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  1. Sorry - but what a bullshit OP. You can't push the cry-baby SJW/PC world we are being forced to live in onto a purely fictional world that was the product of one mans imagination. Disney tried that...didn't work too well for them. Either grow a set or slither back to your safe space.
  2. Funniest part was the red soldier in charge of one of the scorpions yelling out "FIRE" just as he was fried.
  3. 7 - maybe would have been higher if it wasn't billed as 'the best hour of TV yet', which it clearly wasn't. No Stoneheart...if she does make an appearance in S5 then HBO have missed a great opportunity for Michelle Farley to do promo work (which she does so well!). And a big spoiler for the readers with Jojen dying. Agree with previous comments; they can waste big chunks of each episode with filler such as Tyrion's beetle speech, but couldn't spare 5 mins for SH or Tyrion/Tywin's full dialogue?
  4. 8. Rorge and Biter...two sensational characters relegated to a footnote. The rest was pretty good.
  5. 9. Would have been a 10 but for the introduction of Hizdar which was a bit weak IMO for a character that will have quite an important role later on.
  6. I gave it a 9; less visually "wow" but a lot more thought-provoking than Eps 1-5. A lot of set-ups...not just for upcoming episodes, but for upcoming seasons! The Arya/Mel conversation may not make sense for a couple of years. Osha and Meera did not travel together in the books, so the tension between the two could be creative license, or it could be a lead-in to the group splitting up. Arya the Archer I hear some people say? Well, it's one thing to write about a pre-pubescent girl who becomes a sword-weilding prodigy...but another thing to train a teenage girl to give realistic sword fighting scenes later on. It's just my opinion, but having her use a bow gives the same result in the end. One thing's for sure; next week is going to be a cracker!
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