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  1. saw the dark world yesterday. i thought it was alright,better than the first Thor movie. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  2. Anyone heard the new Eminem album? Was listening to it yesterday and earlier today. Great record.

  3. BlackBrother55

    Favorite POV Character

    Oh, ok. Didnt know, I just finished GoT.
  4. BlackBrother55

    Favorite POV Character

    I think it would be interesting to get a POV from Cersei. I mean, granted, she's a bitch, but I might be interesting to see what goes on in her head.
  5. BlackBrother55

    Favorite POV Character

    My favorite character is tyrion, but its kind of a tough call because I like Jon Snow, and Daenrys. Agreed, Sansa is aggravating. Absolute torture reading her chapters.