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    How would you rate episode 310?

    Just want to say that if Disney were in charge, they would have everyone singing in the last scene. Yes, it was that bad. That the whole thing was completely set up didn´t help either. There was a lot of good too, to be fair, though.
  2. Death by Cupcakes

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Ah, the leeches scene: In the book, Melisandre is possibly hundreds of years old, does not need sustenance, is immune to poisons and extreme temperatures. In the show she is now forced to trickery/sexual baiting to get royal blood... that´s not worthy of her. The Burning of the Leeches: Not that impressive either. I would have wished a something like the scene where she showed Stannis the vision in the flames; that one was a lot more powerful, erotic even. Honestly, I wish they would have used Gendry in the original Edric Storm role and kept the leeches between Stannis and Melisandre. Besides, how much blood did they suck, exactly, in those 30 seconds between being applied and removed again? The Marriage: The actual ceremony was way too short, Sansa entering the Sept and getting her coat and that´s it? Granted, there is no need for the full thing, but at least a short speech of the Septon would have fleshed this out a lot. And Sansa kneeling actually gave the whole wedding a lot of dignity, probably more than if Tyrion had used the ladder which Joffrey took. Daario: I must admit I actually hate him in the book. Every time he opens his mouth it is extremly annoying. I also think he will betray Daenerys. The one in the show is too nice for my taste. That´s only the negative points, of course, there was a lot awesome things as well.