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  1. TigerA

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Wow.....hearing Viserys' voice from Episode 1 of season 1 in the opening...…...not a good sign for Dani.
  2. TigerA

    Best lines of E03

    Tyrion: "You might be surprised to the lengths I'd go to avoid joining the army of the dead. I can think of no organization less suited to my talents" Sansa: "Witty remarks won't make a difference"
  3. Yea. Have Jaime send a raven to have Edmure released and I'm sure the riverlands would join in. Have Yohn Royce do the same to Robin Arryn to muster whatever is left of the strength in the Vale. Also the Manderlys at White Harbor and I'd think our buddy Lord Glover might want to chip in or lose his head for not sending forces to Winterfell. Could also pick up Meera and her father and house Reed on the way south. Maybe have Jon/Daenerys legitimize Gendry as a Baratheon and get support of the remaining forces in the Stormlands as well as making Samwell Lord Tarley, Lord Paramount of the Reach and warden of the South.
  4. Just looking at the preview for next week w/freeze framing. Ghost is alive as is GreyWorm and Yohn Royce.
  5. At least Sansa doesn't have to be worried about the food supply and all those mouths to feed anymore. They're probably lucky to have 30% of the mouths they had at the start of the episode. Although Dany's either going to have to rally more troops from the other lords of Westeros, use her dragons or rely on Ninja/Assassin/Faceless badass Arya to infiltrate Kings Landing and slit Cersei's throat.
  6. Best parts of episode. Beric sacrificing himself to save Arya. Theon sacrificing himself to protect Bran. Sansa & Tyrion together in the crypt. Jorah going down fighting to defend Daenerys just like he was supposed to. Lyanna Mormont taking down a Giant by herself before dying-RIP. Epic death scene for Bella Ramsey....you go girl. Worst parts: Seemingly easy way NK went down in the end, although all the love to Ninja Assasin Arya. Stupid disposition of defenses. worthless cavalry charge wasting the Dothraki and the artillery in front of the fire pits and the Unsullied infantry??
  7. TigerA

    Who will and Die and who will live?

    lol.....yea. Soft on the Starks. Just ask Ned, Robb, Catlyn & Rickon how soft they are on the Starks!!! As well as Luwin, Ser Rodrick, Old Nan, Hodor, Jory & Septa Mordane, et al the other Stark supporters.
  8. TigerA

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Wow, no LS. I thought for sure they'd have her there. Other than Arya's scene, pretty boring actually. Purely setup only.
  9. TigerA

    [No Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    I thought they did a great job casting the girl to play the part of Shireen. Sweat, innocent little girl almost exactly how I pictured her from the books. NKW's turn explaining the reason behind the deed that marked him as "The Kingslayer" was very good. I thought he hit it out of the park with his opening up to Brienne. Funny how Tywin can get along w/Arya so well at Harenhall and enjoys her company as opposed to how he and his actual kids can't seem to get along at all. This episode didn't have the huge wow moment that the end of the last provided, but very good nonetheless.