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  1. I'll be at TitanMoot 2018.
  2. Pebble

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    sorry No can do. I have a plane to catch and no longer able to do anything for 2.5 weeks.
  3. well someone I think it was the BBC, did manage to find one guy in a Make America Great Again hat who was unhappy with the protests and said they were a disgrace. this was about Lunchtime on the Friday. So there was at least one person protesting in favour of Trump for a few mins (maybe more)
  4. the protest worked then. He got the message.
  5. I'm trying to work our if Trump's Boris would make a better PM thing Hurts or Helps Boris's attempt at becoming PM in the future? I mean those of us that are pro Trump are probably already Pro Boris.
  6. I think we would be allowed to re-join. but it would be on the same terms as everyone else. So the Euro, no rebate or special rules just for us.
  7. And now Boris has Resigned. Guess he gave on on hoping May would sack him.
  8. Pebble

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Sorry, I'm not able to play pictionary till at least September. I might be able to do the odd round if needed.
  9. But at least its some kind of progress. At least our side has finally agreed something. even if its totally unacceptable to the EU
  10. The Dragon engine is built in Bridgend. Phase 1 is done. work was going to start on Phase 2 (basically a copy of Phase 1 so we can make twice as many engines.) Phase 2 was put on hold after the Brexit vote. Its now been said Phase 2 will not be coming to Bridgend. Job losses have allready happened. there are very credible rumours that plans are now in place to make the Dragon in Turkey, Its already being made in India, China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico. In Dagenham we were lucky, the Panther engine was mostly fully installed before the referendum. This has bought us time before we need any more new investment. Its also helpful we in Dagenham make some of the highest quality diesel engines in Europe. Fords want to carry on making engines in Dagenham so we might just be able to limp on though the transition. The Bridgend plant needs investment now. If it doesn't get any within the next 2 years you can bet it will be closed in 10. What could really hurt Dagenham is Trump. the majority of our Lion Engines get shipped to the US for the F150. extra Tariffs are likely to kill the Lion then we will only have the Panther Engine being made in Dagenham. (ok so we still have the Puma, but that is 20 years old and ending this year. we are about to start stripping out some of the machining lines for the Puma in a couple of weeks. The point of the above - a very big company is not making any new investments in the UK until they know what Brexit really means. The risks are just not worth it.
  11. Pebble

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    You do realize you have chosen Treason Day to Come out in support of England?
  12. Pebble

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    I apolgise, I did not intend any offence. For the record this English person has no problem with Welsh being the main official language used when in Wales. As far as I'm concerned its Your country your rules.
  13. Pebble

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    It may not be quiet as relevant to the younger people today, But given NI history then what "side" you are on depends on if you might consider God save the Queen as your National Anthem. I'm betting the Welsh Anthem doesn't have any vowels in it.
  14. Pebble

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    Well I am English.
  15. Pebble

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    I can't remember a time when the team I support wins a penalty shoot-out. Makes a nice change.