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  1. Skoboe

    Is Arya already dead?

    That last scene with the horse just seemed a bit too surreal. There was no one else around. That horse was almost blown apart at the gates (assuming in was Stricklands horse). And the preview scene for next episode...all the soldiers are standing in formation, they've all been cleaned up, but Arya is still covered in blood and ashes and looking very confused/panicked. It's like no one notices she's there.
  2. Skoboe

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Sorry - but what a bullshit OP. You can't push the cry-baby SJW/PC world we are being forced to live in onto a purely fictional world that was the product of one mans imagination. Disney tried that...didn't work too well for them. Either grow a set or slither back to your safe space.
  3. Skoboe

    Arya and the Horse

    Ha! If he was a real Mel Brooks fan, The Mountain would be getting around on an ox and eating beans.
  4. Skoboe

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I thought it was one of the most epic deaths ever on screen, and perfectly reflected what the Hound would have done. The hate between the two brothers, although public knowledge, was intensely private. A battle with witnesses would have diminished that. Well played DnD, well played.
  5. Skoboe

    An Intentional Bit of Humor?

    Funniest part was the red soldier in charge of one of the scorpions yelling out "FIRE" just as he was fried.
  6. Skoboe

    Arya and the Horse

    There was also the wooden horse toy the little girl was holding as she was torched. But for me, it reminded me of the scene with Nymeria...Arya almost spellbound as she approached the wolf. What were her words then? "It's not really you" or something?
  7. Skoboe

    Arya and Jaime

    I put a post together about this years ago, well before Arya turned into a killing machine, but was quickly put back in my box. The thing is, Maisie Williams is right handed. But since the season opener, she has acted left-handed as book-Arya is left handed. During season 1 or 2, she was quoted as saying she wanted to 'stay in character' or something...but really - if you've ever tried to learn to use your other hand you'd know how hard it is, and it would have been the easiest change to make between the book and the show. And then Jaime loses his right hand and has to learn to fight left handed. Then Arya learns to kill and take peoples faces. Seeing any connections there? What are the chances that Jaime dies in EP05, but Arya takes his face then kills Cersei? Or have the leaks already spelled out something else?
  8. Skoboe

    Those kids?

    It's fantasy...not a modern day university campus where people need safe spaces because racism is 'everywhere'...fantasy. You can't project your own world views into a non-existent universe.
  9. Skoboe

    A theory about the Night King

    Not quite - he caused the fire to dissipate before he could walk through it.
  10. Skoboe

    A theory about the Night King

    Of course it's reasonable. Every castle has emergency bolt-holes...the Night King has been around for thousands of years, and is in Brans head. There's every chance he knows Winterfell better than any current Stark does.
  11. Skoboe

    Who is Going to Die

    His full redemption arc...he'll die heroically of course, but it will mean nothing if no one is around to record his story. In my mind, Brienne is the logical choice to do that.
  12. Skoboe

    Who is Going to Die

    Won't be Bran - game over for Westeros if he does. Won't be Arya - the "we WILL meet again" thing between her and Melisandre hasn't happened yet Won't be Sansa - she is too clever by half now Won't be Jaime - his destiny lies south in the next big battle (where he'll die). Plus Bronn hasn't made his way to Winterfell yet. Won't be Brienne - she now idolises Jaime, and someone needs to finish his entry in the Kingsguard book Won't be The Hound - he's unkillable, and the NK took his chicken Won't be Gendry - the last Baratheon...he'll have a part to play in the KL battle Won't be Jon - he's been the main player the entire time Might be Varys - but I doubt it. He's had one line so far this season, so unless he has a Littlefinger type death scene I can't see his character being written off just yet. Might be Daenerys - her whole world just crumbled. She might do something stupid. Most likely - Grey Worm, Missandei, Ser Jorah, Ser Davos, Podrick, Edd, Ser Beric, and Tormund; simply cause he's a mad man and will take a hit meant for someone else. But definitely - everyone in the Crypts (except Arya). I'm sure the Soup Girl from Ep2 with the burn scar is one of Qyburns little birds. She only has to kill one person, then you have a wight…from there it's all bad news...Gilly, Sam, Tyrion...everyone. And Theon - him and his Ironborn guard will die protecting Bran.
  13. Skoboe

    Those kids?

    Another thing I noticed was that the soup girl was very bold and chatty, while almost every other northerner in Winterfell is very distrustful of these 'southerners'...as shown by the interaction between Missandei and the other two young girls shortly after the soup scene. I hope everyone saying it was just a throwback for Davos is right, but there was something odd about soup girl.
  14. Skoboe

    Those kids?

    Looked like burns. Didn't the little birds help distribute the wildfire around Kings Landing?
  15. Seemed to be a bit of focus on getting the children into the crypts, and the one scene where the little girl was getting her soup. Followed by another scene with a couple of kids. What are the chances Qyburn has slipped a few of his little birds up north? Maybe to open the back door into Winterfell?