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  1. Aegon to Dany sounds fine to me. One could also do one from Stannis. I'm not fussy.
  2. Season 1: This looks cool. What's going on? What's a Targarian? Season 2: This looks cool. What's going on? I guess I'd best read this icy fire thingie. Oh. So why did they do that to Dany and Robb? What's with making Jaime kill that chap? Season 3: This is pretty good! Season 4: This is pretty good. BUT ... Season 5: This is pretty goo... The rationale for Sansa going to Winterfell makes no sense; but it might still be coo... Oh, it wasn't ... Bad WHAT? ... Oh, come ON! Season 6: Well, this isn't quite so shocking as last season; but that doesn't make it good ... I like the Jon-Sansa meeting ... The North kinda forgot ... I'm the last thing from a military tactician; but come ON! ... Arya's plot armour is through the roof ... Well, the ending was kind of cool; but still ... Season 7: Oh, cool, they're arriving in Westeros ... Did everyone kinda forget the sept, or what? ... This. Makes. No. Sense. Even by GOT standards. Best just look at the pretty stuff... Pretty, pretty, pretty! Season 8: Maybe this won't be so bad ... I can't see anything. ... They really don't like dialogue, do they? ... Oh, come ON! ... Okay, will the ending at least be mindlessly enjoyable? ... These flames look pretty ... Wait, what just happened? ... Nooooooooooooo!!!!! ... You just ruined your own show! ... Well, may as well just watch this last episode .... They really don't like dialogue, do they?
  3. Also, they had a good cast crew who helped carry the show in sppite of the writing. The writers didn't perhaps play to the actors' real talents, but what they imagined were their talents. ""Kit Harrington can make a brooding face," etc. "These performances, these faces," as the Dragon chap likes to quote.
  4. Tyrion says stupid things and is considered a genius. (My theory being that the Tyrion of the last few seasons was actually his idiot brother Morion.) Cersei mostly stared out from the balcony in season 8. The more I learn from the Dragon Demands about the D-chaps' lack of even the most basic qualifications and about their general modus operandi, the more I marvel that the show wasn't worse.
  5. Artistic licence? Although maybe I can't talk. I added the demon corona viruses, after all. And I gave Jaime and Cersei mirrors because they're Lannisters and like nothing so much as staring at themselves in the mirror.
  6. OK, now that I'm over sulking because of my poor showing last round (meanies! WAH!), and jolly well knowing I don't have a hope this round with all the brilliant entries, here goes: 5 (this should win by a landslide) 6 4 I'd completely forgot about the seal stand-in, and thought it was a reference to krakens. "They're molluscs, not pinnipeds!" Duh to that, too.
  7. I was warging you, though. Next time I host, I'll have bonuses too. That'll give me a chance to make more weird sentences.
  8. Yeah, Kossinna was a German archaeologist. He had some kind of theory ... oh, bother, I'll have to check the book ... Half a moment ... It's in works by Peter Heather. Loosely, Kossinna held for unchanging closed group identities and Wenskus emphasised discontinuity. The details aren't really the point, though. The point is Arya read up on this stuff is using it to dis the version of Westerosi history she's being taught. Probably you had to be there. I like the lion-to-poodle move.
  9. Wowoo! My demon NW corona viruses turned into cockroaches AND flowers. AND ... I'm not sure what I drew ... stars? more viruses ... turned into Dothraki. Qyburn was Tintin. Briefly. Mean Dothraki turned into Putin, which is perhaps not too far off the mark. Kossinna became Pacman. Which seems reasonable. Then Arya and Septa Mordane turned into mouthless space aliens. I guess Darth Vader to Black Knight iisn't too far off. But wow. Jaime acquires a poodle hat (that thing was meant to be a lion. And Jaime and Cersei have mirrors because they're Lannisters.) I don't know what the blazes happened to that last bonus.
  10. I *hope* what I drew wasn't one of Sniffer's fantasies! Eek.
  11. Finally finished my satirical video on Game of Thrones character arcs. It's very amateur, of course. The worst thing is the lag between audio and visual. But to paraphrase Dr. Johnson, it's like a dog standing on its hind feet: it is not well done, but the wonder consists in its being done at all. Hopefully at least it's amusing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX4ZqECs1KU
  12. If any of these are right, it's strictly a coincidence:
  13. Eenteresting. The last sentence I was given to draw could have been a third as long and conveyed essentially the same information. I guess it'll be interesting to see how mine compares to the original picture. And: Rocksniffer was in that, too, somehow or other. This game is weird.
  14. Themes are for 8th-graders or something. Not to bring up THAT. I'll vote presently. I thought mine was funny until I saw the other entries. Yikes!!!
  15. I did get a couple of corona-ish things to draw. I tried to make them amusing, though. Luckily, in describing one has some poetic licence and can turn them into space hedgehogs.
  16. I should clarify. When *I* use it, it's primitive! So you drew my avatar in Paint? Bear chap is AWOL, is he?
  17. After all, *I*'m primitive. No computer, when I type text I want that text on my screen. I do not want you to suddenly go all the way to the top of the page.
  18. Time for Pictarys? Paint's primitive, but works fine in my experience. So long as you're not fussy.
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