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    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    (WOO FIRST POST!) I know she wasn't in the scene, but could it have been Margery who killed Ros? It may just be coincidence but in the Joffrey/Margery scene a few episodes ago Joffrey was pretty excited about the thought of watching Margery shoot someone. I know it was only Joffrey shown in the room, but he could have been sitting there for a while. Also, if anyone knew/found out about Margery's participation in this little 'experiment' they could use it as blackmail or evidence (If she was in some sort of... trial? :P ). Her involvement in the killing of an 'innocent' woman could have some seriously negative connotations about how the small folk view her. Anyway, i'm probably reading into this to much, but i'm new to this site and seeing all the forums about the books makes me thinks I REALLY need to read more into EVERYTHING!