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  1. Thanks for the game! Comments and highlights:

    My Farmer George threw WOW into the dustbin. It's not too far a jump from WOW to the carbon cycle, though.

    Urinal turning into a pig? Yikes! That's picto!

    The Arnolfini thread ended up not far from Apres-midi d'un faune.

    I'm impressed that the clocks stayed clocks. If I'd got the first picture they would have turned into demon-jellyfish pronto.

    Very amusing!

  2. Quote

    I have no idea where this quote box came from.

    God help us.


    1. Madam Arnolfini and her friend with a pearl earring gossip over a cup of tea on the cafe terrace late in the evening. A couple of Turks is having a nice midnight picnic: they are sitting on a blancket, drinking wine, in the middle of a meadow with their dog (which wears a fez like its masters).
    2. In the distance, waters lap against a cliff while on the other side a pool merges blues, and closer at hand melting clocks hang off the branch of a bare tree, a wall, a dead, bird like thing and on another watch ants crawl in place of hands. A bird on a branch overlooks five ants which have sunglasses and play with alarm clocks, while a jug floating in the sky with a donut tries to extinguish a clock on fire.
    3. A hairy dog is kicked back smoking a cigar in his easy chair, reading a newspaper, next to a table with a lamp, more cigars and a cold beer. On a lovely day, Doggie sits at a shady, seaside cafe reading the newspaper with an open, heart-shape box of chocolates on the table at his elbow.
    4. A red-headed man in a black coat holding a walking stick, standing alone on some rocks, is looking out over a sea of mist churning in a mountainous valley that has rocky islands peeking through it. Hipster moon-boy weeps for humanity as the scorching rays of the sun set his beard aflame.
    5 . A confused and worried sun shone down upon Old McDonalds farm, which contained many animals including goat, chickens, cross dressing Rocksniffer in a sheep (ewe) costume, a cow, speed camera, picture of the carbon cycle, bucket of fries, a sealion and severed giraffe's head, and diomends snapped animal. Dad, I'm not convinced that a pitchfork is the most effective way to promote social distancing...
    5. Feeling Mischievious Rocksniffer steals the "wand" from Michoangalo's "David". Standing in a barrel of water, a man with an invisible head watches as the turtleneck man, holding his shiny nail, is being stalked by a smoking rat who thinks the nail is a joint of high quality weed.
    6. Picasso drew dragon-riding Pictionary players conquering Westeros. Young man’s sad lollypop bursts, bluebirds fly out of it, the largest of which is ridden by Young man and his grandma, who fly it over an atomic cloud - somehow Donald Trump’s involved too.
    7. A porcelein urinal. The diver is surrounded by floating blobs and is being threatened by pig eating fish so he thinks of a way to confuse his attackers by organizing the blobs into a grid he can hide in.  



  3. Sent. After shutting down my computer 3 times because I got sick of waiting for it to do basic things. We regret the delay. (I don't know if my computer really was responsible for my missing gthe deadline; bbut may as well get *some* use out of the thing.)

  4. And Aragorn was evil and burnt Minas tirith.

    Has anyone seen Anomaly's livestreams revisiting Season 8? Watching the Blu-Ray commentaries and generally hating on everything. (Almost everything.) Long but fun.

    (It would be nice if I could get them in order; but:) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=anomaly+a.+i.+core+season+8+game+of+thrones

  5. On 5/25/2020 at 8:57 AM, She who must be Obeyed said:

    Wow! It seems like an honest mistake was made and in my opinion it shouldn't be such an issue. :o

    The entries this game have been great across the board and I am sure that the host as well as each player has made every effort to do the right thing. I am reminded that we all have made mistakes at one time or another. It is just a game that is supposed to be for fun, after all, and the results aren't world shattering.

    My advice is lighten up! ^_^

    Furthermore it hasn't changed my mind about my enjoyment of the game or my choices for this round, which are as follows:

    1) 5 -  it is the best one this round "E" or no "E" ! :cheers:

    2) 8

    3) 7

    Final observation, for what it is worth, we are all friends here and when a game becomes so contentious perhaps it is time to take a break. Thanks @Dolorous Gabe for stepping in and hosting when I think I was supposed to do it, but since I had never done it before I was hesitant to take charge because I was afraid I might not be as good at it as you. B)

    Was there contention? Maybe the health hoohah put people in a mood?

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