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  1. Unless... "HE" came from the future to see the past
  2. (If any of these have been answered, my apologies) 1. Why was the Night King "asleep" for so long? 2. How did Brandon Ryvers become the OG Three Eyed Raven? And how did he know Bran would be his successor? 3. Will the "ice dragon" blow fire/ice? 4. Is Bran the Night King/Brandon Ryvers/Bran The Builder/etc. 5. Who is azhor ahai/prince(ss) that was promised? 6. What/Where is Lightbringer? 7. Can/How will the White Walkers pass the Wall?
  3. Spilly

    Bran is the Night King

    THE SPIRALS... It's symbolic of a time loop... with multiple different paths all going in a circle
  4. Stupid theory or genius? Bran goes far back in time to stop the Night King and ensures "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell" is engrained into Stark minds to ensure his lineage leads to his birth. He is also responsible for many historical events including Bran the Builder, Brandon the Breaker, etc.
  5. 1. How did the Brandon Ryvers come to be the three eyed raven? Also how did he know to seek out Bran?
  6. Spilly

    How would you rate episode 310?

    People complaining about LS and Coldhands... I am glad they did not introduce Lady Stoneheart yet, I think they will let the death of Cat sink in. As for Coldhands, It would be weird for non-book readers to introduce a new character at the end of the Season. My guess, Bran will be trapped by some White Walkers and Coldhands will save him. It will be like switching Sam with Bran. My biggest problem was the odd music at the end with Dany. Them holding her up was ehh, but the music they played with it was cheesy. 8/10 for the cheesy ending and it didn't really give a cliffhanger like the previous two seasons.
  7. Spilly

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Pretty damn good episode. Covered a lot of things from the book. I gave it a 9 just because I know what's happening next episode and it didn't have as epic of an ending as Dany freeing her Unsullied. Though still an exhilarating ending. Great Episode.
  8. Spilly

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I'm sure if I were to buy the whole season 3 package and watched each episode back to back to back, this episode wouldn't disappoint me. It's just a filler episode with some weird twists. Having to wait a week until next episode though makes this episode a bit ehh.
  9. Love how they are going about Theon.