier since he will eat what I cook.
  5. I'm not too worried about Protein or even this meal being really balanced, since we are eating meat the rest of the week. Meat is one of the big things we are supposed to cut down on, but we can only make so much of a change at once. If we can be strict low purine once a week, then maybe that balances out if we are not as good the rest. Yes its something to keep an eye on and if we start going meat free more than once a week, it will need to be a bit more balanced. But lets get the one day a week sorted first. As for cheese, Halloumi is really salty. We have been rather successful reducing salt. we don't cook with it. Most of the time when we go out to dinner, we can really taste any Salt seasoning. However depending when the cheese is added it is often possible to not to add it on one of the meals with much effort. Or I can just use a little less.
  6. Yes the low purine is because of Gout, He's not had a flareup since he's been on medication, but his latest blood test came back with high levels and the doctor will up his dosage unless we get it back under control. Which is why we are now looking to cut down more on the Cauliflower, Peas and Mushrooms Speaking to a Nutritionist would be a good idea, but I have a very stubborn husband. the cherry extract is a good idea, then he wouldn't need to eat the cherries whole (which can be challenging). I will look into this.
  7. Recently Hubby and I have been trying to go vegetarian once a week. Once of the main reasons for this was to try to eat a little more healthy. I need to be on a low fat diet, Husband needs to be on a low Purine and Low Salt Diet. We were just about managing (or so we thought) by swapping meat for Quorn, unfortunately we have just discovered Quorn is one of the foods Alan needs to avoid. We are now struggling to come up with a few meals that are healthy, easy to make and we both enjoy. We would really appreciate any help the board hive mind can give us. I really do not like even slightly spiced (hot) food. What most people call extremely mild, I call Hot and barely edible. I also do not like Cheese, I can tolerate a bit of mild cheese but I would really rather not taste it. For a low purine vegetarian meal Husband needs to limit his intake (a small amount is ok) of Beans, Peas, Lentils and legumes. Spinach, Cauliflower, Asparagus and Mushrooms. Whole-wheat and wholemeal grains. Yeast is a Big No. Alan also does not enjoy eating much fruit. He is a big fan vegetables partially Mushrooms, peas and Cauliflower (which he can’t have often). We also want to limit Salt, fat, and sugars. Please help us, save us from Nuts with salad.
  8. Pebble

    Laurel or Yanny?

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
  9. Pebble

    Pictionary XL

    I Gave BB 2 versions of that drawing. one with and one without the to do list, Since letters are against the rules. He may of sent the non-rule breaking version on. That drawing really stretched my Bible knowledge. I do hope you all appreciated Jesus giving his blood to fill wine the wine glass and Judas leaving early and selling a kiss to the Roman Legion of the Easter Bunny. I just couldn't work out a way to draw a "bread Jesus" so they could all feast on his flesh, without making it into some kind of zombie horror drawing. the Porg's and the To do list where really fun to draw.
  10. Pebble

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    I have a theory, the Cylon's had the Brexit Plan, (unfortunatly not much good to them). so maybe the Brexiter's have the Plan the Cylon's wanted / needed.
  11. Pebble

    Pictionary XL

    I feel smug knowing I won the points thing. I feel good knowing that soon we will have the reveal.
  12. Pebble

    Pictionary XL

    same as my guesses but the Pictionary crew ones are swapped around
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    Pictionary XL

    That is some confused sentences. I think lots of mutations happened.
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    Pictionary XL

    pfft when you do something worthy of a good probing you will get one, not before.
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    Pictionary XL

    Done mine.