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  1. Episode 4: I keep going back and forth between 8 and 9. The Meereen segment was quite good, although at first I wondered what on earth was going on. Grey Worm's speech was very impressive, and Ser B finally gets to do something. Although speaking of doing something, I'm feeling the force of the complaint that Jorah doesn't get to do very much. I also wonder if it would've been better to place this segment at the end. Anyway, I enjoyed almost all the segments, especially in the first two-thirds, but would single out all the scenes with Jaime; the Queen of Thorns; and Ser Pounce turning up after all. BIG SCREAMING SPOILER: SP ends up ruling the Seven Kingdoms when the series is over. And I liked the Night's Watch better than usual, although I got a bit lost north of the Wall again. I used to get confused because I hadn't read the books; now I get confused because I have. Superb landscapes, though. I also hope that was Coldhands. I'm not terribly sure about the CK plot, although Jon's speech and interaction with SA were very good.
  2. I really don't like how they had her lock X and the handmaiden in the tomb. I could see killing them, but that's too horrible and IMO out of character. So I just pretend it didn't happen. WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS was also kind of lame.
  3. I gave it a 7, although Tywin and Daenerys almost raised it to an 8, and there were some good references to earlier seasons in the Sansa and Cersei scenes (that alliterates). The QOT also didn't disappoint. And the Pod farewell, quite touching. Mainly Charles Dance raises the bar in practically every scene he's in, although The principal reason I gave a star to the Daenerys scene was the Valyrian speech. And I'm now wondering if the Unsullied's training included voice lessons. Not too sure about the Arya/Hound scene, though it does give the perspective of the ordinary people, which is a pretty important theme in the books. Even less sure about the wildling raid, which shows us that that cannibal guy is icky, which we already knew. Of course it segues into the Night's Watch, but I'm not sure it was needed. Good to see more of Aemon. Too much sex, of course, and of not terribly good quality; but that comes with the territory and is true of the books as well.
  4. I like this episode a good deal better than the first. The dialogue and pacing felt better, somehow. Some highlights: Oberyn out-lannistering the Lannisters with the sarcasm not really bothering to conceal itself under the mock civility. And none of them had a comeback. The Boltons. Roose may start giving Tywin a run for his money. Tyrion's confrontations with Joffrey and Shae. Cersei undermining Margaery. Head-scratchers: was the party really the best place for Tyrion to have a tête-à-tête with Bronn about the woman he is (I presume) trying to protect?
  5. Perhaps this episode really merits a 7; but I'm so glad the season started up that I gave it an 8 anyway. The best parts, as is not uncommon, involved the Lannisters, especially Jaime. Sansa was decent; she's more open with Tyrion than in the books, but also has more of an attitude. I like the bit with the Hound and Arya at the end. What had me scratching my head was the bit with Grey Worm and Daario. What the? I wasn't sure what was going on with the wildlings, either. Anyway, I found it good but not great.
  6. watched 1st 2 seasons of the TV series, then got the books and did them. season 3 was the 1st i watched while already mostly knowing what wd happen. i don't think i'd heard of the books before watching the show; but found out about them through searching web in desperate attempt to follow what was happening in the show.
  7. One further complicating factor in the books (I can't recall for certain in the show, but I think the same holds) is that Qhorin had charged Jon with doing "whatever the wildlings asked of him"; and he interpreted that as including hooha-ing with Ygritte. (There are some details missing in the show; I particularly like that .) As for Shae, this is what I suspect as well, but I wonder where they'll go with the jealousy. Maybe nowhere.
  8. I think one of the things that are clearer in the books is the degree to which Jon sruggled with this very issue. We don't get inside his mind in the show to anything like the same extent as in the books. For Gilly vs. Ygritte, what jumps to mind is that Gilly was in some sense seeking asylum; Ygritte was not. Also, she was fighting against the watch, while Gilly was an unarmed refugee.
  9. 9/10. The only things I didn't like were the Jon/Ygritte dialogue (a bit corny) and the final scene, given that the episode was named for it, was rather anticlimactic IMO. Not bad, necessarily; but would have been better if there'd been more substance (e.g., if they'd included the Yunkai battle here). Also, while I'm nitpicking, the Theon/Reek scene could have been shorter. I enjoyed everything else, especially the council scene, which I've been hoping for all season, although , the Bolton/Frey gloating party, Tyrion/Tywin mutual contempt. Also,
  10. 9/10 The Daenerys scene was OK, but not up to the level of her earlier scenes this season. Bran/Rickon very good, best this season. See, they didn't need the Osha-Reed b*tchier-than-thou-fest. Red Wedding: well done (there are some book lines I'd have liked kept in); Michelle Fairley was excellent (and horribly underused this season, bleah), Roose Bolton guy also good. Not surprised they cut Jinglebell; even apart from the outrage, probably not important enough a character for them to bother. Oh, and Arya good; they seem to have softened her, as it's hard to imagine book-Arya saying "please" to Sandor (with my luck, it’ll turn out there are a million book-citations of her doing just that). All my votes are provisional until I see it on DVD, though.
  11. Gave it an 8. Who knows, maybe on the rewatch on DVD I'll jack it up to a 9. Depends on my mood. I like everything with Daenerys -- although Daario's voice is a little high. I like the wway she keeps her cool when the guy suddenly turns up. Wedding decent, though yes, drunk Tyrion did seem a bit overdone. Good final scene. And I'm sure Coldhands will turn up in due course. I also liked Cersei's not terribly veiled threat to Margaery and Davos psychoanalysing Stannis, not to mention that Stannis is a bit more like Stannis now.
  12. Gave it an 8. I think I'd have to be really disappointed to give an episode less than that. Nothing screamingly exciting, and heavy on setting things up, which is fine. Highlights: Tywin vs. Joffrey, though I miss the family council in the books, where Tywin is much more devastating IMO. Dany. Too short, though. Pretty much anything with Jaime in it. Nice to see Sansa growing up and Margaery being Margaery. Blackfish's assessment of Frey. Jon explaining to Ygritte that she knows nothing. Arya. But basta mit der Theon-torture already.
  13. Liked it, but not up to the last two epsiodes. Did not care for BWB selling Gendry. Olenna vs. Tywin: good, but not as good as I expected. High points: Ramsay's true colors, Roose, Tyrion/Cersei, maybe Edmure marriage thingy. Other stuff pretty decent. I wonder why they bothered w/ Roz if they were just going to kill her off? I thought they must be saving her up for something. Gave it an 8.
  14. Is it just me, or is Littlefinger also a lot less witty in the show than in the books? I'm still not sure where they're going with Stannis; but so far I still prefer book-Stannis.
  15. Shireen teaching Davos to read: so touching. Bother about the hair, though. Lannister family councils are always entertaining, because they can't stand each other and are devastatngly witty about it. Although I've missed the bit where . Bath and Arya/Gendry. Robb seems to be growing up a bit. Grey Worm and Daenerys Jelmaazmo; Ser Barrestan vs. Jorah.
  16. The fact that I would have found excellent even without the Daenerys scene at the end speaks for itself. As someone said, I really like TV Margaery. She has more drive than in the books, I think. I'm ssaving up my 10s, though. (Somehow I don't remember the Bran segment. Must have blunked it out.)
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