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  1. Why apologise? I thought it was hilarious. Theme for next game could be: how ASOIAF ends: final sentences. Or some such rot.
  2. Thanks for the game! Comments and highlights: My Farmer George threw WOW into the dustbin. It's not too far a jump from WOW to the carbon cycle, though. Urinal turning into a pig? Yikes! That's picto! The Arnolfini thread ended up not far from Apres-midi d'un faune. I'm impressed that the clocks stayed clocks. If I'd got the first picture they would have turned into demon-jellyfish pronto. Very amusing!
  3. I'm definitely interested; took me a while to view because I'm doing other stuff. Furtner comments presently. I thught I was in a bonus chain? I don't see myself in there.
  4. Oh, I bet my number 4 is wrong. (Numbers fairly arbitrary.) Should be interesting!
  5. Sent. After shutting down my computer 3 times because I got sick of waiting for it to do basic things. We regret the delay. (I don't know if my computer really was responsible for my missing gthe deadline; bbut may as well get *some* use out of the thing.)
  6. Egad. Jaime killing his cousin. I hadn't even read the books yet, but my reaction was "What!?" This doesn't at all mean, of course, that I'd turned on the show. But also wasn't big on Qarth.
  7. Yes, Gandalf said something about ti, either in Shadow of the Past or Council of Elrond. I didn't mind Talisa either. Of course, I hadn't yet read the books. What bothered me was that Robb was a bit of a jerk. One thing I hated in season 4 was the torture scenes. I just didn't watch them. I'd forgotten about them until recently.
  8. Yah, I can't really comment on SW, since I stopped at EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. I read novellization of PHANTOM MENACE and wasn't impressed. The DARTHS AND DROIDS version was entertaining, though. Anomaly's interesting because he's a (mostly) show-only chap who turned on the show. (He's also very likeable.)
  9. And Aragorn was evil and burnt Minas tirith. Has anyone seen Anomaly's livestreams revisiting Season 8? Watching the Blu-Ray commentaries and generally hating on everything. (Almost everything.) Long but fun. (It would be nice if I could get them in order; but:) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=anomaly+a.+i.+core+season+8+game+of+thrones
  10. The thging that hopped to mind is there's no one to rfestrain Ramsay. What if Sansa came to WF *in the books*?
  11. And: congratulations to the joint winners! Very much deserved! Thank you, dolorous chap!
  12. Was there contention? Maybe the health hoohah put people in a mood?
  13. The theme is optional anyway, as I recall.
  14. @Ser Not Appearing? @Meera of Tarth?
  15. No "WOOF0WOOF GRRRRRR BOW-WOW!!!!" for me. I'll just chill, dudes. *Puff puff*
  16. Bother. Now we probably shan't be able to vote for that.
  17. JuliaH definitely deserved the win. But I can't help thinking Grenn should have got more votes. 7 FTW 6 8
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