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  1. Getting something in by 5 January shouldn't be a problem. I'll be back by then.
  2. I think Jan. would be easier. I'll be out of town most of next week. Although, if we're talking about Pentos I already sent mine, so hey.
  3. I didn't think my Highgarden one was that good ... Dorne votes (R3): 6 2 1
  4. this vote is tough. but: 5 8 2 It could just as easily have gone completely differently. And: I dreamt I was in a class where the teacher wrote a lot of letters on the blackboard and we had to come up with sentences. I couldn't see the blackboard so had to ask some young ladies to write it on a piece of paper. some of the letters were KKK DDD LL, and there was a T in there. The KKK was either going to be King king king! or Ku Klux Klan, and the T was going to be tyrant. Then I lost the scrap of paper ....
  5. I fear the aesthetic value just plummeted; but here goes: https://imgur.com/a/pOJWfgk
  6. Yikes! That Thanksgiving must have been a riot! (Trumpsgiving? Thumpsgiving, if they beat each other up?) And I'm mildly relieved, as I happened last night to see the pad with my Qarth entry, and quasi-panicked. I knew I'd sent it in, but also knew I'd been horribly distracted and had forgotten to check the thread for some days. So I thought: "Oh no! I probably missed the voting and we were probably in the new round and people are getting annoyed and help!" Also I thought Pictionary might have started up. But I didn't miss anything! Thanks, delayed ones!
  7. Been a bit distracted lately; will try to get something out for Qarth, though. Yes, scary.
  8. Like tourist holiday slogans? Braavos Is a Killer? Dorne Is for Lovers? Qohor: Have a Goat of a Time? Pardon the pictarys; my character arc was messed up and I went mad., I don't know what the wrtiters are on about.
  9. Snappy titles are customary but I daresay not necessary. They're fun, though.
  10. Well, that was amusing. I'm not sure where to start, but that dark matter devouring the sun was something else. Pictures in general are a riot. Thanks to le host!
  11. 1) Last summer when I went camping, I was attacked by several demon-zorses in the pay of Hot Pie, and my cowardly dragon ran away! F) A poor man is sitting by his campfire coming up with conspiracy theories, including the forests of Europe being full of free weed and dragons being vicious Zebra killers. 2) Although vacationing in the Summer Isles had long been a dream of ours and we had heard of the mythical "talking trees", we certainly weren't expecting the trees to teach us how to dance La Macarena. b) While the (naked?) lady hangs out under a coconut palm with a chap in a loincloth, she thinks about pentagons; weird ghost-fish thing watch. 3) Last time I went camping, I was somewhere between France and Spain and I woke up early with the song of a stream among rocks and bushes, and the whistles of a whole colony of tiny groundhogs, afraid of the blurry shadow casted by an eagle. G) At a wooded campsite, nestled in the pubic hair between France and Spain, a very thin man flips off a confused wolf and bird. 4) I like to listen to true crime podcasts while walking my Jack Russell terrier named Lucio through beautiful woodland. D) A girl with a backpack walks up the hill, a boy in a striped t-shirt is roasting munchmallows; they both have traffic cones with aerials circling around their heads. 5) The autumn camping trip ended when the chestnut tree decided to bomb the campers chilling under it. A) A hippie man and woman sit outside their VW van by a fire, the woman holding her baby, while heart shaped butterflies fly out of a nearby tree that also has a rainbow flag. 6) The last time I went camping I took an executive highlighter with me, because the original just doesn’t cut it. E) A man with a beanie with pom pom walks in a path in a pines/trees forest, listening music on a old-fashioned walkman, and walking Teeto (from Nausicaa movie) on a leash. He seems unaware that further in the wood, two policemen are really surprised to see a stabbed guy crying. (???????) 7) After setting up the tent, Harry and Hermione began to make out on top of the camp table causing the loss of innocence and a bowl of trail mix. H) The last time Minnie Mouse went camping it was autumn and she sang a love song to a perplexed wizard under a beautiful full moon. 8) We went camping in the Shenandoah Mountains so we could get pictures of the Milkyway but it was too cloudy. C) A bunch of drunken hooligans set fire to the forest causing the smoke beast to consume the sun.
  12. Egad! Sorry about the less than lovely existences lately! Yes, showering and drawing weird stuff.
  13. Yikes! Best wishes for a fast recovery! Thanks for stepping in!
  14. Round 9 3 5 1 As for bonus, I'll see if I get time tomorrow to give it a look-over. Busy day today and looks to be fairly busy tomorrow, but maybe by evening I'll be game. Geddit? Game! Yack yack! Yes, tired.
  15. In reality, I have 5,000 points. Bumps are a bore.
  16. Sometimes it just happens, albeit generally in stages. Other times I have to get out the thesaurus.
  17. Pimping girls kills! I'd have voted for that.
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