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  1. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    sentence sent. my name can now be bolded in the first post.
  2. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    *withholds spankings, smokes and anything alcoholic.* privileges will resume when you get the next round in on time.
  3. Hmmmm Titancat yes Man at no they have recently split up. MG no, he has not come to a Titancon since he quite 2.5 years ago. We miss him very much. Not sure who else you would know. There is a list in the 1st post in the worldcon thread in the bab forum. We are sharing a thread as it's kinda a combined event for lots of us.
  4. Oh btw cos this is like my old home and I'm allowed to tell people now. TitanCon in Belfast is gonna be so awesome this year. Its 3 days after Dublin Worldcon ends. And GRRM is our Guest of honour. (was so tempted to use that as my Pictionary sentence, but it was an Official Secret at the time.) https://titancon.com/2019/index.php Also the Coach Tour on the Sunday goes to the Giants Causeway, Balintoy Harbour and Renly's Car park then there is an awesome feast once we are back in the hotel. the menu looks divine (but is an offical secret right now so can't share the menu) The Coach Tour, Feast and Lovely Beards are my personal area's of responisbility and my commitee roles. I'm also arranging a couple of trips to the GOT experiance between the 2 cons at a discount. Its gonna be awesome. Prices increase in a week. oh and we have a Cap on Memberships. We are not near it yet, but we just announced George at 7pm today.
  5. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    I was thinking the same, But as I've not played in a while I thought maybe things have changed. I think we can live with it for this game. Its not something we do, cos as the GM you have knowledge of the chain, what the pictures should be and that will influence you even if you try not to. the only way to practically fix is to look for a replacement. which is hard and may not happen. I say just continue and as this is your 1st GM and learn for the future.
  6. George R R Martin is Titancon guest of honour https://www.titancon.com/2019/guests.php Also I still have a spare bed in the Hilton
  7. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    mines in too
  8. I've not heard anything, but there will be an awesome TitanCon one. although that won't be just BwB
  9. E-mail them back again and ask how you upgrade. Memberships are not my area. I will pass this on however. I'm going to bed right now so can't chase up immediately. Edit. - I believe you have now been contacted by our membership people and given a workable solution.
  10. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    pfft. something about be quicker next time :p oh and I done my "sentence"
  11. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    your picture may get mistaken for mine. anyone else in the comp of crappyest picture?
  12. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    *starts waiting impatiently* I really hope people won't be late. by my calculation you have a few hours...... until deadline.
  13. you need to e-mail [email protected] they will be able to look you up and confirm what you paid and when.
  14. TitanCon - EuroCon 2019 memberships are back on sale https://www.titancon.com/2019/index.php Prices rise on the 25th of Feb. and those with supporting memberships have until 30th March to upgrade to full membership (or they won't hold membership space for you. we have a membership cap)
  15. Pebble

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    oooh Pictionary been a while, possibly cos I missed a couple of games and don't get invites anymore? can I play?