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  1. @MistyC88 haha happy my videos aren't too painful to watch! Thanks for saying that though! ;)

  2. There's something amusing about the colour of the #flowers my dad got for my mom!

  3. I love that my roommate has admirers who bring her sick gifts! #Jollyranchers galore! @Jolly_Rancher https://t.co/5MlQUnyvmx

  4. @georginabelcher thanks!! :-)

  5. Welcome JJ! I'm the same as you - lurked for a while and recently decided to join! I'd say we made the right choice. :)
  6. Hey guys! Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! :-D Lord_Tyrion, you have an amazing third name then ;)
  7. I just realised that A Forum of Ice and Fire has this section, so I suppose its appropriate that I post my 'fan sites' for Game of Thrones. As seen in my sig, my youtube channel is Youtube.com/CharlieInWesteros There I do episode reviews for the tv show, theory videos for both the books & the show (spoiler warning of course), and almost any other videos that are ASoIaF/Game of Thrones-related. And I also have a tumblr blog which is CharlieinWesteros.tumblr.com Its mostly pics, gifs, links, and anything related to ASoIaF & GoT. Thanks~ :-) Charlie
  8. Hey folks! I joined a while ago, but I never really posted at all in this forum (except here in the intro page), so I feel obliged to introduce myself anew (as I never really posted on this forum at all). My name is Charlie, I live in Toronto, Canada... and I will go ahead and say that I became a fan of the series when season 1 first started. I had heard about the books before that, but never intended to read them until season 1 started... and ended, and I just couldn't wait another year to find out 'what happened next', so I went ahead and bought & read the book series. Fell in love with the books just as much (if not more) than the show, and can't get enough of both ever since! Anyway I've been lurking on here occasionally, so I figure why not make my humble presence (re)known. I also do YouTube video reviews (For the show episodes) and theory videos on occasion, and if anyone was at all remotely interested, you can find them via the ink in my signature. Anyway thats all. :-) I look forward to exploring this place in greater depth and sharing my love of GoT/ASoIaF with the rest of you! Cheers! Charlie
  9. Hello all, my name is Charlie. I am originally from Quebec, but live in Toronto, Canada. I've been making GoT video reviews on youtube, and someone recommended I check out this site to check out what other people think about both the tv series & the book series. Hope to meet some great people in what looks to be an awesome community! :-)
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