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  1. The Lady Leela

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    I'm starting to think we're not gonna see Alys. I'll be surprised if we see Val.
  2. The Lady Leela

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Yup. This is a completely different Daario to me. Different from the books and from last season's Daario. They should've just created a new character. But as you pointed out and I forgot to add, Mereen was gorgeous! Stunning visuals. Plus, the people looked healthy and happy. Now here comes Dany to fuck it all up.
  3. The Lady Leela

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    That's the impression I got, as well. Plus, that kid was a REALLY good actor. You don't waste good child actors like that. He's gonna get his revenge and kill Ygritte. Mixed feelings about this episode. It tipped the scales to good, but it wasn't great. What can I say about that Jaime scene that hasn't been said already? I mean, sigh. What did it accomplish? What was the point of it? The violence against women is getting pretty ridiculous on the show. Knowing what's coming up for Sansa and Shae isn't helping. Goddammit, what was dumb. DUMB. I kinda teared up when Tyrion said goodbye to Pod, even though Tyrion is becoming worse than Daryl Dixon when it comes to being overbearingly canonized. Pod is one of the best things the show has ever done, hands down. Even though I like the Hound and Arya, that scene where they just tear into the stew was a huge turn off for me. I know it was played for laughs, but I have a huge bad table manners phobia :drunk: . Littlefinger's acting is just cringeworthy. Oh, God, he's even worse than I remember. Varys is a good example of an actor who can play mysterious and creepy without sounding like someone who is trying to audition for a bad Batman parody. However, Sophie Turner is doing a great job with the material. She's really grown as an actress these past few years. I'm really looking forward to her storyline. Without Mance Ryder's baby, I really don't care at all about Gilly's. I don't get the point of taking her to Mole's Town. Like, at all. Sucks, cause I love Hannah Murray. Also, Sam should be losing weight by now, no? Somehow he seems bigger to me. I do hope, however, that Gilly somehow reminds the audience that Wildlings aren't evil people. Without Osha around, I fear the Unsullied might miss that point, seeing as the show is doing naught to drive it home. I continue to be impressed with Kit Harrington's acting this season. I've gone from being indifferent/irritated with Jon, to quickly adding him to my list of favorite characters. I know it's gonna get better, and I can't wait! THIS is a Jon Snow I can get behind. He's getting pretty badass. From Olenna and Margaery's scene, I got the sense that Margaery wasn't a part of the murder. Olenna is sitting there all, "wink, wink. wink wink. WINK WINK!" and Margaery didn't seem to get it at all. I'm okay with that, to be honest. Margaery has a lot to learn, still. I agree with whoever said that she came off very young in that scene. You could see it in Olenna's smile, that she loves her granddaughter but still has a lot to teach her. Great acting by Dianna Riggs, as usual. Don't know how this changes Margaery's storyline in the books, though I suppose it doesn't matter much now whether she was in on the murder or not. I kinda rolled my eyes at Dany throwing that slavers' chains over the walls of Mereen. However, Emily Clarke seemed to imply in an interview that Dany's glory will turn to shit, so I'm still reserving judgement. Huge foreshadow there with her telling Jorah that he's her best adviser and friend. Also, whoever said Emilia is at her best when shouting in other languages is totally right. She was really great during that speech scene, even her mannerisms were pretty nice. Whatever, Daario. Where were the dragons? Charles Dance continues to be an inspiration to all and he should end up on the Iron Throne. Not Tywin. Just Charles Dance. Stannis: I will not become a page in someone else's history book. Me: HE SAID IT! HE SAID IT!
  4. The Lady Leela

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Maybe because the books payed special attention to Theon's emotional and physical breakdown while simultaneously showing us what a hideously malicious creature Ramsay is. The books also treated us to third party witnesses to Ramsay's sadism and never tried to present him in a remotely human way. But if you're okay with the show completely overseeing Theon's storyline and then only airbrushing his teeth yellow and making Ramsay kinda just this guy then hey, I respect your opinion. Maybe you could try respecting other's.
  5. The Lady Leela

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Suddenly I regret reading the books before watching the show. Everything was so unsatisfying. Cersei's reaction to Joffrey's death was piss poor. Joffrey's death was piss poor. They downplayed the whole thing. As a new book reader, I was expecting this to be a two episode event at the most. I thought that since they skipped Garlan altogether, they would use Oberyn in his stead. But Oberyn was just a blur. I just... maybe I need to sleep on it. I hated that scene between Cersei and Brienne. Come ooooooooon. Cat fight, much? I'm gonna get hell for this, but I really hate Jaime being in KL for all of this. I hate the whole "jAime n BriEnnr in luv" plot. It worked in the books, but it sucks on the show. I liked Jaime in season 3, but this season they're just trying too hard to pretty boy him, and I hate that. Mace... what? I guess he really did live up to being a total oaf, but really? He was even more foolish than Dontos. I know the show can't help the child actors aging, but it was really hard for me to concentrate through those Bran scenes. Same with Meera and same with Shireen. They hit the jackpot with Maisie Williams because she's an actual waif, but I could've done without sudden teenage Shireen. That was unnecessary. Stannis's entire plot in this episode was unnecessary. They should've cut that off and spent more time on the PW. Ramsay/Theon: waste of time. I'm sorry, it's okay for them to show hookers getting murdered, children and babies being killed, women getting raped... but they need to totally vanilla Theon's storyline? Are you fucking kidding me? Also, who was that crazy bitch with Ramsay? Wow, they totally completely fucked that storyline. So I'm guessing there's gonna be no Jeyne. No thank you. I'm so pissed about this. I was so looking forward to Reek's storyline. Now I hope they don't even bother. Fucking hell. Things I actually did like: 1. Sansa still ain't having none of it. Good. 2. Margaery is just wonderful. 3. I know a lot of people are hating the Shae plot, but I think the show is doing a better job at it. 4. Sassy Loras. 5. Hodor Sigh. What a let down. I thought this was gonna be the episode of the century. I'm so worried that the show is losing its edge.
  6. The Lady Leela

    Favorite POV Character

    Arya, Tyrion, and Dany. The Ned and Catelyn POVs were so hard to get through. They were the reason I couldn't get through the book on my first go. It was easier this time around, but still. I kept wishing Robb had his own POV instead of us having to see him through Catelyn.