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  1. damano

    How would you rate episode 310?

    5 because they missed a huge opportunity to end the season with a great Lady stoneheart revival which would have been batshit crazy. danys scene was a huge let down stannis scene started out good but then when to shit because they rushed the dialog so much. i wanted to see stannis reflect and say that hes been fighting for the realm while he should have been defending it. instead no he practically laughs in davos's face and harbors bad feelings from viewers. ppl should start to see stannis as a good character not a lil bitch Jon's scenes didnt make sense. 3 arrows? and hes not dead? it should have been one, and in the foot not three in the back. he fell from the horse ON HIS BACK with arrows sticking out, just that would have finished the job and kiled him. THEN his brothers put him ON HIS BACK where he got 3 god damn wooden sticks sticking out of him, if thats not stupidity i dont know what is. arya scene was good, and tyrion/joffrey/tywin scene were good. thats about it. oh and asha was ok