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  1. The principal difference between pre- and post-resurrection Jon is that post is stupider. Perhaps Melisandre missed some brain cells.
  2. Diana Riggs vs. Boonioff: who would win? And yes, the sex scenesx in the books are kind of gross. I commonly skip them. But then the show does this weird thing where prostitutes like being prostitutes. Except maybe Ros. Remember the sad music when LF's bordello is destroyed?
  3. Este menos terribil che meu. And now I'm expecting to get a sentence in Rumanian next round. Eek.
  4. It's true, the Snarks aren't very smart. Although the dumbest is smarter than Tyrion the Morion. Dinklage is quite amusing on the subject. "They're hiding in the CRYPTS, where the DEAD people are! So BLEAH!" (If I quoted that already, I apologise.)
  5. Not much new here; but: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eJLWPfS754 Boonioff's wife is amusing. I didn't know he *had* a wife. No comment!
  6. I'm in. May be slow at times, or not.
  7. Dany was mean to the slavers. Will no one weep for Kraznys? There's a Dragon video on the new Netflix show. I haven't seen it yet.
  8. Yikes, Orson's beetles. I guess they had to do something once they cut out Jaime's Tysha confession. Despite that being an ongoing plot element mentioned earlier in season 4. I wasn't at all a ranter during season 4. But the beetles made me cringe. (It seemed to go on for ever, too.)
  9. I suspect a lot of what Emilia and the other actors get blamed for is more down to the direction/writing. D&D have a way of micromanaging actors' facial expressions. TPTF: These Performances, These Faces. Dany's death being an example.
  10. Season 1: This looks cool. What's going on? What's a Targarian? Season 2: This looks cool. What's going on? I guess I'd better read these books. Oh. But why did they do that weird stuff to Dany? Why is Robb a jerk? Why have Jaime kill that chap? Season 3: This is pretty good! Season 4: This is pretty good. BUT .... Season 5: This is pretty goo ... Sansa going to Winterfell doesn't make sense, but there'll probably be a payoff ... oh, there wasn't ... bad WHAT??????? ... oh, come ON! Season 6: This is less shocking than last season, but that doesn't mean it's GOOD ... Arya's indestructible! ... the North kinda forgot ... Heaven knows I'm the last thing from a military tactician; but come ON! ... R+L! ... well, that sept blowing up was cool and I do like the Targaryen fleet. But bheh. Season 7: Cool, they're on Dragonstone ... mad Arya confirmed ... wait, Westeros responds to blowing up the sept with a collective shrug? ... this romance is very subtle ... Tyrion is an idiot ... this wight hunt looks cool. So what if it makes no sense; nothing else does, either. Best just look at the pretty stuff. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Season 8: Maybe this won't be bad ... I can't SEE anything ... they really don't like dialogue, do they? ... oh, come ON! ... Dany will listen to her better ange.... well, this fire is pretty .... wait, WHAT just happened? ... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! you just ruined your own show!!!!!! ... may as well watch this last episode, I guess ... they really DON'T like dialogue, do they?
  11. Eeeenteresting. Although he does say nice things about the Ds. I guess the actors can't straight-out trash them, non-disclosure and whatnot. Not to mention airing dirty laundry, and the show wasn't so bad when Tywin was alive.
  12. Season 2 I was still trying to figure out what was going on. I'd not yet read the books, so was less critical. I did find Robb a bit of a jerk and Dany in Qarth a bit what-the-blazes. (My first what-the-blazes moment was the sexposition scene at the end of season 1.) After I read, I thought: Wow, Dany is way better in the books. Jeyne is rather colourless compared to Talisa. (Though Talisa was perhaps a little ... random?) But I liked book-Robb better. I continued this on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand approach until season 5. Even during season 5, I at first thought there might be a payoff. When there wasn't, I went back and revised my earlier ratings downwards. Afterwards I was far more critical.
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