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  1. I dreamt a Pictionary player was wondering what a picture was, and I said something like "mermaids" and to check the Acrophobia thread. Then we started recruiting random people in the classroom as minions.

    Theon/Reek and Ramsays occupied a house; some females helped an escape, one of them (a sorceress) had been with Ramsay, but changed sides.


  2. Blessed if I know most of these, but:


     Count Ballerions ill advised rebellion is swiftly and mercilessly crushed by Empress Pebbles spamperial troops. Count Balerion is arrested by the Flower Power Pebble sisters, while Belt Pebble makes the Turkish guy disappear ... also, invisible Harry Potter and Rocksniffer.

    A pantless, smokeless Rocksniffer cyborg is recharging his bird-shaped flashlight by holding a flaming yellow cord. A hippie surfs on his dog while another runs next to hers, both trying to outrace a thunderstorm from their peace bus to a tent.

    During a moonless and starless night Loki thinks his date with a Ninja is going perfectly, the ninja is contemplating darkness. Pacman was eating some little white dots when, suddenly, he was transposed on top of a ninja body and Loki came to ask him to a romantic dinner.

    The Easter Bunny delivers Toilet rolls and pasta instead of eggs this year. In 2020, Easter baskets won't contain eggs, but toilet paper and fresh, hot, tasty-smelling pie.

    As his dog smokes, Pebbles asks unshaven man with suspenders, cap, an elephant doll on his pants to draw a king - Peb's happy with results. Peb's magic probe renders man and dog pantless.     :spank:  

    MI-6 sends quadruple 00009 to practice his boomerang throw at a picture of a prehistoric camelops standing in the desert. With dark clouds blocking the horizon and Sauron's great eye looking everywhere for him, Aragorn prepares to enter the paths of the dead with Gimli and Legolas.

    Robb eats popcorn while watching Arya slaughter the Freys from above. No one rocks! B)

    Dothraki cavalry storms the White House during an eclipse. A lady who's in love with stick figures watches two chaps duke it out over another lady, while stick figures fight in a maze.

    Ramsay said "It doesn't get any better than this" and Euron said, "Evil is where it's at, man!" Ramsay and Theon are surrounded by a bunch of preying ghosts while staring at a pile of corpses.

    Zeus's mouth frowned as his ears heard the sound of Hera picking a booger found. A king on his throne, a trombon on his ear, gives the finger to a lady playing harp and thinking about a couple having sexe (cowgirl position).







  3. Yikes! I was completely fooled.

    I love the way that lizard chap turned into Trump.

    My sentence came from a bizarre unfinished (and likely to remain so) parody.

    I confess I've never thought of Harry Potter as a Sex God.

    My pictures were pretty bad this time, except the reptiles. Those I think were decent.

  4. Spoiler


     1. Hildegunst von Mythenmetz criticises Walter Moers

    F) Professor Mantis is pleased to present his biography of the Grim Reaper to President Dinosaur, but he has it flushed down the toilet, and Professor Mantis recycled!


    D)  A person takes off the bear costume, dyes their eyebrows different colours, proclaims themselves a regent and sends an army of knights riding on weird brown blobs of an animal into battle against Britain.

    3. i can play the trumpet with my buttocks and each time i do, George laughs.

     E)  GRRM plays cello with a jammin', rockin', like-wow-dudes bee band.

    4. We are made of the same primal substance that circles back in time from man to beast to plant; absorbed, cast off in death and returned to earth more times than count since the dawning of existence.

    C)  An alien, while tripping on LSD, is experiencing a flashback to his home planet during an eclipse caused by a pack of orbiting wolf-shaped space ships.

    5. Smeagol and Baby Yoda team up with Dobby to get Harry Potter expelled from Hogwarts in his second year by stealing his Clothes during a divination class.

    b) Ron's hair spontaneously combusts when he walks outside to see Harry shooting wand sparkles at a trio of Yodas while Hermione swings topless in a g-string.

    6. Nietzsche enjoys reading AGOT sitting on a small dock in front of the Loch Ness, while some gliders (mainly Deodiscus) play along the slender sunset clouds.

    A)  Abe Lincoln shoots lasers out of his eyes into the eyes of a conga, who in turn shoots 3 paper aeroplanes from it's eyes.

    7. Littlefinger and Varys play an extremely fraught game of Warhammer

    G) Harry Potter proposes fake bunny ears to Voldemort who is speaking in Chinese; both of them are seated in front of a table where several toys and a lamp are displayed, while Dobby (with one green sock and one blue) is hiding behind a red curtain. (?????!)



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