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  1. I'm pretty sure the DGA wouldn't approve of that.
  2. No... Roose is a careful man and he clearly disapproved of his son bringing those bodies back to WF. That was the crux of the scene between him and Ramsay. His saying that there are better ways to consolidate their hold on the North than flaying people and then bringing up marriage makes it pretty clear that he'd have those bodies removed in the days of travel time between that scene and the next WF scene in the episode. Cue the expected gaggle of posters' hack "but they just teleported anyways" jokes. But then if explaining a scene as I understood it is just being an apologist for "shoehorning"...I guess I was wrong to think I should intervene around here nowadays. As y'all were. G'night folks.
  3. There were only TWO bodies hanging there and one lying elsewhere. They all could've easily removed from where they were. Not that LF and Sansa don't already know what the Bolton's sigil is and what their heritage is, of course, but those particular Cerwyn bodies would likely have been taken away from the premises in time for the Vale party's arrival. They certainly weren't visible in the scene itself and Roose disapproved of their being there in the first place, so it follows that he didn't keep them there for too long.
  4. A show based on this forum would sure be weird. ;)
  5. Just dropping by to share this lovely visual parallel that someone made on tumblr of Tyrion pissing in ep. 103 and now in ep. 503. http://ivegotmyneedle.tumblr.com/post/117483874276/1x03-5x03
  6. These should be taken into account. A good many people have left the forum due to the prevailing sense of bitterness about the show finishing before the books around these parts. This same sense, I think, accounts for this marked disparity between critical and fan consensus about 501 and 502's quality too. That and folks trying to counterweight the opinion of many Sullied TV critics that s5 was right to cut a ton of stuff from AFFC and ADWD and is an improvement on them story-wise. ;)
  7. Not if you go to Sevilla. Then you can be the resident Water Gardens expert.
  8. The accent Pascal was doing was a very specific Chilean accent based on his father's (Pascal's speaking voice is an American accent). I've never heard Varma talk about the accent but Siddig said it was that voice established by Pascal that he was attempting. So it was never supposed to be a Spanish accent.
  9. ^Well, between this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZchRZ-HX19U from s4 and this from s5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6Vm9kkcRE8 it strikes me she's doing the same voice. :dunno: As for it's quality, Peter Dinklage's British accent was never very good but his performance as Tyrion has been great regardless. No matter how accurate their approximations of the accent Pedro Pascal came up with are, I still really like what both Siddig and Varma are up to this year. Really, it doesn't matter too much because in-universe these aren't British and Chilean accents, they're Westerosi accents, which don't really exist, so there's quite a bit of wiggle room here.
  10. She was making some sort of accent last year. That wasn't her regular English accent. I assumed she's doing the same thing this year.
  11. Because they both have English accents naturally and last year Pedro Pascal established what the Dornish accent was.
  12. They're Chilean accents, based on the one Pedro Pascal did in s4, which was an impersonation of his father's voice. Alexander Siddig, our Doran, said that what he's going for in s5 is an approximation of that same accent. I have no idea how an accent can be "cheap" btw...
  13. EDITED: Having rewatched many times, it's now ten.
  14. A welcome dose of realism from Ran. It won't quell the hate but it's good to know you defend good TV.
  15. No Stan, it's not a real possibility, we got a shot of Mel at CB in one of the earliest trailers. The arrival will be the same as it would have been had it been in this episode. I imagine we'll get that and his convo with Jon.
  16. Well, since I'd hyped that along with the rest of you, Stan, I felt crestfallen that it didn't happen, but that's because I feel I might've shot my credibility by saying something incorrect over and over. There were enough signs that Stan's arrival would be in the Children that I should've put more thought into. Anyways Stan, someone can make a youtube edit of the battle and tag Stan's charge on the end. So, in the end we get it all the same.
  17. ^The charge will be next episode. The battle that we got already was good. We should've known this when Alex Graves said there'd be a battle in the finale. That's what he meant.
  18. We were all wrong about when we'd get Stan. I guess that'll open next episode. Don't fret, StanStans, he'll still get his due, you'll just have to wait another week.
  19. Indira Varma's reaction to Oberyn dying was fucking spectacular btw. She's just great!
  20. A solid ten. The duel ended as gruesomely and gut-wrenchingly as in ASOS. Emilia really pulled off the banishment and Sophie rocked her trial scene. Roose has returned and that is worth celebration in itself. Also. NATHALIE EMMANUEL.
  21. Well, we might get the Roose man next week. Either then or the finale. I'm sure he'll say some lovely things when he appears. Also there was a McElhatton interview I saw in April where he said season 5 will be a good one for him (sorry don't have the link at hand, nor could I post it even if I did). His time in "the Lion and the Rose" had held me over until now. Particularly his line, "bring this creature of yours".
  22. ^Well, we got "this one was only the watcher" from Robb, so I'm sure they'll give Jon his due. The Catelyn line about her hair wouldn't have worked as dialogue I don't think. "Only Cat" would have if they'd set it up a little more but really "your sister" means the exact thing and has the exact same effect. Anyways it's not too difficult to dub in "only cat" in an LF impression and there you have it. Book version.
  23. Has anyone put Schwarzaneggar's "consider this a divorce" from Total Recall after Only Cat? Could work meme-wise.
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