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  1. If you try to get it signed at worldcon, but miss out due to queue length you can get it done at Titancon. Titancon should have a shorter queue. And it's a seated queue. But if we have more than expected we will have to stop people joining at some point. If you wait there is a risk you will miss out, but it's unlikely.
  2. Aww @theMountainGoat so wonderful to hear from you. You are much lo ed and very missed by the Titancon people. No hard feelings at all. And you were forgiven as soon as the initial shock wore off. We know you made a very hard decision and a personally painful one to you. But it was the right one so no-one will ever hold it against you. We would love to catch up sometime, and wish you were coming. But hey getting married, congrats. That's awesome. So happy for you both.
  3. I arrive at 8:10 tomorrow morning. and have an Airbnb
  4. Its technically too late for the feast, although we might be able to add couple of meals. I won't be able to find this out until titan con starts. but if you want in send me an E-mail [email protected] with your meal choices. - you will have to pay in cash. as for the coach tour, ask me in a couple of days. I have someone who wanted a couple of tickets but since they became available a last week I've not heard from again after asking for payment. If they don't make the deadline I've given them, then I'll sell them to you.
  5. Pebble

    Pictionary 45: topic tbd

    as I have sdaid many times I can't even think about playing until its September. I have TitanCon and Worldcon.
  6. you don't even need your passport to fly between London and Dublin, (well the airline my insist on it, but legally you don't need it. Boarder checks where a big thing of tension and a flash point during the troubles. Also the boarder has been so open for years now, that houses have been built over it. Its gonna be kind of hard to erect a physical boarder after No Deal. Almost as hard as building a wall between the US and Mexico, but more politically charged and more hated.
  7. No. Between UK and Ireland there are is free movement of peoples, as per the Good Friday Agreement and the End of the Troubles. This is one of the things that makes the backstop such a necessary thing. You might need to return to make sure your Visa is vaild before starting work / Education. but no-one will check on the boarder Yet. and being on vacation is different than staying.
  8. Oh on a seperate note I need your Help. It will take 5 mins or less. We (TitanCon) would like to put on a game show styled quiz. we need people to give us answers our panellists will need to try and guess. Please click the link and fill in the survey. Try to answer each question quickly and not give really clever answers. https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdDFYd7U8yJ8LFRc…/viewform… All answers are anonymous. Please only fill in the survey once. You don't have to be coming to TitanCon to give me answers. Oh if you spot a spelling error, please let me know and I will edit.
  9. Thank you, this is really great news. If you can both run it together will be awesome and you get to share the load. I'll get our head of program @MultiClassGeek to message you about when we can do this. We have all the equipment needed, so its just the actually running it that evening and keeping a list of who is singing what.
  10. thats a real bummer. especially as (until No deal brexit) there will be no boarder checks and free movement between over the boarder. Its a shame time wise you can't come to both, then flyback to activate your visa (shame you need to fly back at all really)
  11. TitanCon needs volunteers. It needs them for all roles. especially helping out during the days We also need someone to organise and run the Karaoke or there won't be one. Seriously this is a small job requiring just one evening of having fun. We have mikes, we have a laptop and internet access. - ya just need to run the list on the night and find the songs, and call out peoples names to come and sing / screech at us. The current committee all have lots of their own stuff to do and can't take on more.
  12. But the view from the top is awesome, Its a great spot to eat your packed lunch. and yes everyone apart from Peadar was broken, but they all went on a hike once they got to the top.
  13. IIRC it is at Glendalough that the stairs of Cirth Ungol can be found. These stairs completely broke me and left me unable to walk for a few days. (hobble yes just) several years ago (they had started filming the show or maybe just the pilot) when many of us all went to OctoCon. The view from the top is awesome though and I still totally blame Pod for making Peader lie when I asked if the walk is mostly flat and suitable for an unfit person who baled on the cliff walk due to the difficult expected terrain. I have forgiven, I will just never forget. Too much PTS but if you ask @Peadar he may be willing and able to take you.
  14. Pebble

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Well the stock market won't crash at the stroke of midnight, since it would have allready closed for the day. There may well be extra fireworks. Since it is firework month yes it's supposed to be on the 5th, maybe the weekend before and after, but it's been a long while since we didn't seem to set them off nightly for a whole month before and after. I do predict a higher amount of Boris "guys" this year. For the record I was invited to a brexit firework party that was supposed to happen in March.
  15. For those wanting the TitanCon Feast, you need to book NOW. Orders close at midnight on the 5th of August (which is tomorrow)
  16. well thats that then. 2:1 for Boris. We are so fucked. I kinda hope that those 501 rejected ballots are all for Mike
  17. Pebble

    What should be done... about climate change

    I read a interesting artical about growing mini forests 10 times faster than normal https://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/grow-100-year-old-forest-your-backyard-just-10-years.html so with the right conditions we won't have to wait 100 years for the real benefit
  18. Pebble

    Pictionary 45: topic tbd

    Other people may have being more diplomatic. there is a reason however that ASOIAF Spoilers are only allowed in certain parts of the board. Its not a bad topic as long as everyone is aware they may get spoiled if they play or follow the game. The game needs to be clearly marked as such in the collection of games thread to warn others later. Some people have very different views on spoilers. There is no correct one to be had other than Try not to spoil people who are actively trying to avoid them. Its a good policy not to allow sentences that involve very recent films, especially big ones that have not been released globally. Using characters or films in other settings is not a problem as its obviously not a spoiler that Harry Potter has 2 wands and is Darth Vader's Daddy. Its a subjective thing and something you should use your judgement on and if a chain develops in a certain way maybe ask the next person if they are ok with it before sending. for example in one game I modded. The Force awakens had just come out in the UK. Someone misidentified a character as "the Silver Storm trooper lady" and also mentioned another SW character (OT). It was totally out of context to any films and should be obvious had no relevance to the film (apart from TFA having a Silver Storm Trooper Lady in it). However Lany had been working very hard to avoid everything SW until she had seen the film. Lany had not even seen any Movie posters or knew in advance who any of of the actors would be. Lany considered a description of someone in a the movie poster to be a spoiler, so I had to get the sentence re-described. I think I asked her something like "If you have seen the movie posters you will be aware this person is in the film even if you don't know their name. Other than that the sentence has no relevance to the film, the sentence also mentions a character from the Original or Prequel Trilogy that may or may not be in the latest film" If you change theme, make sure everyone who has sent you a themed sentence re-makes theirs. I however can't play no matter what the theme is until September.
  19. Pebble

    Pictionary 45: topic tbd

    I already said I can't play until September. Also I would not go near a spoiler ASOIAF game. I've not read any spoiler chapters and I've worked very hard not to know anything about them. Do not ask me to Sub in this game.
  20. Coach tour and feast are the only planned things on the Sunday right now. We don't have the Hilton venue anymore other than for the feast. There may be a last minute addition as there has always been vauge talk about organising some touristy things in Belfast or a picnic somewhere. But as far as I know nothing has happened as those that would run such things are all on the coach tour. It would be a good day to do the GOT touring expo (remember there is a discount code, pm me if you need it )or titanic experience. Depends. Most people use their real name, I normally use Pebble. Remember Titancon Teeshirts need to be ordered by the 15th which is Monday, when we put the order in to the printers. Titancon will not post them, but if you ask here I'm sure someone (maybe even me) will be willing to collect and post on your behalf.
  21. There are only 6 Coach Tour tickets left. So if you are thinking about coming but not bought your tickets yet, now is the time. https://titancon.com/2019/coach_tour.php
  22. Pebble

    Workable Canadianism

    Is unworkable Canadaism a Canada Plus style brexit? - We know its not politically workable as it has far too many unicorns.
  23. have my cheat sheet. Use the table for however many players you have https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1POjB11jDkRGxzL-_acFnqlGFBVAwlYfJcuo1wKKPBqU/edit?usp=sharing Copy that into your own document. / drive randomly assign player names to numbers. and replace the numbers with player names in the table. Make a 2nd copy of the correct table for player numbers underneath. (edit this one with peoples descriptions / link to drawing) you make a copy so when you stick something in incorrectly you can see where you have gone wrong. It will happen. Have fun and don't panic. send out prompting e-mails about 24hrs before, and 6-12hrs before (if not heard anything) deadlines. Don't be affraid to swap people out or ask for replacements.
  24. Not till after Titancon
  25. TitanCon's T-shirts are now on sale. Check out our Merchandise page. Its a little later than planned as we had some technical issues. If you would like a T-shirt they must be pre-ordered by the 15th July. If you are not coming to TitanCon and would like a shirt then find someone willing to collect on your behalf. TitanCon will not be responsible for posting T-shirts. I am willing to post a limited number of shirts, (although if you live the other side of the Atlantic it may be cheaper if you found someone more local to you who can collect for you) A limited number of coach tour tickets are still available. Feast tickets are still available.