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  1. most UK councils also have a ceremonial mace. its tradition.
  2. and now the vote may be postponed.............
  3. what happens if the decide it is in contempt?
  4. don't do it. its really not worth it. save your brain cells and brain bleach.
  5. I know enough to know I don't want to read it. still the FB running commentary was funny.
  6. I never gave my oath. also promises where given long before you accepted people into your council. your oath contradicted an earlier promise.
  7. I'll give you a tidbit. It has some connection to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  8. oh there are more than just 6 others that know. maybe those 6 others know all the details, but some of the Theory guard have not been guarding things as well as OP hoped. and from what I know, you really don't want to know. its better to make up your own theories, about the content. and it will make more sense.
  9. Oh I'm sure we will here things about the theory. These kinda things become part of board legend, and not for the reasons the op probably thinks.
  10. Stop spoiling our fun. The op has created a lot of fun and ammusment, and dreams of pink stretch the return.
  11. He's not a baby any more. And would make a fine future us president.
  12. What do you expect from a lovable floob? they have never gotten hatted for the board. It's a bit like explaining what it was like before Google. They have no reference. The board was a lot different back in the day. A lot smaller, and a lot closer. People would meet up, get married and have babies. Not necessarily in that order. The scary thing is, some of those board babies will almost be old enough to post here. One is even a mod. So yeah everyone who has been here a while knows e drone else What took so long for us to sign up. Well most sometimes migrated from the book forums before the show was even a thing. It took a while for you to get noticed. When you have been together for so long, you form friendships and these ones are kinda special.
  13. wow, it almost reads like Gove is our the only thing potentially saving us from utter disaster and complete chaos. We are so screwed. *adds Mars bars to brexit stockplie*